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Exclusive: UKIP leader Nigel Farage agrees to take part in PinkNews Q&A

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Reader comments

  1. Why do you give these idiots a platform? It makes them think that their opinions are worth debating, they’re not, he’s a bigot, plain and simple, nothing to debate.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Jan 2014, 2:57pm

    Farage isn’t too bright. Opposing equal marriage as official policy isn’t exactly going to attract the much younger generation of first time voters and women alike. He’s not going to change so what questions would PN readers have to put to him? Is this just an feeble attempt to give the impression that he’s not anti-gay after Silvester’s rant and that other loon in Scotland? His party has gay members who also oppose equal marriage. Anyone supporting it is kicked out.

    1. This is especially so when you consider the fact that UKIP pretend to be a libertarian party so they should be backing what is probably one of the most libertarian laws any government could enact. The reason they don’t is pure politics and that is because they recognise that due to their ultra-globalist Thatcherite economic approach it is only a very small section of the electorate that will back them without reservations ie wealthy Tories in the main who also share ‘old fashioned’ views on gays. Simply put, UKIP’s appeal is a narrow one and it is mainly elderly Tories who are most likely to become UKIP party members.

  3. Do me a favour, ask him why he opposed the same sex couples act (2013) on the grounds of religious freedom, when it is very clear that no religious organizations will be forced to carry out ss marriages and is ‘opt in’. Did he not fully read and understand the bill, or is he intentionally misleading people? Also, ask him what he thinks about the Quakers, Liberal Jews, and Unitarians and Free Christians religious freedom, they want to perform ss marriages.

  4. This strikes me as strange.

    Why give a platform to an extremist.

    The statement that Pink News takes a non partisan position on the election is also suspicious when this website has a blatant Tory bias.

    in fact could this be a method of presenting the Tories of being more moderate I wonder.

    We must never forget that more than half of Tory MPs think we are 2nd class citizens.

    This sad reality is what makes the Tory bias of this website so incredibly sinister.

  5. That There Other David 20 Jan 2014, 3:40pm

    Of course he’s agreed. The man’s a complete media whore. Turns up anywhere and everywhere. One has to wonder when he ever gets the time to do the EU job he’s actually paid for.

  6. UKIP; the BNP in a nice suit. This man is a homophobic, racist bigot. His policies pander to people of the same ilk – stupid, backward-looking morons. Didn’t that nice Hitler had some very similar ideas about how to run a country? Do we learn NOTHING from history ….?

    1. Glad you’ve popped Farage in there with a row of other despicables. Now if I had the chance to question Hitler, I’ll tell you now, that’s a chance I wouldn’t pass by! Homosexuals couldn’t put difficult questions to Hitler in a public forum. But if Farage is up for any questions we give him, we should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

      Carefully composed questions, that’s the key.

      You’re well up to it, Truth. Get writing!

      Tie the bugger in knots!

      1. Hitler! Despicable! Tie the bugger in Knots !!!!!! sounds like you are a truly bad person no wonder we need people to voice the opinion of the Honest person…
        I agree that you should Compose questions of your Choice .. but be aware you will get only the truth

    2. The BNP is even more homophobic and biphobic. At least, UKIP thinks that civil partnerships were right. The BNP still opposes them! There are other significant differences. The BNP were not in favour of completely unhindered free market economics like Thatcherite Tory UKIP are. The BNP support the kind of paternalistic economic approach favoured by countries like Japan and South Korea.

  7. Friends, the questions that we put to him, now that this thing has been arranged, need to be very very carefully composed – so that this expert wriggler will not be able to get away from the implications of our questions.

    I suggest we all start designing our questions NOW, tweaking them a little every day until they are Farage-proof !

  8. I have nothing to ask him because I have no intention whatsoever of voting for him.
    His plan is to disengage from the institutions that have done a better job of protecting and advancing gay rights in Britain than Britain’s own government.

    1. Absolutely correct! That’s why it beats me how any self-respecting LGBT person could support such an odious outfit. Mind you, the NAZI party was full of gays – until they became an embarrassment to Hitler. So, UKIP LGBT people – take heed. Be VERY careful what you wish for ……!

    2. Mr. Stuie, imagine Farage is Assad, or Goodluck Jonathan, or Putin. Yes, we loathe them all, but if granted the chance to expose them all for what they are, should we not grasp that opportunity.

      Imagine the headline:

      “PinkNews Readers Reduce UKIP Leader to Embarrassed Silence.”

      It’d be worth it, wouldn’t it.

      1. Ok then -_-

        Upon departing from the European legislative infrastructure as his party intends, how enthusiastically would UKIP & Mr Farage himself favor taking legal actions against any existing court rulings & making moves to repeal legislation passed through said European legislative infrastructure? How would he & UKIP go about dismantling these court decisions and laws?
        Of course referring to age of consent, military service, & civil partnerships, among other things. All of which were enacted under pressure from Europe. Were they to be any successful challenges, exactly how urgently, if at all, would he & UKIP pursue non-European measures to the same effect as those already in place?
        Assuming Britain does disengage from the European legislative infrastructure referred to earlier, what measures would he & the party take towards ensuring Britain’s continued advocacy of LGBT rights abroad in partnership with other European nations, especially in relation to Eastern Europe & Russia?

        1. if these even get put to him, we can all watch/listen/read as Father Farage wastes my time and that of everybody else by dodging the questions and making fluffy answers.
          I’m quite sure some of his best friends are gay, too.

          1. Excellent, Mr. Stuie! Such questions will EXPOSE him, AND it is likely that his answers, no doubt carefully crafted before being posted, will also expose him.

            Please prepare more such questions. Hone them, polish them! We need you! If it’s going to happen, then this is how we must proceed!

    3. Excellent point. We could also ask him how withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Russia belongs, would add weight to UK protests about Russia’s poor record on human rights and the increasing homophopbia in that country.

  9. He’s been a strong opposer to equal marriage, saying only that he only supports civil marriages. Would he reverse this policy if he got into power? Big if.


  11. Pink News, please don’t give these attention-seekers yet more of the publicity they crave. The reason why people like that UKIP councillor make these idiotic statements is precisely the media attention they know they’ll get. Don’t encourage them! You’re not doing your own image (or what’s left of it) any good.

  12. If you want some change vote UKIP challenge his opinion by all means but listen to him or else we are all doomed by the idiots in Parliament as I write.. I am from the original old days of Campaign when Half if not all of you would have stayed in the closet fear of rebuke .. well all I can say is Grow a pair and educate yourselves and listen to a 85 yr old

    1. Interesting, Alan. As an elder and presumably a one-time member of CHE you have my attention! So, please, speak. Please set forth, in a list, all the reasons why you believe we LGBTs should vote UKIP. Thank you.

    2. Ewan Hoozarmy 22 Jan 2014, 11:05pm

      I couldn’t give a monkeys what age you claim to be. UKIP are a fanatically thatcherite party. They are cut from the same ideological cloth of the extreme right of the tory party, you know, those lovely people that are presently slashing vital services that young LGBT folk previously made use of. Their policies are insane, neoliberal gibberish and naked racism, designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator (hence their recent grab of the BNP vote. As for ‘grow a pair’? That is the most asinine thing I’ve read today. Rather then people having intellectual and moral objections to UKIP’s policies, they’re presumably just too cowardly to accept their robust, common sense approach,eh? Right you are, you total imbecile.

  13. Kylie or Dannii?

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Jan 2014, 5:15pm

    Why does information from previous articles keep being regurgitated in this latest one? So annoying.

    1. Agreed – many Pink News articles are way too long.
      Assume your readers know the basic background and can click on the links to find out more.
      We don’t need an encyclopaedia entry every time.

  15. I wondered why they suspended the moron the other day when he put gays and floods together – UKIP is against marriage for gays – I don’t see what UKIP will offer or give gay people in the UK – this leader would turn up for the opening of a fridge door

  16. Why does Nigel Farage want to make it legal to sack people on the basis of their sexuality?

  17. If the man was making these statements before joining UKIP, as Farage reportedly claims, then why did the party allow him to join – only to suspend him when a media furore inevitably erupted? It’s about time Farage learned that allowing these crackpots to flood into his disorganised little rabble does actually bring consequences for its image.

  18. In case he tries to brush off that question in his usual fashion. It’s in black and white on UKIP’s ‘Small Business’ policy page, section 3.4: ‘Equal Rights and Employment Trbunals’.

    “The maximum award for unfair dismissal is calculated in a similar way to redundancy payments (a multiplier based on the employee’s age and length of service is applied to the employee’s weekly earnings) which makes good sense. However, the Tribunal can award unlimited compensation in the case of ‘discrimination’ or ‘dismissal on health and safety grounds’11, which is unjust and excessive.

    UKIP would legislate to ensure the scope of claims which can be heard by tribunals will be greatly reduced. In particular, limits on unfair dismissal and discrimination claims will be re-instated and no unfair dismissals or discrimination claims would be admitted by the Tribunals in respect of employees with less than two years continuous employment.”

    1. So your colleagues can be as disrespectful and discriminatory as they want and give you homophobic/ transphobic/ sexist/ racist/ whatever else hell for the first -two years- of your job, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.
      and even when UKIP does gift you the privilege of making a legitimate claim, you’ll probably only get one shot at it, doomed to failure because you forget to cross every T and dot every I.

  19. Someone should ask him why UKIP seems to attract so many homophobic bigots, more so than other political parties (apart from maybe the BNP, though that isn’t saying much).

    And someone should also ask him why he doesn’t have a problem with people in his own party claiming stupid things like gay marriage being responsible for natural disasters. UKIP is a joke.

  20. Here are my questions……

    Why did you choose the same logo for your party as the pound stretcher chain of shops?
    How long does it take you to put your clowns make up on in the morning?
    Why do you think your party comprises of the outcast reject lunatics from other parties?
    Are you not embarrassed to be the leader of a joke political party?
    When will you make a coalition with your sister political party, the BNP?
    Why do you think some gay men vote for a party that treats them like 2nd class citizens?

  21. marshlander 20 Jan 2014, 6:50pm

    When the gay glossies have run of in-depth interviews with politicians I have found them interesting. Whether or not I have made up my mind how I am going to vote I like to have as much information as I can cope with about issues that matter to me. Part of the problem with PN is that the news items are often little more than barely expanded bullet points and hyper-links. I don’t see a problem with PN giving Farage a chance to answer questions. He has questions to answer and he may as well have a chance to hang himself (again) or do an about turn. I would, though see it as a better service if the same offer were made to quiz all party leaders. It’s an opportunity to contrast and compare even if we think we know where they all stand. I am not surprised that the UKIP leader is willing to be grilled now, since he needs all the publicity he can get. Tactically though, it may not be time for a pre-election q & a and it is difficult to see what lasting benefit he would get from it.

    1. marshlander 20 Jan 2014, 6:57pm

      Whoops I have just re-read to see that these questions are to be be put ahead of the European elections in May. In that case, why just UKIP? Get them all lined up!

      1. The article says other party leaders have been invited. I guess they either haven’t responded yet, or their taking part isn’t all that newsworthy.

        1. marshlander 20 Jan 2014, 11:27pm

          Thanks. Apologies for my inability to read ;-)

  22. I thought this whole mess sounded familiar.

  23. It is clear from what he says that David Silvester’s nutty views were public before he joined UKIP. Therefore why was he welcomed into UKIP then? Why is his membership suspended now for repeating the views he was already known for? Is it because there is an election coming up?

  24. I have no interest in hearing this mans views, and I find it very concerning that PN is offering a platform to this man.

    Also, it’s quite laughable that people here seem to think Farage will be asked to respond to all questions, he won’t. He’ll pick and choose the questions he’ll answer, just like every other politician on the planet.

    And when that happens, PN will find itself in a very difficult place attempting to explain to readers why their questions were ignored, or why he was given such an easy ride.

    You’re treading very fragile ground PN, I would proceed with extreme caution. You are unlikely to come out of this looking good no matter what happens. My respect for you has diminished already, it will thoroughly collapse if you fail to find members of other parties to participate in similar endeavors.

  25. Absolutely the only thing I’d be curious enough to as Farage is why someone so hostile to Europe persists with that poncey pseudo-French pronunciation of his surname (originally Ferridge, I believe).

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