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Comment: The EU has made strides towards LGBT equality but discrimination and isolation remain common

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  1. Derek Williams 22 Jan 2014, 3:03pm

    Mr Goodall makes excellent points. It’s good to have cross bench political support we now have at an unprecedented level.

  2. More about ILGA-Europe Come Out European elections campaign 2014 campaig: http://www.ilga-europe.org/comeout

  3. UKIP voters and Eurosceptics on here: please take note. We would have nowhere near as many LGBT freedoms had it not been for EU legislation.

    1. CH Brighton 22 Jan 2014, 3:42pm

      Absolutely spot on.

    2. Quite – are there any that we’ve won in the last decade that didn’t come from either Europe (or from the pro-European Liberals embarassing lacklustre Labour into action!)?

    3. Sinead Harkin 23 Jan 2014, 7:24am


  4. Interesting to see the groups that have signed up to this ILGA pledge – the Lib Dems, the Social Democrats, the European People’s Party, a couple of green groupings… but not the Conservatives! (let alone UKIP, though to paraphrase Groucho Marx, would you want to sign a pledge that would have UKIP as a signatory!?).

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