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UKIP’s ‘gay marriage caused floods’ politician now says homosexuality can be cured through prayer

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Reader comments

  1. It’s just a shame stupidity can’t be cured through prayer, seems it’s hopeless for this idiot.

  2. What’s to be cured? Insanity, a belief in things that are not there. Hearing voices. Bigotry. Why not focus on curing those first?
    PS; Please keep making these ridiculous statements, you’re doing more harm for your party than anyone in opposition could.

  3. Nigel Farage must be delighted to have such an inspiring, forward-thinking, intellectual giant in his ranks. UKIP is, after all, the party of the future ….. should hell happen to freeze over.

    1. And if Hell does freeze over, it will probably be our fault…

      1. No more hell though? That’s a bit of a bummer for all those wishing we gays’d go there…

        If hell does freeze over I might try some interracial marriage, mixed weave and shellfish while I’m at it, I mean the Bible’s just as loopy on these points as men lying with men.

      2. Undoubtedly so in the minds of these fruitcakes. What is going to happen after March 29th this year? I am eagerly awaiting the plague of locausts which is going to swarm all over Britain once the first gay couples get hitched to the strains of Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra, Are You Ready For Love by Sir Elton John, Dancing Queen by Abba, Go West by the Pet Shop Boys and Your Disco Needs You by Kylie Minogue!

        1. Haha, don’t tempt fate… by all rules of irony this’ll come true now :-p

    2. Hell did freeze over, or at least the town in Michigan State called Hell did.

      Well Hell froze and the world didn’t end, so I think we’re all safe now. Maybe David Silvester ought to join with the WBC… they seem to be on the same wavelength.

  4. Midnighter 19 Jan 2014, 2:05pm

    “he has been told by his party not to take part in interviews,”

    That made me chuckle. It’s as though every UKIP party member is the embarrassing drunk who decides to stand up at the wedding and tell everyone exactly what he thinks of them all. I can almost hear Farage hissing “Shut up! Shut up! You’re ruining it!”

    1. How many more off the wall nutters does UKIP have in its ranks with regard to this subject? I reckon there must be loads. Most of them, I guess, will be religious refugees from the Conservative Party

  5. Whilst he has a fair point to make about abortion (personally, I believe abortion shouldn’t be banned but it should be restricted to certain circumstances like if the life of the mother was at risk if the pregnancy was allowed to continue ect) he is completely off-the-wal as regards the subject of homosexuality.

    Homosexuality can’t be ‘cured’. It is NOT a disease or an affliction. It is simply one of the natural and normal variants of sexuality in human beings which pertains to a small number of people. I guess Stonewall will have to continue with their excellent campaign with that fantastic and so apt strapline, “Some people are gay, GET OVER IT, some people are bisexual, GET OVER IT”.

    How many more years will Stonewall have to do this before more people get the message that homosexuals and bisexuals are just the expression of the normal range of human sexuality? It should have started to sink-in with people by now!

    1. Steven, you asked “How many more years will Stonewall have to do this before more people get the message that homosexuals and bisexuals are just the expression of the normal range of human sexuality?”.

      Answer: for as long as those ridiculous old books written by ignorant ancient men continue to exist, for as long as irrational human beings continue to capitulate their reason to the invented nonsenses of the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Tripitakas (Buddhism), the Bhagavad Gita (Hinduism), the Avesta (Zoroastrianism), the Aqdas and the Kitab-i-Iqan (Baha’i Faith), and so forth.

      1. Yes, let’s hope that more and more people stop believing in religious mumbo-jumbo and look at scientific reasons for things they don’t understand. Here’s to a more secular world!

    2. He actually DOESN’T have a point about abortion.

      he says “more children have been murdered”. The fact is, absolutely NO children have ever been murdered during an abortion. be for or against abortion all you want, but that is a gross and misleading mischaracterization of what occurs during an abortion.

      playing to emotions is dishonest.
      an amalgam of cells is not a “child”.

      1. Not a fully developed child, I will concede, but it still represents the beginnings of a new life. Personally, I am against abortion and think it should only be allowed in a very limited range of circumstances one of which I have outlined.

        1. Why should what you think be imposed on anyone else? You don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Jan 2014, 2:07pm

    I’m surprised Archbishop Welby hasn’t stepped in to defend him. Andrea Minichiello Williams is rather silent too. This sort of rant is right up her alley.

  7. Hello everyone, I think it’s time I introduce you to the new mayor of crazy town…

  8. Doesn’t he know we eat babies & masturbate over pictures of Jesus?

    1. unlike Catholic priests, who eat Jesus and masturbate over pictures of babies…

      1. that is hilarious…you two should be a double act !

  9. colonelkira 19 Jan 2014, 2:20pm

    This guy is hysterical!

    NBC should have him write a sitcom for them! Lord knows they need a comedy hit!

  10. EqualityNOW 19 Jan 2014, 2:29pm

    Well that’s strange, I thought a meteor wiped out all the dinosaurs!

    1. This bloke would feel perfectly at home somewhere like Alabama, Mississippi or Arkansas. The USA has many religious wackos and the Southern states have more than most.

  11. Apparently fundamentalist belief can be cured by frequent doses of sex!

  12. Oi, Silvester mate! This homo ain’t sick! NO CURE IS NEEDED, thank you.

    How DARE you imply LGBTs are sick!

    Will someone close to this idiot please tell him that in fact it’s a sicko who thinks that “praying” to an imaginary being in the sky can bring about any kind of change, and that Silvester needs psychiatric treatment, pronto!

    1. It’s sad to think that so many people still believe homosexuals and bisexuals are ‘sick’, ‘perverted’, ‘mentally ill’, ect. If only we could get rid of the baleful influence of the religious then perhaps people would look at the subject from a purely scientific and rational standpoint.

  13. I’ve been praying for him to keep his mouth shut.

  14. That There Other David 19 Jan 2014, 3:24pm

    He doesn’t know his Bible very well does he? There are exactly 0 (zero) Christian nations in either Testament.

  15. Jùst crossed my mind, Tewkesbury gets flooded frequently, does that mean that there are a lot of gay people there?

    1. … especially with someone of the same gender …

      1. Sorry – this was a reply to Tobias above. Don’t know how it got here …!

  16. Just seen that UKIP have suspended the old git. Maybe he can pray to have the suspension removed?

  17. I was in between irritated and bemused whilst reading this article. This guy…
    Arguing his own god to be tyrannical and merciless for ‘punishing’ Cameron by flooding the homes of innocent people.
    And the “more children have been murdered by abortion than Jews died in the concentration camps” comment is just ignorant and offensive;
    1 – They are not children, they are fetuses, potential children.
    2 – It’s not murder if they were never alive – until it develops consciousness and feeling, its as alive as a wart, that’s why there are restrictions in place preventing abortion after a certain time.
    To compare abortion to the millions of innocent people who lost their lives in concentration camps is just disgusting.

  18. What annoys me most about this clown is the number of Tory MPs and Tory Councillors who are tweeting this story with the way the ignore that until recently, 2012, Mr Silvester was a Tory Councillor for Henley on Thames.

    Furthermore, he was not only a Tory councillor, but also the Treasurer of his local Tory Party.

    I came across him prior to this debacle when he was vitriolic against the lowering of the age of consent. He maintained at that time that homosexuality should be outlawed, not the age of consent of lowered.

    How quickly the Tories forget he was one of theirs up until recently.

    I have no time for UKIP – or any other political party, but I find it insulting that Tories are claiming this idiots views to be UKIP when clearly he was of these opinions when he was a Tory.

    1. I bet there are still many people within the Tory Party with these kind of views. I have always found it strange that ‘Right-wing’ people are so anti-gay. It should always have been the ‘Right’ in politics which should have championed gay rights and not the Left but then the ‘Right’ is too heavily-influenced by religion whereas the Left generally-speaking isn’t. Take religion out of Right-wing politics and there is no reason why Right-wingers can’t be supportive of gay rights.

  19. Jock S. Trap 19 Jan 2014, 4:58pm

    Such arrogance and how exactly does he know… he doesn’t! He only does what most religious people do… assume and cause harm.

  20. Why are the prayers of those suffering not heard, why is justice and love so merciful? Remember theologists will ride the science wave as they realize they have no choice but to adapt. They will always lose because they don’t care about actual explanations if someone gives them a silly reason.

  21. I wish someone would just remove him, and people like him, from the planet.

  22. Gwynforsenior 19 Jan 2014, 8:43pm

    It is very disappointing that flooding was not proportionate to local gay populations. Poor Tewkesbury got it in the neck, so did much of Surrey – but neither London nor Brighton were flooded. Perhaps God was relying on Apple Maps? If so it was very unwise.

  23. I tried for years to “pray the gay away”. It did not work because I was made this way. The answer I finally got was that there was nothing wrong with me and that jerks like this had been lying to me and causing irreparable harm. Even if people like this believe what they are saying, they are hurting millions of innocent human beings.

    I want him to pray for the murder, the hatred and the discrimination to stop. I suppose he won’t do that.

    1. People like this are delusional. It’s quite obvious he’s a self-loather who has managed to suppress his own same-sex attraction – not by prayer but by self-delusion. The ONLY way someone can assert with such conviction that being gay is a ‘choice’ .. or can be ‘cured’ is if they themselves have made a ‘choice’ or consider themselves ‘cured’. Complete nonsense. Fortunately, rational people are now seeing through religious brainwashing and are no longer prepared to defer to and accept ‘belief’ as sacrosanct. Have whatever ‘beliefs’ you want but the second that person choice begins to intrude on MY life …. do not expect me to remain silent.

  24. If prayer can’t cure the stupid, what hope has it at changing an immovable like sexuality

  25. Where DO you find them, Nigel?

  26. That’s rubbish. I’ve PRAYED and PRAYED that people like this disgusting homophobic, racist bigot will be cured of his vile afflictions. It hasn’t worked. I have lost my faith that the Almighty – who is allegedly ‘all loving’ – actually exists. I can only assume this man is speaking from personal experience and that he has managed to suppress his OWN same-sex lust through the power of self-delusion.

  27. Pray all you want, believe me it’s not going to change who I am and was born to be.

  28. Fly him to the moon !!

  29. phil armond 20 Jan 2014, 11:09pm

    it is sad when men of his age suffer acute dementia , have hallucinations and hear voices. He can’t help it he was probably abused by religion as a child. Pity the poor old lad, even his party have told him to go away and keep his mouth shut for fear of embarrassment.
    Let him spend the winter of his days in a nice white padded room, with a nice jacket with long sleeves ( tied at the end). At least he isn’t burning any witches while he’s harassing gays.

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