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Russia: Putin denies homophobia in anti-gay laws – ‘I myself know some people who are gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher in Canada 19 Jan 2014, 1:01pm

    Putin. UKIP, the Tea party et al are symptoms of a public education system that is failing. There needs to be a way to convince people of the provable truths of science. Gravity and medicine are not enough, it seems, to throw off superstitions and ignorance. We really need to address this, or humanity will continue to spin its wheels. Any ideas? It’s time to try and figure it out, folks. Any teachers on this thread that would like to pose ideas?

    1. Midnighter 19 Jan 2014, 1:49pm

      I think Yesh U R covered 2 crucial points (below). I find it grotesque that we not only permit religions to create indoctrination factories but help them out financially.

      Aside from that, staff resourcing remains a huge problem in terms of pupil to staff ratios. Larger class sizes means out-of-control classrooms where “teaching” becomes crowd control. Increased staffing allows more individual contact time, better serving a range of learning types and abilities. Having taught in both Independent and state schools, I can affirm that a low pupil to staff ratio creates a positive, fun and highly effective learning environment.

      The poor quality of many teachers reflects the unattractive rewards and demands of the profession. Staff are expected to commit open-ended out-of-hours time to marking and lesson planning. Holidays disappear in coursework marking and if you are involved in extra-curricular activities there goes the rest. “Those who can”, leave.

    2. Well, Christopher, first off, let’s all stay together and stick together. Back in 2006 these threads at PinkNews were dominated by gay Christians and gay Tories. We’ve sorted that one out.

      Together we need to increase our number and we need to become louder. We need to poliferate. We need to hold hands, so to speak, with activists in Russia, Nigeria, Greece, Iran, and so forth. And all of us need to keep putting the rational, liberal, free-thinking, sceptical, humanist, atheist message OUT THERE. We have to saturate the Internet with it.

      It’s a case of who shouts loudest wins and that means that we have to be very determined because religionists find it very easy to shout loud, because they believe eternal life is on their side, and they believe that their gods will reward them for going to the nth degree to spread “the message” of nonsense.

      So we continue as we are, but with intensity.
      And we take heart from the fact that 10 or so years ago we had little voice at all.

    3. Colin (Queenstown/London) 19 Jan 2014, 6:53pm

      Christopher well said.
      My family are well grounded in Education. I have a sister who is a junior school head teacher. Also a sister in education development who is currently working on sex education to be brought into schools in their catchment area. Both sisters have gay daughters. One is in a religious school and knows nothing will change there. Even if she pushes it the teachers will stop it.

      The issue is the teachers and their backgrounds and beliefs. They just refuse. I favour an initiative of putting this type of information on Youtube and social media so youngsters can access it. One well done set of programmes would help not just kids in Britain but could be dubbed over and be suitable for kids worldwide. A regular TV/media campaign telling kids where they can get information.

      We really must move society on. Its not about the Teachers/Parents. They have their lives. It’s about creating positive informed and kids who are comfortable in their skins. Young people are incre

  2. Stop funding religions out of tax money, end the funding of ‘faith’ schools out of public money, and then you will get somewhere. Tsaritsa Putin is showing himself and Russia to be nothing but liars and frauds. His words are as empty as Russia is of law and justice.

    1. Yes. Faith schools should be funded by the religions concerned and not by the state. Religious belief should be a private matter for an individual.

  3. Just like Hitler knows some people who are Jews.

  4. Saying and believing the lies about us proves he knows absolutely nothing about us.

  5. Putin s simply telling lies like so many other criminals before..or he s not very clever.I m waiting a law to protect humanity and love..

  6. casparthegood 19 Jan 2014, 1:50pm

    Took him long enough to come out with that tired old line

  7. I’ve heard it all before. I have black friends, I’m not racist.

  8. No sane or decent person would object to a campaign against child sex pornography or paedophillia but that is a WHOLLY different subject to homosexuality. There is NO causal link between the two and President Putin hasn’t made that crystal clear. You can be all in favour of gay rights and yet be totally against the wicked scum who perpetrate child sex ABUSE.

  9. Putin: “I’m not prejudiced in anyway”.
    Me: laughing loudly here in front of my screen!

    Putin: “I myself know some people who are gay”.
    Omit the “myself” from this announcement and you’re left with “I know some people who are gay”. Oh, yeah? So? What does that mean? One would have to be an earthworm in today’s world not to “know” some people who are gay!

    Put the “myself” back into the announcement, and it correlates with:
    “Even I, Vlad Putin, know some people who are gay”.
    And that only suggests DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.

    And what do Delusions of Grandeur correlate with?

    Answer: textbook Paranoia.

    Vladimir Putin is a person who needs psychiatric help.

    But Vladimir Putin is in charge of one the most powerful nations on earth. One press of his finger and the “nukes” start flying!

    Frightening stuff.

    And real.

    Russian activists, you’ve got your work cut out! You’ve got to get RID of this man by democratic means!

  10. “I myself know some people who are gay” They are in the gulag as we speak.

  11. Blah, blah blah…”Some of my best friends”

    1. “I myself know some people who are gay” . Ah – been looking in that mirror again, have we, Vlad ….?

  12. Mr Putin has an interesting twist on distinctions. He sees a BIG difference between gay persecution and anti-gay laws, but almost no difference between homosexuality and paedophilia….huh….

  13. Keith Farrell 19 Jan 2014, 6:22pm

    No Mr Putin, it is not gay people who attack children or have no human values. We are human, we pay tax and we demand the same rights as any other person.
    People who molest children should be put to death, here we are talking about people, male or female, straight or gay, who molest prepubescent children. not young people already of an age where they are legal for sex.
    Where you have gone wrong is by making out that it is only gay people who molest children, the truth of the matter is that a large number of child molestation takes place in the churches and straight homes. Please provide any proof of the facts as you see them.
    You Mr Putin are an idiot, you have done nothing to make LGBT people feel safe, you do not even make sure that crimes against LGBT people are investigated and the guilty arrested. Please do us all a favor and cancel the Winter Olympics to save us calling for a last minute boycott

  14. Colin (Queenstown/London) 19 Jan 2014, 6:56pm

    incredible. I want schools challenged and sex education brought up to date without judgement or religious twist. I have seen myself what happens when people get out of control. My brother in law is a HIV consultant and a sister in outreach.

    Please can society put it’s differences aside and focus on the mental and sexual well being of our young.

  15. Wim in Holland 20 Jan 2014, 1:07am

    How isit possible? A brave man with a banner in russian : homosexuals are normal, is arrested! And Putin saying Elton John is very much OK!

  16. Arrest Putin! He has uttered “gay propaganda” to the media, media that under 18 year olds have access to.

  17. Leigh Oats 30 Jan 2014, 9:46am

    Below the masthead at the head of this page is the line “Europe’s largest gay news service”, whereas at the foot of the page is a sort of house-ad that says: “PinkNews covers [. . .] news for the gay, lesbian [, . . .] community [. . .].”

    So the head seems not to know what the foot is doing.

    Of all websites it’s high time this one decided whether female homosexuals are gay or whether they aren’t.

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