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Canada punishes Nigerian President for signing anti-gay law by cancelling state visit

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Canada for this but the President of Nigeria is not going to be concerned at all by this.

    No doubt he will make some kind of statement about other countries interfering in Nigeria’s affairs and the being gay is not natural yada yada yada. All the same crap that we have heard from him and his like many times before.

  2. What a pity more nations don’t have Canada’s balls. The ONLY way to focus the minds of these vile homophobic countries on the wisdom of their anti-gay legislation is hit them where it hurts; the pocket. The UN should be proposing oil embargos and other sanctions against any nation which refuses to honour fundamental human rights. And it is every consenting adult’s right to love whom they choose. It is outrageous and deeply offensive that African nations, especially, whose people have suffered unbelievable discrimination for centuries, cannot see the hypocrisy of inflicting the same on their own. And mainly because of the religion first introduced to the continent by their oppressors. I despair.

    1. Your last three sentences are beautifully worded. I wish I had written them myself.

      A Canadian

  3. Well done Canada.

    When are the British government going to stop financially supporting this homophobic regime?

  4. Well done Canada!
    Finally, a nation is doing more than issue placating and condescending statements to satisfy their own LGBT people and actually taking a real stand!
    It’s embarrassing that so many other countries are doing absolutely nothing about this, other than expressing the usual speech-writer soundbites in front of a camera to make it look as though they actually give a sh*t.

    Cameron and his colleagues should be paying attention (as should the US), THIS is how a decent country responds to extremist religious attacks on minorities by insane leaders of nations. Decent countries don’t just make placating statements, they take adequate ACTION. Lets hope there’s a lot more to come.

  5. Today I’m proud of my government!

  6. I guess he is now BADLUCK Jonathan….

  7. We’ll done Canada. Good to see that some politicians have principles. Unlike the spineless Carwyn Jones, who seems to have no principles worth speaking of.

  8. James Campbell 20 Jan 2014, 5:41pm

    I am pleased that the Canadians have cancelled the visit, but question why they were planning to visit this country in the first place, given what has been occurring in NIgeria for quite some time now. Gay, Trans and Intersex people have been abused, tortured and killed there for years now. Now, suddenly, Canada discovers its conscience and is praised for its actions instead of answering why they ignored the abuse already taking place.

  9. James Campbell 20 Jan 2014, 5:54pm

    Correction to my last post – it is the State visit to Canada by Nigerian President which has been cancelled, but what I said in my other post is still relevant, Why was this odious man invited in the first place?

  10. Colin (Queenstown/London) 20 Jan 2014, 7:05pm

    Well Done Canada
    Human Rights over trade.
    My Respects

  11. Nigerian Reform groups report Nigerian president has 10 personal jets and takes out millions. The nearly 100 Senators take home extravagant salaries for life. Meanwhile Nigerians must wait for hours in line to buy black market gasolina for personal cars. A UK International Energy & Custom House had to ship a Houston Oil rig to Trinidad instead of direct to Nigerian and throw the ‘Nigerian businessman’ a party there for 500 guests flown in.
    The whole of Asia and Africa are the most criminal and deadly continents today.

  12. Hopefully some other more civilised countries will follow Canada’s lead on this, although I doubt the UK will as they have backtracked on the foreign aid threat where there are human rights abuses.

  13. I’m Nigerian, and I must say that there is a fair number of us that find this new law abhorrent. It’s an overextension of legal jurisdiction: what goes on between two consenting adults is frankly nobody’s business. In any case, here’s a reaction I posted on my blog:

  14. john lameck 22 Jan 2014, 7:24pm

    Good for Canada and the rest of the world. What we also need to do is
    FREEZE all trde and relations with this country until they change their
    homophobic laws and get in line with the rest of humanity.

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