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Petition calls for Bank Holiday to be named after Alan Turing amid ‘Margaret Thatcher Day’ controversy

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Reader comments

  1. Quite simple really.

    Choice 1: Establishment b!tch who screwed everyone.

    Choice 2: Genius screwed by the establishment.

    1. Don Harrison 22 Jan 2014, 1:36am

      Where do I sign?

  2. That There Other David 21 Jan 2014, 8:05pm

    Is this Margaret Thatcher Day a plot by the Tories to abolish a Bank Holiday by the back door? I’d prefer to work than celebrate the life of that nasty divisive harridan.

    Still, glad the Tories are doing this. It’ll make them just that little bit less electable come 2015 :-)

    1. The Tories just keep-on digging holes for themselves, don’t they? Still, this is the party that is braindead enough to recognise they have a problem with being perceived as ‘Britain’s nasty party’ and then go on and elect unfeeling toff David Cameron, bigoted George Osbourne with his constant snide references to unemployed people “having the curtains drawn whilst people go out to work” and the simply ghastly and evil Iain Duncan-Smith as Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions who delights in calling the unemployed “lazy”, “workshy” ect because that is so much simpler than getting his economically-challenged Chancellor to create the economic conditions in which everyone who needs to work can find work and who has caused quite a few people to commit suicide over his so-called welfare ‘reforms’.

      1. Nasty party doesn’t cut it. Sociopath party is more apt.

    2. Sorry to disappoint you, but the Tories clearly won’t go ahead with this. Cameron’s not stupid.

      1. That There Other David 22 Jan 2014, 11:25am

        Doesn’t matter whether they actually do it or not. All it takes is for the media or social networks to pick up on the desire for Tory MPs to do it and the damage is done.

        Mind you, if it might work if it was like Guy Fawkes Day. We all make a “Margaret” to throw on the bonfire :D

  3. Colin (Queenstown/London) 21 Jan 2014, 8:13pm

    Ludacris. I respect what Thatcher achieved in her first term of office but would never support this. She was a woman of her time and thats it. In fact I really do not believe in making people into gods. We have enough problems with religion! Respect what they achieve but renaming days after them. Sorry I’m British. If you have to do something like this can we have Prime Minister Day, or Charity Day, or Community Day.

    MP’s must have nothing to do these days!!!!!

    This is a complete waste of MP’s time and the persons promoting such a waste of taxpayers money should be sacked.

    1. I think we should have a “The plebs are sick to the bl00dy teeth of the whole snout troughing lot of them” day.

      Whether Tory, Liberal, Labour, UKIP, SNP, CYMRU, etc etc ad nauseum.

      Ever seen on Question Time how they all perform the same pre-programmed hand movements taught to them at tax payers expense in how to avoid questions and responsibility for the idiot policies they all sh!t out of there backsides in order to maintain there place at the tax payer funded trough.

  4. Storma-rebecca 21 Jan 2014, 8:27pm

    Can you post link to petition so I can sign it please

    1. Joseph Patrick McCormick 22 Jan 2014, 11:24am

      There is a link to the petition in the second paragraph of the story.


  5. I’d much rather have Alan Turing day than Thatcher day, but why does it need to be called anything? It’s like the world is becoming one giant American TV commercial break. “This bank holiday is brought to you courtesy of Margaret Thatcher” No thanks.

  6. Jago Tremain 21 Jan 2014, 10:01pm

    It’s August Bank Holiday. That’s what it’s called. That’s what it’s always been called. It doesn’t need any other name.

    How dare anyone think of naming it after the most hated and divisive prime minister of modern times? Even her supporters must surely recognise the extent to which she was loathed.

    I don’t want it named after Turing either, or anyone else for that matter. We don’t name days after people like that in this country, and never have done. Long may it remain so!

    1. de Villiers 21 Jan 2014, 11:19pm

      It is odd. This country is traumatised by Margaret Thatcher. I did not live in England when she was the Prime Minister – but despite the fact that people say that she was hated, she was elected three times.

      1. I think it’s fair to say she polarised opinion. I’m sure it’d be easy to find websites – and certainly letters to newspaper editors – that are as enthusiastic about her and her legacy as most of us here are not.

    2. Er……… Christmas Day?

  7. It’s an insult to the people of the UK to even suggest Maggie day! The reaction to her passing by the people of the UK should have sent a sufficient message of warning to let her rust in pieces.
    By contrast Alan Turing did some thing commendable for the people of the UK and the world. His pardon was in part a start, he is worthy of deserved respect and commemoration, especially in light of the way he was treated when alive. When compared to “Section 28” Margaret Thatcher is as guilty of human rights violations as the laws during the lifetime of Alan Turing.

    Margaret Thatcher and the government of her day should be remembered only with shame and not honor or commendation. People deserve to enjoy the holiday not aggravated, angered with reminders!

    1. Hang on Steve, bit of perspective. Thatcher was divisive, but not universally hated. She won three elections with more votes than Blair got in his victories.
      As for the reaction to her death – well, those who hated her shouted the loudest, but that wasn’t necessarily the majority view.
      However, the fact remains – she was too divisive to now have a nationwide holiday named after her. Cameron knows that, and won’t therefore go ahead with it.

      1. Andrew, I agree with having perspective. There is always going to be a great divide where Margaret Thatcher was concerned. But there was always the damned if you do damned if you don’t aspect of her or the opposition parties/policies.
        I agree she won three terms in office, there is great validity to that! Unfortunately many people with hindsight regret putting or keeping her in office. But at what point did the glory days end? after all her own party saw the detrimental consequences and liability of her being in office. Her time was up with both the public and her party, not many PM’s have left Downing St under such voiced discord and disapproval.

  8. I really can’t see why people would object to St Margaret’sDay

  9. GingerlyColors 22 Jan 2014, 10:23am

    How about making the anniversary of Alan Turing’s death a bank holiday in his honour – it coincides with my birthday so I can spend it down the pub instead of working? Joking aside there are numerous people, gay and straight who have contributed greatly to this country and the trouble is that there is only 365 days in a year and we would quickly run out of days. Can you imagine having bank holidays for Alan Turing, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Horatio Nelson, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens….. The list goes on and the truth is that we cannot please everybody and that while we should remember these people on what would have been their birthdays and the anniversaries of their deaths, having 365 bank holidays a year to celebrate them will not go down to well with the Confederation of British Industry!

  10. The UK doesn’t name bank holidays after individuals. I supported the petition to get Alan on the 10 pound note but unfortunately the Bank of England saw fit to give that honour to Jane Austen, a woman whose novels were about other women with the only ambition in life of getting a husband! Maybe Alan might get the £20 or £50 when it’s next up for grabs? This editorial re Maggie is misleading – it’s as dead as she is. This private members bill has been blocked on the 3 previous occasions this parliamentary session when it tried to get second reading. It will be blocked again as it’s bottom an order paper with over 20 bills competing for 5 hours debating time on 28 Feb. Besides – even if it passed – due to parliamentary time constraints it has to get through Committee, Report, 3rd Reading and the Lords as well – all on the 28th Feb as it’s the last day for Private Members Bills to be debated this session. This is a non-story.

  11. Alan Turing would have found all this quite embarrassing, I’m sure. He never sought fame or popularity, only the chance to continue his brilliant research and conduct his life as he wished. These were denied him by an ungrateful and stupid establishment. As for naming anything nice and shared by all of us after Margaret Thatcher – please NO. I would have to go to work on August Bank Hol under those circumstances. The thought is nauseating.

  12. Naming a day as Thatcher day will not happen, simply because it will be used as a day of protest, it will become a shambles where every year groups organize events to fight conservative government views, and the government knows this.
    People seem to forget that there are several UK think tanks out there employed by the Gov to assess everything. They would have already volunteered their opinion on this and shown that such a day would be dangerous for social cohesion and public perception of government.

    As for Alan Turing, I agree he should be recognized far more than he has been. But naming a day after him is a little too “American”. Lets start with some simple things, like including him in our national history far more, creating a statue in his honor (there isn’t even one at Bletchley Park!) and appreciating him as a remarkably clever innovator.

    Then again, we should be remembering all of those who worked at Bletchley Park with the same level of esteem and appreciation.

  13. Sue Southam 24 Jan 2014, 5:32pm

    Can’t see what is wrong withsimply calling it a Bank Holiday however I am a conservative voter BUT PLEASE we do not need a Margaret Thatcher Day. but we would think kindly about a Turing day

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