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Nigel Farage: It’s fine to have ‘barmy’ views on gay marriage in UKIP but please follow party rules

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Reader comments

  1. So he suspended him because he spoke to the media and not because he has lunatics in his party who think that bad weather conditions are caused by politicians? Does Farage not realise how ‘barmy’ that makes him. What a total imbecile.

    1. no he suspended the guy because he assigned the name of the party to his views which brought the rest of the party into disrepute. He was told not to and carried on doing it. There is a difference between having a personal view and trying to pretend that your personal view is shared by everyone else in the party.

  2. Iain Logan 20 Jan 2014, 6:23pm

    I don’t understand why religious beliefs with no supporting evidence what so ever are afforded the same level of respect in society as homosexuality (which has substantial evidence indicating that it is a biologically based part of human variation). What if he had said the reason for the floods was because black people could marry? Being black or white is a biologically based part of human variation. Would Nigel Farage really be saying these ‘barmy’ views are acceptable then? Doubt it. Why the double standards?

    1. Yes, being homophobic or biphobic is still even now considered to be an acceptable prejudice to hold. Well, it does have ‘respectable’ people like Lord Carey and Justin Welby to back it up using religion.

      Why we have unelected churchmen being allowed to sit in an unelected chamber of parliament making laws for us all to live under I don’t know. Britain is really backward as far as democracy is concerned.

      1. democracy? in britain? when did that happen? we are ruled by the elite, who decide what policy to adopt to best help and promote the elite.

    2. James Campbell 31 Jan 2014, 10:58pm

      The answer is obvious – greater minds than you or I know that since being gay, or trans or intersex is a ‘choice’ (a bit like choosing a new suit) and since it is this *wrong* choice which leads to what the great and good label ‘lifestyle’, thousands of such people (millions if we include all nations on earth) are all going to Hell (which I think would be preferable to a heaven filled with bigots).

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