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David Cameron and Brighton MP mock ‘gay marriage caused storm’ UKIP councillor

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jan 2014, 1:19pm

    Well done, PM and Kirby!! I had an exchange with a UKIPer on Twitter earlier who argued that his party doesn’t kick out people who support equal marriage, yet couldn’t explain why it kicked out LGBT youth leader Olly Neville in 2013. It’s the only party officially opposed falsely claiming the law wouldn’t protect religious denominations in spite of the opt-in. The idiot I tweeted wouldn’t even concede it.

    1. UKIP are ultra-Thatcherite Tory idiots. End of. That loony in Henley-On-Thames just proved what the politically astute in our country always thought. If UKIP really wishes to be an alternative to the big three parties they have lots to think about. I would say their biggest flaw is their economic approach which seems to be me deliberately designed to attract Thatcher-loving Tory old boys and girls who tend to have these views on gay . They need to radically change direction if they are ever to become a party that can gain Tory votes and Labour votes at the same time.

      1. Well said, Steven.
        Let’s not allow Cameron and Kirby to rewrite history. Up until recently, councillor Silvester was a Tory councillor and was also Treasurer of the Henley-On-Thames Conservative Association.
        While I have no time for UKIP, I have to time for the Tories rewriting him out of their history. They were quite happy to have him as their councillor for years in Henley-on-Thames…

        1. Yes, it has been all too convenient for the Tories and their friends in the media to suggest that Mr Silvester only has his views because he is a member of UKIP. Undoubtedly, the Tories are fearful of UKIP because of the impact this quasi-Tory Party has on their vote share and are therefore trying to make out that homophobic and biphobic attitudes are only found in UKIP and not in the Tory Party which still has many members and supporters with those kind of views and this even includes the more demented religiously-inspired ones.

  2. Reading through right to the end of the article, one sees

    “Equal marriage was an issue that put David Cameron against much of his party.

    128 Conservative MPs voted against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act as part of its third reading last year – only 117 Conservative MPs voted in favour.”

    Surely such a factually accurate conclusion IS an acknowledgement that many in the Tory party leave much to be desired.

    1. Some people are never happy.

    2. Totally correct. The figures don’t lie. Grass-roots Tory organisations and the Conservative back-benches remain hot-beds of homophobia. But, forced to make a choice, I’d still rather have Cameron in power than Farrage …..

  3. Between Dover and WIGHT surely. Just saying.

    1. (Oh, might as well) “Honourable” (English) not “Honorable” (American)

  4. Yes, well done, well said, Simon Kirkby! Thank you.

    And well done, Call-Me-Dave, for picking up the ball and running with it!

  5. Paul Brownsey 22 Jan 2014, 5:27pm

    The then Bishop of Carlisle said much the same about floods in 2007–that they were punishment for pro-gay laws. Why wasn’t he ridiculed in these ways, too?

    1. Yes, but he wasn’t in UKIP, so it wasn’t as interesting. ‘Religious bigot makes totally bonkers remark’ isn’t as newsworthy as ‘elected representative confirms he’s a loony’

  6. Mark Thompson 22 Jan 2014, 5:39pm

    Two Labour councillors have been suspended by the party and a police investigation has started over alleged comments made on Facebook.

    Naseem Ayub, who was also a prospective MEP candidate, and her husband Mohammad Ayub were suspended before Christmas.

    Bedfordshire Police said officers were investigating potential offences under the Computer Misuse Act and Malicious Communications Act.

    These cover the sending of malicious messages and/or inciting racial hatred.

    Yet there was not a media outcry about that. DOUBLE STANDARDS

  7. and yet ScuMoron reaches out to the likes of putin over Scottish independence …

  8. Disappointed 22 Jan 2014, 8:47pm

    Bloody hell – the real Labour/Marxist sympathisers can never be pleased and unable to ever forgive or accept that people can change.

    Thatcher and section 28 was last millennium! Get effing over it already! Stop living in the past. YOU are the real hater and bigots here and you are bitter too.

    Shame on you – I though the GLBT community was supposed to be the tolerant one … but most of you sound like as if you would fit right in the BNP (if it weren’t for you taking itup the bum).

    Arrow me down … I know truth hurts.

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