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UKIP chair accused of bigotry after saying Glasgow Council is for ‘gays, Catholics, communists’

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Reader comments

  1. Keep it up, UKIP councillors. At this rate there’ll be no UKIP left. Twice in just a few days now.

    Same thing happened with the BNP, the party destroyed itself from within. While you’ll always have some support for your racist, homophobic, religious nonsense, the majority of the country just finds you uninteresting… except for when they want a good laugh at your expense.

    1. Midnighter 19 Jan 2014, 2:22pm

      To be fair, this one appears to have been railing against religion on this occasion, although being a UKIP loony he seems to have missed the concept that having noted that your electorate has a large proportion of those religions, proceeding to slag them off might not be the most strategic bit of campaigning.

      These are the politics of the bully: rant and rave at all those different to you, so that you intimidate others to join you so they can avoid the line of fire.

  2. Another bigoted UKIP rep? Surely not! Why i am shocked, shocked by this revelation

  3. “Routine social commentary” so the “gentleman” is routinely bigoted. Makes you want to rush out and vote for them doesn’t it…..not!

  4. “fascist ideology of extreme submissive conservatism and imperialism …” I think this sums up UKIP thinking

  5. Lol, Gays and Catholics. A marriage made in heaven

    1. Yes we all know that those who label themselves ‘gay’ hate catholics with a vengeance as can be seen in the non-stop Rome-o-phobia on this site .

      1. Midnighter 19 Jan 2014, 4:18pm

        To be clear, I dislike ALL religions, but especially those that molest children, protect the abusers, lie about it, and still think they can advise others on matters of sexual comportment.

        1. Nice one! Roman Catholics have a great deal to say about gays and bisexuals but go strangely silent when they are told about the important people in their church deliberately covering-up the activities of paedophile priests.

          1. ..better not mention Jamie Rennie the LGBT campaigner who railed against so-called ‘homophobia’ .The activity of homosexual priests you mean ? (most of the abuse were of adolescent males) .Lets remember Tatchell’s infamous letter to the Guardian and the links between the Gay Liberation movement and PIE .Political correctness means that homosexual abuse of children goes unreported – it would be ‘homophobic’ you see .


          2. I bet “But miss, he did it too!” never worked for you as a child, either, Ray.

            LGBT people are just as human as everyone else. This is not news.

            The difference is,

            1) The scale of abuse within the Church grossly exceeds that seen within any other entity to date

            2) as a community, we don’t close ranks and cover up said abuse, lie to the police or castrate boys to punish them or pay out hush money ($43m admitted to by the Aus. Church). We haven’t been censured by the UN, unlike the Church

            3) as a community we’re not going round trying to tell the world we’re moral authorities

            The sexuality of the priests is an assumption on your part. The position of mental health sciences is that the gender abusers’ victims have little relationship to the abuser’s orientation, and it is often a case of opportunity: priests are usually male, as are choirboys and attendants.

            My disgust for the Church is based on proven fact, unlike it’s disgust for homosexuality which flies contrary to fact.

          3. Pedophilia (the sexual abuse of a prepubescent child) among priests is extremely rare, affecting only 0.3% of the entire population of clergy. This figure, cited in the book Pedophiles and Priests by non-Catholic scholar, Philip Jenkins, is from the most comprehensive study to date, which found that only one out of 2,252 priests considered over a thirty-year period was afflicted with pedophilia. In the recent Boston scandal, only four of the more than eighty priests labeled by the media as “pedophiles” are actually guilty of molesting young children.

            Pedophilia is a particular type of compulsive sexual disorder in which an adult (man or woman) abuses prepubescent children. The vast majority of the clerical sex-abuse scandals now coming to light do not involve pedophilia. Rather, they involve ephebophilia — HOMOSEXUAL attraction to adolescent boys. It still amounts to less than 2 percent — comparable to the rate among married men (Jenkins, Pedophiles and Priests).

          4. Claiming priests are not paedophiles because the children involved are aged 11+ is an absolutely disgusting bit of equivocation.

            The issue is whether the children CONSENTED to the activity.

            FYI, the category which incorporates pre- and postpubescent children can be defined as “pedohebephilia” which is what most laymen mean by pedophilia.

            The issue is not homosexual priests, but pedohebephilic priests. Again, the science is the orientation of abusers is irrelevant.

            “extremely rare” : subjective opinion (spin). How much abuse can we expect as “reasonable” from your moral guardians?

            With the Church lying and bribing to bury any accusations brought (as proven in court) it is a wonder ANY cases have been proven. As it is, they’ve settled in cases to date involving thousands of victims and their devious attempts to suppress this issue have earned censure from the courts, the UN et al.

            Phillips is a profiteering self-publicising apologist from a Catholic background.

      2. John Clark 19 Jan 2014, 5:12pm

        Did you seriously expect a lovefest from the LGBT community?

        Quid pro quo, Sir, Quid pro quo…

        When the Roman Church has vilified, persecuted and tried their utmost to ostracise the LGBT community from society in all forms for millennia…
        Do you really think that the LGBT community has warm and fuzzy feelings for the Roman Church?

        Throughtout history, can you name to me one instance of the oppressed loving their oppressors? (Gives Ray a few minutes to think)…I thought not!

        Ray, I would like to correct you on your term “Rome-o-phobia”; a phobia can be defined as “a persistent and irrational fear”… I do not think that LGBT community’s fear of the Roman Church is irrational; as by their actions, words and deeds the Roman Church has demonstrated a fervent desire to restrict (if not eradicate) the LGBT community from society. Therefore it is not a “phobia”, but a rational fear of the Roman Church’s infulence and their desire to use that infulence to oppress the LGBT community.

        Straight, but not narrow.

  6. UKIP doing their best to heal the rampant sectarianism in Glasgow, of course.

  7. This idiot is clearly homophobic, racist and bigoted. UKIP is obviously full of people like this. Luckily, they are going nowhere in Scotland as a political party.

    Well done to SNP MEP Alyn Smith for publicy criticising him. Just a pity that in 7 years he’s never once criticised Scottish Government minister Roseanna Cunninghame of the SNP for saying being gay “goes against 10,000 years of nature’s design.”

    This type of political hypocrisy disgusts me. Alyn Smith should be ashamed of himself for criticising homophobia in UKIP while ignoring it in his own party.


  8. That There Other David 20 Jan 2014, 2:00pm

    “Blue half”? Oh just sod off you cretin.

  9. These guys are somehow a threat to the Tories? I wished they were. Tory strategy for dealing with UKIP is: leave them alone and they will destroy themselves.

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