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US TV star who claimed ‘gays don’t belong on television’ says comment was taken out of context

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Reader comments

  1. This ignorant, stupid, homophobic trash can’t even speak his own ‘first’ language well, then, I am bilingual Spanish/English. ‘Pervertido’, the Spanish word, ain’t quite a million miles away, now, is it? Thick, homophobic animal. (Please don’t take this out of context. I mean, some of my best friends are Hispanics…)

  2. I have a feeling Juan Pablo Galavis is more baby dick.

  3. His apology is hard to accept because he’s not acknowledging the fact that he meant every word when he suggested that gay people were perverts & pedophiles who shouldn’t get in bed with children! Instead he’s lying & making excuses. It’s quite clear this wasn’t an accident. I’m actually a little angrier than I was before reading this.

  4. Don’t take this out of context Juan, “You shouldn’t be on television”.

  5. Putin s just telling lies like so many criminals like him- before and today.

  6. At least he’s backtracking. But still it’s a pathetic excuse.

    The only people who shouldn’t be on television are bigots like him. I feel sorry for his gay friends. Who needs enemies with friends like him.

  7. Reality star himbo says dumb and racist/homophobic/sexist/otherwise dumb thing. In other unexpected news, someone’s puppy pees on a rug somewhere.

  8. He should get a job with one of our current ruling political party. Almost every lie they utter and almost every cover up is defended with the words “it was taken out of context”. So when I read those words I sniggered.

    As for English not being his mother tongue, I can tell you French is not my mother tongue. In fact, his English is more fluent than my French. Nonetheless when I speak French I know exactly what I am saying. I also agree with Rufusred – many Spanish and English words are not that far apart, like ‘pervertido’. These cognates are a great help when learning English, French or Spanish.

    When I say “Tu mientes”, please understand Spanish is not my mother tongue and I have no idea what I actually said. Do not take anything out of context.

  9. Why are you all mad at him ? He is just stating what’s in the script, like any actor.

    1. Why do you haunt this gay comments board, in previous posts you have claimed you are a gay person MJ but I find that highly unlikely from the comments you leave, you must be very confused

  10. It’s interesting that although he claims English is not his first language and he was therefore misunderstood and his words taken out of context, the grovelling apology is written in perfect professional English, to the standard you would expect from, I don’t know, a highly paid English-speaking PR representative!

    It’s obvious what has happened here. He’s asked someone to clean up the mess and this is what they wrote. Therefore, it cannot be trusted as his genuine opinion and it’s nothing more than an attempt to quell the obvious negative PR his statements have caused.

    It would have been better if he had actually written that himself, with help. It’s so obviously not his words and that will not help him to convince anyone that this is in any way a genuine apology.

    1. In the original interview he repeatedly said how much he respected gay people and then would carry on to suggest they were paedophiles and perverts, he must have a weird unique interpretation of what respect actually means or has no idea at all what it means.

  11. I’d have more respect for someone who could own up to his mistakes and just admit it and apologise. We forgave the germans for doing this. Asia has not forgiven Japan because Japan was not as sincere as Germany. In the end you are just making yourself look bad.

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