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US ‘Bachelor’ star apologises for ‘pervert gays don’t belong on TV’ comments

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Reader comments

  1. Why has PN re-posted this story of the non-apology? We’ve read this before & there appears to be no new drivel dribbling out of this unknown’s homophobic mouth. What’s going on?

  2. jackalison 20 Jan 2014, 7:45pm

    Yawn yawn…………”.im NOT famous. I dont speak english properly. I hate gays. NOW IM SORRY bc IM INFAMOUS. Some of my BEST freinds are gay!? Lol ” now crawl back n2 your talentess hole. I LOOK FWD 2 THE DAY WHEN GAY HATE IS A federal CRIME….bc pedro from south america might hava green card but it CAN be revoked if a felony is committed. I WOULD THINK INCITEMENT TO HATE n calling gay ppl. perverts denotes a pretty good undrstanding of english.

  3. These type of comments are becoming increasingly common on TV today. There has to be an ad agency out there, who thinks this is all good for show promotion.

    1. It IS good for getting attention to the show. Even angry attention. (People are suckers).

  4. Brett Gibson 20 Jan 2014, 9:07pm

    I love it when bigots say gay are confusing to children. There’s nothing confusing about love.

  5. Does he think that anyone is going to pay attention to the warblings of someone who is known only for appearing on television in one of the most misogynistic gameshows ever created? What, exactly, has Pretty Boy there contributed? Absolutely nothing. Shrivel up, you has-been.

  6. Juan Pablo Galavis has embarrassed himself publicly and made some dodgy excuses so he has a strike against him, but he has apologised so I accept his apology.
    But there is no more news here.

  7. Next week the script will make him start to fall for another man, so everybody (everydummy) who watches the show is like “Can you believe that..???”

    1. Well that would be newsworthy however fabricated the whole thing might be.
      I think he might make a better gay man than a straight one…if he can get over the thought of his daughter being “confused” by it and that people might think him “more pervert”, he apparently already has close gay friends to support him if he should decide to come out.

      1. If his character even has a daughter.

        1. So you think the daughter is made-up and doesn’t really exist?
          What about him being a former football player?
          Do you think he’s really a gay jobbing actor playing a totally scripted role?
          Sounds like quite a conspiracy of improbabilities.

          1. It’s not conspiratorial at all, Pavlos. They do invent relatives for the storylines. Admittedly, they usually don’t TOTALLY invent everything about the characters’ past, but they’ll take minor characteristics and exaggerate them (like the football thing). And what they say in interviews and on the shows are totally from the writers. (That was always the case with the fake gay reality shows too, those A-List, A Gay shows….where the writers even arranged fights to break out in public places between the characters that would make the news)

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 21 Jan 2014, 5:33am

    Personally I’m prepared to accept that he is a complete fvcking idiot, and therefore I’m happy with his apology.

    1. The only idiots are people who think these shows aren’t completely scripted.

      1. Are you a TV show scriptwriter MJ ?
        I think you’ve made your point

        1. No, I HAVEN’T made my point because, as you can see yourself, too many people here obviously still think the show’s dialogue is real.

  9. I don’t buy it, the Spanish “pervertido” sounds very much like pervert…

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