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One Direction’s Liam Payne slammed after tweeting support for the ‘family values’ of Duck Dynasty stars

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Reader comments

  1. Why did it take you so long to publish this news?

  2. Somebody (record company) picked him. Maybe he should duo with Buju Banton.

    Yeah, the delay in reporting this is suspicious.

    1. It’s all over the american gay media but someone at 1D marketing team tries to stop these news to spread in UK

  3. I don’t know how PN managed to miss it; the first thing I saw when I logged onto Twitter last night was a huge stream supporting or condoning Payne’s tweet.
    I think what made it worse was the backpedaling and defensiveness, a simple apology would suffice.

  4. Family values of Duck Dynasty?
    You mean you value the judgement of others not like you. Bigotry, ignorance, superstition and prayers to imaginary deities?
    Yes, very desirable.
    Not my music scene, but I feel bad for the millions of LGBT one-direction fans who probably feel mighty disappointed right now.

  5. This bit made me laugh
    “Payne’s sister, Ruth, said: “My brother tweeted he respected family values not that he supports them.
    “At the moment he just needs a break…I hope he has a long time away from twitter now and enjoys his time off without being judged.”
    You mean he’s being judged in a similar way to a famous family known for judging others?
    It’s almost as ironic as the post sent by Orson Scott, asking for tolerance regarding his INtolerant views

    1. But this is often how it’s spun, it becomes “intolerant” to be intolerant of intolerance and bigotry. It’s a fantastical mind-bending hypocritical trick, often used by right-wing nutters and Tea Party fanatics in the US. They’re basically suggesting that their intolerance is okay, but the argument against it is unreasonable and somehow “fascist”.

      Then again, in order to be so religious a Human needs to have a complete failing of logic, and this is one way in which it’s no on display for all to see.

    2. “Needs a break,” eh? Entering rehab in 5, 4, 3…

  6. Finally showing his true colours.
    Well better late than never.

  7. It wasn’t just what Robertson said in the GQ article, which was relatively tame. It was this:

    These statements are the epitome of “inciting hatred and violence”.

    Little Liam could not possibly be oblivious to how it was going to look for him to praise this family’s “family values” TWO WEEKS after Phil Robertson defended his rabidly anti-gay rant by claiming that it was his religious belief driven by his “FAMILY VALUES”! It’s outrageous for Liam to act as if what he did was innocuous or that it had nothing to do with supporting the “family values” that the family was PROUDLY promoting and defending just a couple of weeks ago. He’s either an idiot or a liar.

    I also can’t help but notice that Little Liam didn’t NAME what opinion of the Duck Dynasty family values he might disagree. Just a vague statement that supporting them doesn’t mean that he agrees with everything they say. What a weak and offensive defense of the indefensible.

  8. Agentprovokatur 19 Jan 2014, 4:50pm

    Young and stupid with emotion control issues MEETS technology that broadcasts your indiscretions and sometimes downright stupidity world wide in a flash. Very Amusing to watch as it typically involves “Celebrities” and others with financial and business interests they end up damaging . . .

    1. You don’t have to be young and stupid, there are plenty of people of all age ranges publishing Tweets that are then exposed as being racist, sexist, homophobic…

      Remember the PR girl who lost her job last month for Tweeting something about Aids and traveling to Africa, the current kerfuffle with Clarkson, or the one for Lord Sugar?

      Basically, it’s people forgetting that social media allows for a very close relationship with someone in the public eye. These people forget that they are followed by so many people and that hot-topic issues like sexuality rile up millions of people.

      This is why PR companies exist, and they will be cashing-in on social media management contracts big time over the next ten years, representing the celebs who don’t know when to shut up.

  9. Wow. He just keeps digging deeper and deeper. He went on a twitter rant last night claiming that his freedom of speech is being violated. So yesterday it was that he didn’t agree with everything that the Robertsons say and today he’s pivoted to “I shouldn’t be attacked for my opinion”. He’s obviously spent too much time in America. He’s starting to sound a lot like an American Southerner. The boy needs to shut the hell up and stop the bleeding. He also needs to stop being so defensive and consider the valid reasons why people are angry and upset.

    Liam, if you don’t want people paying attention every time you have dinner or have an opinion, STOP TWEETING EVERY TIME YOU FART!

    Oh, and by the way, another of the “family values” that the Robertson family have publicly professed is that black people were happy under Jim Crow and Segregation. Their “family values” include extreme homophobia (including the calling for gays to be executed) and racism.

  10. Sinead Harkin 19 Jan 2014, 5:17pm

    Grow up little boy and learn to be a real musician

  11. Buh Bye One Direction…….

    Who’s the next Boyband in the Que?

    1. That should be “Buh bye, Baby Billionaire…”

  12. He needs to say he is disgusted by the people on the program and their homophobic views.

    Otherwise its goodbye one direction.

  13. Keith Farrell 19 Jan 2014, 6:27pm

    Shame this poor gay boy made a mistake he thought that asshole was talking about gay people being okay.
    He needs a good spanking from his boyfriend

  14. This is a hysterical overreaction. We have no idea if Liam Payne is aware of the opinions of one member of the Robinson family – opinions, which were only made known because of an interview. Tweeting support for a family does not imply supporting homophobia. Meanwhile, in other news, there is a nasty campaign by the Catholic Church and ‘Manif Pour Tous’ against proposals to recognise same sex relationships and to introduce anti-discrimination law. The Netherlands government is breaking ranks, sending its biggest ever Olympic delegation to Sochi. There are far more important stories to focus on and real homophobes to oppose, rather than wasting time and oxygen on non-stories like this.

    1. (I was referring to the Manif Pour Tous in Italy).

    2. Do you really believe that a person familiar with Duck Dynasty was unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding them that has absolutely burned up the internet and Twitter for the last three weeks? If so, I have a bridge in London that I’d like to sell to you.

      Liam could have easily cleared this all up with a simple statement denouncing Phil Robertson’s homophobic and racist statements. He didn’t do that. He made a vague statement saying he doesn’t agree with “everything” and then hunkered down and got defensive. Then he changed his tune and started spouting “freedom of speech”. He could have put this fire out quickly and easily but he chose instead to throw gasoline on it. He STILL hasn’t clarified what it is about the Duck Dynasty “family values” that he disagrees with.

      1. I wouldn’t say Duck Dynasty has ‘Absolutely burned up the Internet’ outside LGBT media, and people who obsess with the trivial. Yes, there was shock and surprise, although why I do not know. America after all is a country where 45 percent of e population pretend that the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Yes, people in rural, insular areas are more likely to have a very unenlightened perspective, which is to be pitied, and challenged.

        Liam has no need to explain anything. ‘Family values’ can imply a host of things. It would be welcome for him to say which values he stands for, not essential. By the way, it was he who reached out to support Tom Daley after the latter experienced twitter abuse in 2012.

    3. @AdrianT I find it extremely improbable that his tweet of support to Robinson was not as a result of the the negative publicity the Duck Dynasty star has been getting from his homophobic and racist statements. The burden of proof is now upon Payne to convince his disappointed fans that he is not a sneaky little bigot.
      Furthermore, just because there is more important news out there (which is also being reported) it doesn’t mean we should not hear stories like this. Especially since Payne is in a position of influence over many young people.

      1. Perhaps a bigger problem is that a 20 year-old, with no discernible talent other than being able to sing, is celebrated as role model in the first place?

        1. A bigger problem? No. That’s showbiz!

          1. If you elevate fools as role models, then you get the illiterate, mediocre, uninquiring, inarticulate society you deserve.

          2. Well, there’s nothing we can do about that. T’was always thus. What we can do is to discourage silly people from making dangerous and insulting comments in public. PN is right to report these incidents.
            There can be no filter for who is elevated. Will Young, Lady Gaga, Elton John are good role models as is Ben Cohen.These people are positive influences despite being pop and sports personalities.

  15. Strange that he ends up using the same “freedom of speech” argument American righwingers use whenever they get in trouble for saying something racist or homophobic. He’s British, right? They have some pretty strong restrictions over there against “alarming or distressing” speech or language that would incite a “breach of the peace.” Seems like he’s been sipping the wingnut coolaid during his travels.

  16. Don’t tweet your support for a controversial person if you haven’t bothered to acquaint yourself with the facts and if you do make it a mistake then apologise. If you read his recent tweets they are very self pitying: “I’m a 20 year old just living life as you did when u where (sic) twenty but in extraordinary circumstances”. Those extraordinary circumstances are celebrity, huge wealth and great influence. He has over 15 million twitter followers. I don’t like it, but with that many people hanging on your tweets, his views matter. If he tweets against homophobic campaigns or pronouncements, it carries far more weight than one post on Pink News.

  17. Yet another dim, homophobic little twat who thinks he can bite the hand that has fed him and get away with it. His management must have thrown a hissy fit, maybe he wants to be even more of a religious gob-sh1Te than Bieber is? There is nothing quite like playing to the lowest common denominator is there?

  18. He’s made a big mistake and i hope he pays for it. Apart from all the squealing little girls who make up their fan base, I am sure they sell more records to us Gays than they do to rednecks in the Bible Belt.
    His management must be going crazy with him about this. A lot at stake – just ask Guido Barilla (Barilla Pasta) and Dan Cathy (Chick-Fil-A).

    1. Adult gay men actually BUY their “music” ??

      1. Whether or not Gay men buy the music they are often played in Gay clubs and this is an influence in the outside world. Many manufactured boy bands including Take That got their start playing Gay clubs. Gays are extremely influential in areas such as fashion and music.
        They got a wonderful reception at G.A.Y. according to The Guardian.

  19. 20 year old writes naive tweet on twitter (presumably not knowing about the duck dynasty saga from a few weeks ago), gets attacked on twitter by indignant followers rather than trying to educate him, lashes out at said people (rather than reconsidering his tweet) due to them lashing at him. Shock, horror, non-story made into story.

    *Stupid teenage fandom attack anyone who criticises him.

    1. You’re right. And for all the adult Pinky Dinks giving you a thumbs down……see it as a compliment, with getting them from THIS crowd.

    2. Well said Damien.

  20. Massive disappointment in the One Direction Camp. ‘Respect to your family values’, what a knob, those values think LGBT people are freaks. Further more he has a squad of people to call upon to advise on what not to say but doesn’t seem to be listening, put the shovel down before you completely bury yourself and the rest of the band who don’t share your idiotic views that just because you find a TV show entertaining it doesn’t matter how hateful there comments are.

  21. Social media plus immature, ignorant, talentless tosspot equals One Direction … to the job centre.

  22. Oh no ! Some lypsynching teenager likes a scripted Reality show !!! We have it as bad as gays in Nigeria and Uganda now !!!

    1. Commander Thor 20 Jan 2014, 7:06am

      Your mum is fat.

      1. yes..and dumb..

    2. Hint: you don’t have to solve poverty in Africa before you are allowed to worry about poverty in your own country

  23. BTW : I guess when you become wealthy enough to live the rest of your life in luxury… might as well just say what you want to….

  24. That There Other David 19 Jan 2014, 11:40pm

    Cue overdrive from Sony Music’s PR department…..what’s the betting he’s booked into The Priory for “exhaustion” shortly….

  25. I’d rather listen to an industrial road drill than 1D . I’m more disgusted that some gay men actually buy their sh8t “music”.

    1. Don’t knock industrial road drills. 22 years ago, that’s exactly the kind of stuff we would be banging away to, at about 5a.m. on a Sunday morning. This classic by The Hypnotist brings back sweet memories:

    2. Gay Englishmen worship Dappy too. Why are we surprised ?

  26. “Ignorant Pop Singer makes political gaffe” and suffers “fall-out”…….. is this news? Oh dear, ….. REAL consequences? Horrors! But I was only playing… I was only spewing out the usual pap and drivel to the usual screaming idiots…….. what do you mean, my comments could actually have led to hurting someone real in the real world? What’s the real world…call my jet…..

    1. That this is even news for…(presumably) adult gay men is what is pathetic here. That they actually think One Direction or Duck Dynasty are worth typing two words over. But, again…when will I stop being surprised ?? The UK used to admire men like Joseph Lister. Now they try to spread Dappy all over the world.

      1. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Jan 2014, 3:01pm

        You kind of utterly miss the point in your holier-than-though little posting mate.

        The goings on of One Direction may be of little direct concern in the gay world, but they are of great concern to the developing minds of the children and young adults, who follow, discuss, mimic and copy their every action.

        That you fool is where the concern lies.

        Mr Payne carries great responsibility – if he says bleaching your hair is cool, tomorrow half the kids in school playgrounds across the country will have bleached hair. Ergo, ill thought out comments like his, and an abject failure to accept his own wrong doing combine to have the potential to be very harmful.

        Of course, if the boy is a complete idiot, why on earth do his record company permit him to use twatter in the first place?

        1. No (uhhh….you fool…) kids don’t automatically follow anyone just because he’s in a Boy Band.

      2. Sinead Harkin 20 Jan 2014, 3:45pm

        I’d like to spread Dappy all over the pavement.That’s a face that’s meant for a fist

        1. Sinead wants to punch Liam ? Thanks for reaffirming Irish stereotypes on THIS blog.

  27. Should’t the illiterate Pain (sic.) learn the difference between ‘behold’ and ‘uphold’ before twatting his drivel?

  28. ItchycooMark 20 Jan 2014, 3:13pm

    I watched the show, if the uncle aint a latent homo then I’ll eat my hat
    ps I really dont care about any thoughts/attitudes that a member of any boy band may have

  29. James Campbell 20 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

    Gawd, if it is not an old man in a frock & funny hat, or an African bigot with a message from god, it is a wet behind the ears member of an over-hyped ‘boy band’ whose command of English “ … you still all behold” is on a par with his musical ability. Compared to a list of LGBTI people throughout the history of our species who have made an outstanding contribution to humanity …. (Alan Turing; Leonardo Da Vinci; Oscar Wilde etc etc etc) …. these pathetic life-forms are merely a useless mutation.

    1. Don’t you DARE take the high road in linking homosexuals to great men in history. The Pink News readers want you to be a measley little minority, following behind blacks and Muslims.

  30. If there was any doubt, this article afirms that the Gay community has become a joke. The moment someone states an opinion; the gay community rushes in to twisted into some type of homophobia. Playing the “victim” has become second nature to the typical gay man.

    1. They WANT it to be that way. And the writers for what Duck Dynasty characters (and Boy Band characters like Payne) say know it too. No better publicity than to say something debatably homophobic, and then sit back and watch gays do the work for you.

  31. Isn’t he in relationship with his bandmate zane?

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