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US TV star: ‘Gays don’t belong on television, they’re more pervert’

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Reader comments

  1. He offers his thoughts of course at his own risk. Another career we will have to destroy. So busy!

  2. talk about scripted

  3. Can he walk and chew gum at the same time?

    1. Midnighter 18 Jan 2014, 6:56pm

      Too “confusing” I expect.

      “[…] two parents sleeping in the same bed and the kid going into bed… It is confusing in a sense.”
      I know! What crazy madness is this?! People sleeping … in beds!

  4. Jo Ann Jury 18 Jan 2014, 6:47pm

    I have only seen parts of that show and I wouldn’t expose my kids to ANY of it. Especially daughters but I’m sure it would be the same on the bachelorette version. 20 women throwing themselves at some guy in this televised ‘romance roulette’, NO, I do not want my daughter to think this is in any way appropriate. Hell, that rose thing made me feel like some dude was picking out his hooker for the night at the local brothel. So, I don’t like the show gay or straight but if the straight version is acceptable, there is no reason a gay version shouldn’t be on. And clearly this dolt is just some handsome homophobe.

  5. Now I’m confused. Another TV personality??? I’m rewriting this that should read: another TV loser. A TV personality in the States would be Ellen, Neil Pactrick Harris, well, in fact the huge list of gay major talents on TV, who happen to have kids.

  6. he is a nagative man in new generation

  7. “Too hard” to see homosexual citizens on TV?

    “Too hard” to catch and line up your two brain-cells, Juan Pablo Galavis, and try to make the two of them think! Yes, “too hard” for YOU!

  8. Sorry ABC you have employed this guy as a reality star who has said gay men are more perverted so 2 questions more perverted than who ? HIMSELF or his thoughts I Take offence that he has decided to air his thoughts as a ABC employee stating that I and other gay men accross the world are perverts now is that not libel as he has stated being gay is a man that is a pervert his choice of words,a simple sorry or axing is not good enough

  9. That There Other David 18 Jan 2014, 9:33pm

    Of course he doesn’t even once consider that there are kids out there who do have two dads or two mums. For them it’s not confusing at all. It’s perfectly normal.

  10. Well, it used to be pretty confusing for mixed race kids. What advice would he have given then, I wonder. Get mixed race families off TV? Unmistakably Nazi.

  11. He should have stopped after his first three words. “I don’t think.”

  12. He is not a US TV star. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of him, nor had 99.999999% of the US.

    1. I know! Pink News is trying to make like he’s the Richard Burton, Peter Cushing, or……today, Dappy…of the U.S. I never heard of him, but I was vaguey aware of that (scripted) show.

  13. And we wonder why so many Americans barely know another country exists, unless they’ve bombed it?
    This is about the intellectual level of US TV for the most part, and the sad thing is it’s infecting British TV too, inane “reality” shows and pseudo-celebrities milking every penny they can out of it, idiotic characters who can barely read and write, let alone form a decent opinion on anything relevant.

    If they’re “extreme” in some way, even better, get some outrage ratings and press coverage by repeating the insults and confused ramblings of these mentally incapable bottom-of-the-barrel Humans…

    This is why I haven’t turned on my TV for more than a week now.

    1. Every American knows other countries exist. We also know the UK USED to be one of the top Nobel Prize winners in the Science categories (including Medicine) along with the U.S. and Germany. NOW you’re so silly you just worship Dappy and actually believe Reality shows aren’t scripted.

  14. I probably don’t need to point this out to intelligent people, but kids are not confused by anything, they only become confused by the responses and opinions of their ignorant parents who ignore reality and raise their kids in a fictional society built of their own delusions of Utopia.

    I have nieces and nephews who have never been confused about such things, they ask questions and they get answers – welcome to the concept of being a fu*king PARENT!

    The only people who are confused are the religiously delusional parents who can’t be honest with their kids, they’re failing as parents.

  15. A TV Personality 19 Jan 2014, 12:22am

    As gays control 99% of the entertainment industry, this “tv star ” has just kissed his “career” goodbye…loser!!!

  16. In this case the writers just told the character to say that. How else to get attention to the show? (And obviously it works, judging by the responses from you suckers).

    1. Then he still deserves a large amount of ridicule for falling for such blatant manipulation.
      But I’m not buying it. Someone can’t instruct someone to be homophobic, no more so than they can convince someone to be a racist or anti-Semite.

      The guy gave his opinion as far as I can see, and his opinion is an outdated and backward one which he should be embarrassed for having.

      A part of me sometimes feels sorry for people like this, they’re so limited in mental capacity, and this might be the first time he’s experiencing outside opinions on this subject. If he’s so closed off from the real world that he believes the things he’s said, perhaps it’s just the result of some form of religious indoctrination?

      We treat people who get brainwashed by cults, but those brainwashed by “accepted” religions are never helped, it’s a sad state of affairs.

      1. I’m not saying there aren’t people who feel that way. But don’t we know by now how these “reality” shows work ? Including the gay reality shows we had in the U.S. They are planned, scripted, etc.

  17. NOT sure where PINK NEWS gets there story but its WRONG
    Those who fail to learn from Duck Dynasty are doomed to repeat it. In an interview Friday night, ABC’s current Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, told The TV Page’s Sean Daly that it would be a bad idea to do a season of the show with a gay Bachelor. “I don’t think it’s a good example for kids,” he said, adding that the situation would be “confusing” and that gay people are “more pervert in a sense.” (You can listen to his whole answer here.)

    Read more: Juan Pablo Galavis Says There Shouldn’t Be a Gay Bachelor |

    1. I understand the difference you point out but I can’t see the ACTUAL difference in the intention of his words. Are you agreeing with him that gay relationships should not be shown on TV, that gay relationships are pervert and that kids would be confused by this? How is this any different to what is happening in Russia, for example, with its ban on “promotion of non-traditional relationships”?

      1. *perverted

  18. When you actually listen to the audio on the page it isn’t as bad as it’s written. I think the story is been sensationalised!

  19. A man who had an income deduction order for not paying child support preaching about bad examples for children.

  20. Boo hoo ! It’s in the script that he say that anti-gay stuff to get publicity for the show.We have it almost as bad as those now facing execution in Nigeria. (Now all you sweet little English poofs jump in and give me a thumbs down on that one).

    1. Commander Thor 19 Jan 2014, 7:01am

      Your mum is fat.

      1. You Brits act more like blacks these days.

  21. Are there really people here saying its ok to say this stuff if you’re told to by your tv company? Sounds very much like ‘i was only following orders’. So either he’s a homophobe or he’s spineless.
    Still i do wonder why PN report this stuff – he’s clearly a Z list celeb with a small brain and no backbone.

    1. Yes, he is a Z list celebrity as of now, but……maybe he has a very BIG brain, and is doing a good job playing the role of a homophobe character.

  22. “Daddy takes me to a house with 20 women and he rubs all over and over them and kisses them but then some go away then more go away then one stays and wants to be my MOMMY! but then the aftershow comes on and she goes away too.” (buiksloot)

  23. Moronica for Morons!!!

  24. Howard Cordingley 19 Jan 2014, 12:07pm

    The only issue on here that is perverted is this guys comments. He is a no one. He clearly is ignorant and out of touch. We shouldn’t even give him the publicity on this. Kids are more clued up than he thinks. I feel sorry for his own children.

  25. UglyGeezer 19 Jan 2014, 5:20pm

    Says the man taking part in a show that is nothing more than prostitution.

  26. Velvet Steele 19 Jan 2014, 6:54pm

    Sounds like he wants in bed with the parents!! Lol

  27. It must be really wonderful to be heterosexual like him. You can be as thick as two planks of wood, not know how to roll a condom over your nob, replicate and avoid all responsibility for having done so, get sued for doing a runner, prostitute yourself with a gang of tarts and then vomit out how moral and better than LGBT people you are. You only have to look at him to see what a vacuous tosspot it is. But what lovely teeth so everything is ok then?

  28. why is a nobody moron like this even being heard – obviously the word star has lost it’s value and meaning if dickheads like this are included in the words meaning

  29. What a shame. He’s kinda hot…and single too ;-)

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