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Hugh Laurie considers Russian vodka boycott over ‘slab-faced goon’ Putin

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Reader comments

  1. Better late than never, eh Hugh?

  2. Is a slab-faced goon the Russian equivalent of a swivel-eyed loon?

  3. The Russians excel at making the world depressed, their dangerous homophobia hangs over the Sochi Winter Olympics like a persistent, dark, cold and depressing and idiotic cloud.
    It could just as easily be the ghostly presence of victims of the holocaust and all other pogroms past, present and future.

  4. The Russian vodka boycott doesn’t make much sense to me, most commercial vodkas are made in a Russian style and not made anywhere near Russia at all. Smirnoff for example is owned by the Diageo company, whose Headquarters is based in London, they also own Guinness; does this mean we should boycott the Irish too?

    1. We should boycott Coca Cola

      1. …… And that includes “Innocent” Drinks

  5. “He then retracted his comments, urged Russians to stand up to “slab-faced goons” like Putin, sought to defended himself from allegations of homophobia.”

    sought to defended?

  6. I actually like the Russian Vodka boycott, because whether the product is made in Russia or not, and whether the ingredients come from Russia or another country (most of the large label Russian Vodka brands actually do source their ingredients from Russia as far as I can tell) they are promoted as being “Russian”.

    So, even if they’re actually not technically “Russian”, it might encourage brands to drop this connection, which would still damage Russia’s image around the world.

    Diagio is missing a trick here, they could launch “London Vodka” tomorrow and spend the next five years watching it become a globally dominant product. The notion of “Russian Vodka” has become massively unfashionable, its historical significance is crumbling, it’s time for a competitor to make the move and create a new historically relevant brand to replace it.

    1. Personally, I have always though Absolut Swedish vodka was better than Smirnoff anyway.

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