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UKIP suspends ‘gay marriage caused storms’ councillor who today compared abortion laws to Holocaust

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Nigel. Carry on suspending these loonies and you’ll have no party left!

    1. If he suspends all the loonies he will have to suspend himself.

      1. Oh dear. Then we’ll have no party which will be able to preach hatred, euroskepticism and blame the immigrants for everything.

      2. Indeed. Personally, I am waiting for him to suspend the two nutty councillors in his party who seriously advocate that the civil rights of unemployed people should be done away with by having their right to vote taken off them. Not surprisingly, these further examples of UKIP’s crazy tendency are former councillors for the Conservative Party! It seems as if there are quite a few former Tories with extreme and loopy ideas in UKIP!

  2. Attack the gays all you like, just dont belittle the Jews. Thats basically what I got from this.

    1. Yes, homosexuals and bisexuals are fair game to attack but woe betide anyone who makes even the most mildy critical remarks about Jews.

  3. The Tories should breath a sigh of relief that THIS is the caliber of person who has “fled” the party based on their marriage equality support. They should consider it GOOD RIDDANCE!

  4. I’m going to miss him, he was rather amusing (in a warped way). That someone can genuinely believe such tripe that he does is staggering.

    1. He and his kind belong in the monkey cage in the zoo. Entertaining but harmless

  5. Midnighter 19 Jan 2014, 4:11pm

    A piece of damage-limitation which only that shows Mr Farage is aware that the UK electorate do not believe that religious conviction is a valid excuse for spreading lies and hatred.

    It is rather sobering to think that this action would make Mr Farage a moderate were he to be based in the US.

  6. casparthegood 19 Jan 2014, 4:13pm

    He is trying for a full house – who is he going to insult next , or will he stick to relatively safe targets that will be unlikely to use violence to make their views on his opinions clear ?

  7. Christopher in Canada 19 Jan 2014, 4:52pm

    So… God’s purpose is to keep pumping out kids, seeing as the planet is already overcrowded and starving, and the Church condemns birth control…

    Not logical at all, Mr. Spock.

  8. Damage limitation from the one policy party of swivel eyed loons and run by an autocratic power hungry misogamist. Who has been quite happy to take a large sum of money in salary every year from the very organisation he wants us to leave. What a 2 faced dick!

  9. To hate us is bad enough, but to believe that we literally caused flooding is ludicrous and astounding.

  10. ukip = right wing nuts! hitler must be proud of his legacy

  11. Oh please if I could cause floods that fûcker would have drowned by now

  12. Goodness me so far January 2014 has been the year for bashing gay people, So far they`ve been called handicapped on reality TV, comedian Russel Brand popularising homophobic slurs who in my opinion should know better, The ever predictable Jeremy Clarkson and his ilk posting pictures suggesting gay people are somehow c*nts. This weekend they`ve been blamed for the natural conditions of bad weather and today its been revealed that UKIP chair claims Glasgow Council is for gays Catholics and communists and a Boy band star expressing apparent support for a controversial US TV star who holds deeply anti-gay views and that’s just in Britain alone not to mention the Russian president linking homosexuality with child abuse something which is completely unfounded and unscientifically based, Hollywood actors cracking homophobic jokes Michael Douglas springs to mind.

    and this is just the stuff that made the news its a disgrace.

  13. caul_shivers 19 Jan 2014, 5:56pm

    Every party has its nutters, a recent lib dem was done for arson and firebombing his own neighbourhood and a lib dem peer was booted for sexual harassment of a string of women. Labour and the tories are no better, just google.

    UKIP are relatively new on the scene, Farage has dealt with it properly in my opinion.

  14. rancid rick 19 Jan 2014, 6:01pm

    Smears and smears, there will be more. UKIP have the liblabcon terrified.

    One loon does not a party make and he’s been dealt with anyway, i’m voting UKIP.

    1. Why would you vote UKIP? Why?

    2. If only it were one loon but it isn’t. UKIP is full of them The party leader is a loon when he embraces ultra-Thatcherite globalist economics which have led to the destruction of Britain’s industrial base with the consequent huge rise in unemployment and ‘benefits dependency’. This form of economics only really works in the interests of the extremely wealthy and not the great mass of people in society. Farage also wants to institute a flat tax which would mean multi-millionaires having the same tax rate as a dustman. Don’t get me started on the two UKIP councillors who with a straight face seriously propose removing the civil rights of a minority (ie the unemployed) by saying their right to vote should be taken away from them.

  15. First the Rose West lookalike, now this nutter. How many psychopaths are there in UKIP?

    1. According to the Beeb (, 32,500 as of the end of last year.

  16. Tom (Winnipeg) 19 Jan 2014, 6:44pm

    One cannot deny that actors and musicians have a very positive influence on the understanding and acceptance of LGBT by society, when they voice their support for LGBT.
    On the contrary, it is also undeniable that people who throw their vitriolic speech against progress of the gay community, using religion as a shield, cause much injury towards the gay people, and they hold back the progress of society as a result. Yes, we must kick people out for the damage they do, claiming religion as their right to do so.

  17. Paul Brownsey 19 Jan 2014, 8:24pm

    What Silvester said about God sending floods to punish the country for ss-marriage is much like what the then Bishop of Carlisle said in 2007:

  18. Where to go after UKIP?
    I guess for Davis Sylvester it’s going to have to be a live-in care home. I hope he’ll be taken good care of even if his dementia has caused him to say some unpleasant things, dementia really is a sad thing whoever it happens to.

  19. I held hands with my girlfriend on the beach today, but all that occurred was a warm squall. .. I really wanted a plague of frogs. Can you help, councillor? I also once got pissed on a bottle of NightTrain in 1982 in Brighton and flashed my boobs out of a hotel window. Nada.

    1. Hurricane Sam 19 Jan 2014, 11:19pm

      I’m sorry but I get so sick of lesbains getting mixed up and letting us down like this and you just see it time and time again. Frog plagues can only be caused by a quorom of drag queens getting drunk on cheap cider in a park and singing ‘It’s Raining Men’. If I remember correctly, with enough effort lesbians on a beach can whip up a good category three Tropical Storm, maybe even a category four if they’re in some kind of godless union and it’s lent or advent.
      Brighton has been a blindspot for God since the late 70’s try flashing again but in Hastings and if a holy man sees you I think we’re in earthquake territory.
      You clearly need a refresher course, but if it’s been a while since you joined us that’s understandable. I recommend the book “Satanism, Witchcraft and Voodoo: a Practical Guide to Calamities for the Modern Sapphic Woman’ by Sandi Toksvig, I’ve never read it but all of my female friends who are bisexual and lesbian says it’s comprehensive and very readable.

      1. :) Hurricane Sam, you’ve made my day. I’m off to the beach right now for a spot of Godless Union. It’s been quite a while…
        It’s Australia Day on Monday – sort of Aussie equivalent to lent, so I reckon a good lezzie orgy in the dunes could do it. We could play kd laing on repeating tape-loop and set up a ring of DMs on the sand for a ritual. Trouble is, we don’t have a cat as a familiar, (as head-witch Toksvig recommends). I could nick next door’s cockatoo and paint it black though. I will take a photo of boobs and email it to a random Rector in Hastings. I think that should be enough for some frogs to drop? P.S. sorry for letting you down, I try very hard to be classy but people just whisper behind my back. Bastards!

        1. Hurricane Sam 20 Jan 2014, 1:44pm

          It’s creative thinking like this that causes land masses to slip in to the sea, I take back every criticism I made and wish you the best of luck. It’s best to have no expectations though, God’s Wrath isn’t what it used to be: last year I held a Brokeback Mountain screening in the local cathedral with post-viewing finger buffet, discussion and Wild West themed heavy petting. We thought we’d get gale force winds at the very least but had to settle for a slight breeze, we’d bought kites and we couldn’t fly the bloody things. The whole event ended up being a total disappointment to be honest, we couldn’t understand it- the DVD even belonged to the bishop.
          I liked your posts too, always nice when homophobia is so ridiculous that taking the piss is more or less mandatory. It is kind of surprising that this kind of scapegoating is still being attempted though, pretty sure getting blamed for stuff like this is how homophobia got started in the first place.

          1. Ha! Thanks Sam. :) What on earth prevents people recognising the humanity in others? I remember a flatmate, a pub chef, introducing me to her boss, a woman in her 60’s in a purple polyester jumpsuit (this was some time ago). Feet like artichokes and perpetual fag glued to the bottom lip. Looked a bit like Dot Cotton x Bet Lynch but without the humour and not so nice-looking. I was polite, said hello, smiled etc. and then the next day my mate said her boss was going to set her mates in the police on me if ever I set foot in her pub again and that I was not to look at her (!). What on earth made her think she was attractive to me in the first place, the fact she purported to be heterosexual? I wouldn’t go near her with a bottle of bleach and a bargepole. As has been mentioned over and over again in these threads, we aren’t the ones constantly thinking about perverted sex – THEY are. And then hating us for it. Weird.

  20. Another UKIP councillor came onto LBC Sunday night to tell us all that we are all just pretending to be outraged at the comments said about us. We are accused of causing something that caused untold misery to thousands of people and this plank tells us we should just shut up and put up. Of course he said it was just his view and not the view of the Party but if they hold these views as individuals then it is going to effect the party. This is the same party who’s official line is that they are against equal marriage for gays. What a horrible bunch of people.

  21. If there was a prize for wittiest comments, then they should go to snowy and hurricane sam. You both made me laugh, but as I have a phobia of frogs please can you desist from doing anything that may cause a plague of them, I’d have to be sectioned if that were to happen.

    1. I promise, no frogs Ali Cat.

  22. Standard for right wing non cath xtians. Every natural disaster is due to their current enemy

    IN the US TEleevangelist Pat Robertson showed “loved thy neighbor” by blaming Haitians for the terrible earthquake. Because some of them practice voodoo

    Other mental case right wing leaders said gays were responsible for about a thousand birds falling out of the sky about a year ago in our south. The day was very stormy. Most likely they were electrocuted

    Another of the same type of humanity’s curses claimed gays +civil unions were responsible for the terrible earthquake that killed 200 In NZ

    BTW soon after NZ got marriage

    REligions like these are an induced obessive compulsive disorder. Driven by things like the pincers of hellfire (the worst way to die is fire ) vs eternnal life

    The anxiety is driven into the subconscious and controls the mind. Call it a variant of hypnotism

  23. So I guess the UK has crazy bible thumpers, too, and here I thought that was something special only America had!

  24. Bob Hutton 20 Jan 2014, 9:26am

    The Bible clearly states that God is not mocked “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”(Galatians 6 v 7). This can also apply to nations that turn their back on God.

    1. And Harry Potter clearly states that running full-tilt at a pillar in a train station will take you to a secret hidden platform from where you can catch a train to wizarding school. Maybe you should try it? Just be sure to run really fast.

    2. Bla bla blurb drool drivel.

    3. What are you for?

  25. So one wonders how he justifies the disasters in the year 1000, a highly Christian country without gay marriage beset by famine, floods, comets and the end of the world….

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