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Bishop: Marriage is between a man and a woman but there’s no place for homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. Midnighter 21 Jan 2014, 4:08pm

    “We understand marriage to be the union of one man and one woman for life, and that is the best and solid way for nurturing of children,”
    Then you understand wrong. The prevailing scientific evidence is that children fare as well – or better – in same sex environments.

    The basis for your view is
    a) founded in a religion which most of the population do not follow and thus irrelevant to most of us
    b) based on your religious text which includes numerous other forms of marriage which you discount for no logical reason
    c) based on claims of “tradition”, where far from being a reason in itself “tradition” merely describes the length of time which your faith has been able to exert undemocratic influence on society.

    1. Absolutely beautifully put. You should be hosting ‘Question Time’ or ‘The Andrew Marr Show’.

  2. That’s about as inconsistent as saying the “lavish love of God” is applied to everyone equally, but women can’t be bishops.

    Oh, wait …

  3. Dave North 21 Jan 2014, 4:22pm

    “We understand marriage to be the union of one man and one woman for life, and that is the best and solid way for nurturing of children”

    Sorry Bish, but the law as prescribed by a majority of democratically elected politicians and Lords says different.


    Out-with your own religion, you are WRONG and given that marriage was NEVER owned by your religion, twice WRONG, and as for the children part, THRICE WRONG
    as so eloquently described by MIDNIGHT above.

  4. Really, I have to ask, “so what?” The Church of England has made it’s position on the equal treatment of gay people quite clear. It doesn’t believe we are equal. The congregations and the church officials can pretend all they like that this isn’t homophobia, but it is. No one who wanted to deny mixed race couples the right to marry would have any credibility if they tried to mount a defence of believing that a marriage was only between people of the same race but by saying so they are not being racist. In a nutshell, the CoE has lost the argument against equal marriage and only succeeded in emphasising its irrelevance. We should accept that fairness and decency have won the day on this subject and leave the CoE and its patrons to wallow in their own homophobic mire.

  5. Why any gay person should darken the doors of his temples of mediaeval bigotry is beyond the comprehension of rational people.

  6. So he wants to be a homophobe but not a homophobe at the same time, that’s a problem he will have to resolve for himself I guess.

  7. Say what you like, Bish. The church is a very good place for homophobia. It thrives there.

  8. “I want all people, regardless of their gender or their sexuality, to feel at home in our churches and be welcomed.”

    How are gay people supposed to feel welcome in an institution where they are told their relationships and parenting skills are inferior? Why would any gay parent expose their children to that?

  9. Thankfully we live in a democracy and our parliament decides on who can and can’t enter into a CIVIL marriage. Back of bishop and stop trying to interfere in the love lives of others.

    1. Darren Yehuda 21 Jan 2014, 6:35pm

      Agreed! And as I was read on a protest sign years ago, “Keep your church out of my croutch!”

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Jan 2014, 5:17pm

    Says the hypocrite of a church that played a key role in institutionalising homophobia at home and abroad. At one time it supported and upheld slavery and objected to women’s suffrage.

    1. I sincerely believe that virtually all homophobic and biphobic prejudice ultimately derives from organised religion. Really, you have to ask yourself if it didn’t come from religion then where did it come from? Some loonies in this country (on Stormfront Britain there was an example of this from a crazy called Amadeus) still think that same-sex attractions are somehow ‘unnatural’ and are ‘rarely’ seen in nature and thus completely ignoring the evidence that if if were ‘unnatural’ then why has both homosexuality and bisexuality existed for so long even when homosexual and bisexual behaviour has been repressed by laws for hundreds of years and even made the object of capital punishment?

      1. CH Brighton 22 Jan 2014, 12:08pm

        I know I’ve said this before, but we do have to be so careful about the expression ‘same sex attraction’. It sounds innocent and neutral, but this term comes from organisations like NARTH who use it as ‘same sex attraction disorder’; from NARTH the term has been taken up by all manner of homophobic religious groups attempting to see our sexuality as a form of spiritual and psychological illness that can be cured. These people resist our own self-description as ‘gay’ because they feel this term implies an unchangeable state whereas religious groups insist that our sexuality comes from poor parenting and that we can ‘revert’ to straighness.

  11. Marriage is between members of the same race only but there is no place for racism. Wow! I am such a fast learner when it comes to haywire logic.

  12. oxiMORON.

  13. Colin (Queenstown/London) 21 Jan 2014, 5:55pm

    Oh am i supposed to be grateful or something. Same religious nonsense from loons. I certainly do not acknowledge religion.

    Live in the real world not that of the past. Be involved in creating an inclusive future for everyone. There are no gods – get over it and work to improve the planet for future generations. Think about others!

  14. “No place for homophobia in the church”
    Words only. What is he doing about the existing homophobia in the church, then, how is going to stamp it out? How will he make sure gay and lesbian people are welcome in all churches? Don’t hold your breath for deeds to follow words

  15. Oh FFS. What a homophobic imbecile. It would be like saying “Marriage is for white people only. But there is no place for racism.”

  16. No place for homophobia in the church of England – says bishop who then champions homophobia in the church of england

    Saying “homophobia is wrong” while being a homophobe doesn’t make homophobia better. Denying us equal rights and inferring that we’re inferior parents or harmful to children is bigoted, end of. And it speaks volumes that the CofE would rather have this homophobe than a gay man

    How can we possibly feel at home and welcome in churches that consider us inherently less?

  17. Muddled thinking of a religiously-brainwashed mind. His objection appears to be over the use of a word. How pathetically bigoted is that …?

  18. Basically he’s saying “you’re welcome in our church, but we reserve the right to treat you as second-class citizens”
    Well, that sounds entirely welcoming! Why the hell would any sane person want to be a part of a cult which deliberately seeks to limit their rights and freedoms by meddling in the laws of their secular nation?

    The Bishop can take his pseudo-Christian views and shove them up his… robe.

    Separation of church and state. No religious group should have any influence in the governance of a secular nation no matter the subject and no matter the debate. If the Bishop wants to live in a country where religious belief is used to create laws and provide governance, he should be given a one-way ticket to Nigeria or Uganda, I’m sure he would be welcomed with open arms.

    Bish, your religion is failing, crumbling like $cientology, declining like all the other brands of cult out there. You’re churches are closing, you have lost already. Please go away and cry quietly in a corner.

    1. We have to be constantly on our guard. It seems the more equality and acceptance we gain, religion is there, plotting to regain the dominance it formerly enjoyed ….

  19. Pictorial evidence that marriage is not exclusively between a man and a woman

  20. Francis Gallant 22 Jan 2014, 6:09pm

    What overwhelms me is how someone – a bishop it be, can speak in totally ironioc terms. “there’s no place for homophobia,” he says, and then everything he blurts out is homophobic. “Utter stupidity,” is what I say. “Face facts and stop trying to kiss ass!”

  21. postopgirl 27 Jan 2014, 8:55pm

    “marriage is between a man and a woman” mmmmmm well that sounds a bit homophobic to me

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