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UKIP politician: David Cameron to blame for floods because he made gay marriage legal

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  1. There really are some people in need of medication or being sectioned under the mental health Act – words fail me that someone of his standing comes out with such rubbish.

    This also fuel homophobia –

    1. If this “fuels homophobia” then those believing it would be homophobic anyway. For someone to actually believe this nonsense they have to be clinically ill, or extremely incapacitated in one form or another. They would still be homophobic whether they heard this lunatics delusions or not.

  2. How ironic it is that nations with higher religiosity, regardless of the particular cult they follow, experience a greater number of ‘natural’ disasters. Even inside the US, take the bible belt, frequent tornadoes, droughts and so on. Compared to say, Washington State, Nevada, Oregon etc. Northern Europe like France, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and so on, all socially liberal, all have mild climates with the occasional storm/flood. Which is exactly what you would expect on a planet with an ever shifting climate.
    I’d call him a moron, but being a member of UKIP, it speaks for itself

    1. Interesting, I was about to suggest that perhaps the fear of weather out of Human control is a facilitator to cult beliefs. Kind of like the ancients throwing a virgin into a volcano because the crops failed. Does religious belief grow from Humans feeling out of control of their environment and desperately needing some way to “influence” nature?

      Then I remembered that much of California is on fault lines and experiences very significant quakes quite often, so surely that state should be more religious than it is simply because they have so much to deal with?

      Interesting still, and I think you’re onto something.

    2. floridahank 18 Jan 2014, 4:31pm

      Hey Mike, your comment, “How ironic it is that nations with higher religiosity, regardless of the particular cult they follow, experience a greater number of ‘natural’ disaster” is based on a false premise.
      When you speak about religiosity you’re talking about a weak, adulterated, spiritual activity that has no basis on the Gospel Truth taught by Jesus Christ, who offers a spiritual relationship, not a religion. That’s the trouble with most “religious” people who go to church and listen to nonsense talks by unscriptural preachers (probably 80% in my estimation).
      And yes, if you seriously study the Holy Bible, Christianity and Judaism you will see that people’s and nation’s sinful actions do indeed result in catastrophic actions by the God of Creation. Most people like you have no idea of ancient history as described in scriptural and historical documents, both Biblical and secular. All you do is react with emotion and false information. The UK is getting its just rewards.

      1. Why don’t you check into the insane asylum you freak. The bible is a bunch of fairy story’s written by men, not a historical document in any way

        1. MarkB, well said! FloridaHank needs urgent psychiatric treatment. Honestly! To believe in the gobbledegook of ancient scribblings in this day and age! It’s irresponsible or it’s sick!

      2. Midnighter 18 Jan 2014, 6:34pm

        Translation: no one loves Jebus like floridahank, and all you so-called Christians are fakers. Oh and “probably” 80% of your preachers are faking it too. And if you study the Bible properly you have to agree with him, but you don’t, because you’re not as awesome as floridahank.

        And there you have the arrogance, ignorance and lack of intellect typical of your average religious nutjob.

      3. Guglielmo Marinaro 18 Jan 2014, 8:13pm

        Well, I agree with floridahank. I think that this UKIP bloke is absolutely right, just as that nutcase Cindy Jacobs was right when she realised that birds were falling out of the sky because the Americans were allowing gays and lesbians in the military.

        1. Heh heh :)

      4. Ah, look. Hank again. Tin foil hat failing again? Never actually went for those meds for the schizophrenia, eh? Poor you, life must be very frightening for you.

      5. Sorry, Floridahank. Christianity IS a religion, regardless of what you personally choose to call it. It fits the text book definition of a RELIGION.
        And it’s not even a particularly special or unique one at that.

        Most of the fables and the descriptions about it’s self-proclaimed messiah, are older descriptions belonging to previous gods from older mythologies.

        “The UK’s getting it’s just rewards” You mean that we’re becoming more secular, less religious and more tolerant of others, including LBGTs?
        Yes and what a curse that is. :)
        Though don’t worry Hank, America, your home nation’s going the same way too.

        1. floridahank 19 Jan 2014, 5:53pm

          Hey Mike, did you see my comment, “Gospel Truth taught by Jesus Christ, who offers a spiritual relationship, not a religion.”
          People can call Christianity a religion, but they don’t realize that Jesus Christ never called it a religion and in fact He said religion was a danger to mankind so His Apostles simply preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and never even said that there should be a “Christian” church — most of the preaching was done outdoors where listeners gathered by the thousands and heard the Gospel. Only some people started calling them Christians because of the preaching of the Christ of mankind. So you’re not too well read in what the Holy Bible itself says — like the majority of lost souls.
          Yes, the USA is perhaps worse than the UK and I expect a very catastrophic year for us.

          1. Hank –
            ‘People can call Christianity a religion, but they don’t realize that Jesus Christ never called it a religion and in fact He said religion was a danger to mankind so His Apostles simply preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ and never even said that there should be a “Christian” church-‘
            Partly right, Hank. It’s just that neither Jesus nor his ‘apostles’ can be convincingly shown to have preached anything called a ‘gospel of Jesus Christ’ or ‘Christianity’ at all. In fact the concept would have baffled or shocked them. As far as we can guess, Jesus was a Jew of Apocalyptic tendencies who seems to have thought that God had called him to tell his fellow Jews that the world was about to end, and that loving each other (including the ones who disobeyed Torah, though he is a bit incoherent about this), including giving each other their property, was a vital preparation for this.
            This was a millenialist form of Judaism superseded by Pauline beliefs about Jesus as a cuasi-divine being whose nasty execution would save the world by appeasing the wrath of God. The former was essentially and exclusively Jewish and almost certainly reflected Jesus’ own values, and the latter was imbued with pagan mysticism, free of observance of Torah and the horrors of circumcision, and designed to get the Greeks and other non-Jews onboard. The struggle between the two – basically between the Petrine and Pauline factions – is detailed in Acts. We all know which was destined to win in the Graeco-Roman world and after, and folk like you are still peddling the same nonsensical rubbish today.

          2. Nonsense. The floods were visited upon us by elves and fairies in revenge for wearing green.
            Or maybe the invisible unicorns in my garden are pissed off because I forget to give them magic oats.
            Gibber. Howl. Cackle. Cuckoo.

          3. Midnighter 24 Jan 2014, 3:10pm

            Nice job, Riondo.

            The trouble for those of “faith” is that they confuse possessing it with having special “knowledge”.

            Many “faithful” thus exhibit a great deal of arrogance since they conflate their own substantial faith with substantial knowledge.

            After a few bloodied noses the “faithful” have learned that the social balm for this arrogance is to claim a position of humility and loving interest towards those who you bully, criticize and censure.

            Thus if you don’t “know” the Bible you are a “lost soul”. This provides a great deal of amusement to Zoroastrians, Jainists and Umbandans, not to mention Muslims, Jews and Atheists.

  3. Insane.
    And the gospel didn’t ale Britain great. War, slavery and greed did. Very Christian.

    1. ale = make

  4. Well, I always thought UKIP politicians were swive-eyed loons. Now we have proof.

    1. UKIP – so utterly loopy that even Britain’s other insane party the Tories don’t want anything to do with them and that is saying something! Are UKIP trying to replace the official Monster Raving Loony Party?

      1. Before judging all UKIP members, please look at the statement released by the Lgbt of ukip @ukiplgbt and on Facebook.

        1. “Lgbt of ukip”

          Oxymoron. Its like saying the “Black Rights Chapter of the KKK”

        2. I’m sorry, but are you SERIOUSLY attempting to dismiss this insanity because it’s one UKIP loons opinions?

          I couldn’t care less what some token LGBT group for such a ridiculous party claims on Facebook, the fact of the matter is that UKIP attracts religiously ill individuals, racists, bigots and homophobes who have such a delusional world view they shouldn’t be left in charge of a paper bag, let alone involved in any aspect of politics.

          It’s like claiming the BNP isn’t that bad because only a couple of them are known to admire Hitler.

          If you have any faith in this party you are potentially as delusional and confused as many of their representatives are.

          I hope people are sharing this story all over Facebook, show these utter nutters for what they are.

  5. You know I did think it was strange timing, I mean we never had flooding or anything of that sort before did we………rolls eyes so far to the left they get stuck.

  6. So how does he explain when Britain had floods back when homosexuality was even illegal ?

    1. And the 2004 Tsunami, which hit mostly Islamic populations, many of which had, and still have the death penalty for homosexuals.
      It’s almost as if god strikes at random. Oh wait…..

      1. These sick people do not even try to practise rational thought. They do not even try to assemble all the data in their heads at one time. They are irresponsibly intellectually LAZY!

        1. Organised religion is so often the bane of this world. What is religion for? Is it just a force for mind control of people too weak to think for themselves so that others can get to experience some power over others ect?

  7. Midnighter 18 Jan 2014, 1:16pm

    This made me laugh … until I realised that crazies like this are working relentlessly to insert themselves in positions where they can inflict their utter insanity on the rest of us.

    I’m confident his political opponents will not hesitate come election time to publicise the fact that this individual is clearly not mentally competent to hold any position of responsibility or influence.

  8. I am sure David Cameron has had a good chuckle about this loonatic. I would hope that the people of Henley on Thames, kick this mentally disturbed person out of office as soon as possible.

    1. It’s such a shame he resides in Henley-On-Thames. It’s a very nice town and one of my personal favourites having travelled extensively throughout Britain

      1. It’s a pretty town to look at, Steven. Superficially attractive. But underneath it’s mainly a backward Tory stronghold. Visit the Henley Regatta and observe throwbacks from another age, desperately trying to pretend that the world has not moved on.

        1. I’ve visited it twice but I haven’t yet seen it in the week of the Henley Regatta. I would have thought though that all those upper-class ‘hooray Henry’s’ would have no problem with anyone being homosexual or bisexual seeing as they should be used to it having attended all-male and all-boarding public schools like Eton and Harrow.

  9. haha…I’d love to see the replies this swivel-eyed loon gets…..I bet the Tories are glad to be rid of him…..Splendid entertainment for anyone with an ounce of intelligence, of course – one can only marvel not just at the fact that he holds such risible opinions, but that he is stupid enough to want them to be published in his local newspaper…..Another self-banged nail in the bigots’ coffin….

  10. GingerlyColors 18 Jan 2014, 1:38pm

    Perhaps they should decriminalize homosexuality and introduce same sex marriages in those drought ridden African countries so God can send them some rain!
    David Silvester is totally Ga-Ga (apologies to Lady Ga-Ga)!

    1. Brilliant Comment…

  11. Absolutely DYING laughing at this man… This has to be a wind up.. no one is actually this crazy?? no?

    1. Unfortunately, it seems as if quite a few people ARE! I am no supporter of David Cameron who I think is one of the very worst PM’s this country has ever had the misfortune to have and who I look forward to seeing being dumped-out of office soon whether that is by his party having the commonsense to be ruthless with failed leaders or by some other means but it does look as if his description of UKIP as having “swivel-eyed loons” in it wasn’t far off the mark. This unhinged rant by the UKIP councillor really just boggles the mind!

    2. What’s crazy is that there are constituents who voted for him!

      1. I don’t believe the majority of people vote for UKIP for homophobic reasons. They vote for them because they oppose mass immigration and EU membership. Thankfully, the numbers of people in this country who vote for a party based-upon its perceived homophobia are in decline and those that do are older people on average who won’t be with us soon. The vast majority of young people (ie under the age of 45) have no time for blatant homophobic idiocy like this former Tory has displayed. Homophobia of this degree is a real vote loser and if UKIP has any pretensions to be other than a rest home for Tory loons they need to get a grip of it and firmly tell people like this they are not wanted in their ranks.

  12. Philip Breen 18 Jan 2014, 1:56pm

    Nobody of sound mind could take this seriously.

  13. Oh wow!
    I thought these religious freaks were almost exclusive to the USA, but now we have our very own religious comedy gold in the UK too!? Ha, it’s brilliant ;)

    Perhaps someone should remind him that we’ve had flooding and extremes of weather in the UK for centuries. Was the mini ice-age the result of London passing gay marriage? Was the disappearance of Doggerland under the Channel the result of a disappointed God too? I wonder what people did those millennia ago to disappoint Him?

    If these mental defectives were not so ridiculous they would almost be dangerous. Thankfully, he’s probably just done more to destroy the image of UKIP, and that’s always a welcome thing.

    Bring it on dumb fu*k!
    Can you tell I wanna see more stand-up from this guy?

    1. UKIP – so utterly loopy that even the Tories call them “swivel-eyed loons” and that is saying something!

  14. Welcome to the American Republican mainstream! This is what we live with every day in America except our nuts actually hold a lot of power and represent about half of our citizens.

  15. You’d have thought his God could have done a bit better with his disasters.
    Swarms of locusts would have been much more powerful in my humble opinion.

    1. That comes later in the demented view of these loons. As soon as the first gay couple get wed on March 29th and the blokes involved kiss passionately whilst those watching sing lustily to Dancing Queen by Abba, Go West by the Pet Shop Boys and Your Disco Needs You by Kylie Minogue Britain will suffer a terrible hurricane and be visited by the proverbial plague of locusts and the world will stop spinning the next day.

  16. Not often I agree with the Tories, but they did the right thing getting rid of this twerp.

    1. They certainly did. I find it very worrying that utterly deluded nutters like this still exist. Is Henley-On-Thames now becoming Britain’s very own version of the most crazy parts of the USA ie states like Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas? I do hope not as it is such a nice place.

      1. Pretty-looking place, Steven, but HORRIBLY horribly Tory. Old ones and brainless young ones covered in “bling”. Steer clear of Henley-on-Thames. The chocolate box is not full of chocolates but steaming rot. There are far sounder people to be found in an ordinary corner pub in the suburbs of Manchester.

        1. You’re right, Eddy. Or an ordinary corner pub anywhere.

  17. That There Other David 18 Jan 2014, 2:13pm

    LOL. I honestly thought nobody would be that stupid. This only results in ridicule for both UKIP and Christians :D

    Obviously I give the deluded too much credit.

  18. It should be noted that even the local paper to which he wrote has not published this on their website.
    That could mean either of two things… 1, they’re embarrassed by his opinions and think he’s a lunatic, or 2, they don’t want to let people in the area know that he’s a lunatic.

    Personally, I think they should have published this on the site, it’s a news story and people have a right to know what a politician (however aspirational) thinks and how mentally unstable he is.

  19. .....Paddyswurds 18 Jan 2014, 3:07pm

    It looks like the nut jobs in UKIP are taking lessons from the Teabaggers in the US. This is word for word, the sort of batsh1t they constantly spew when things don’t go their way. The Teabaggers (Tea Party) have rendered the Republican Party in the US unelectable and it may even spell the end of the party in every sense of the word. Is that the ultimate end for UKIP too? I certainly hope so, even tho I am no lover of the Tories. The only difference here is that they don’t have a Black prime Minister to spew the sort of racism the Teabaggers heap on Barak Obama, who is probably the best President the USA has ever had bar none…..

    1. UKIP is the Tory Party’s Taliban Tendency with everything that goes with it ie ultra-Thatcherite globalist economic policies, insane attitudes towards gay people ect, abject hate towards those who are unemployed or vulnerable in some way ie the disabled.

      Are people in Britain really that stupid they view this party as credible contenders for office? America’s loopy Tea Party tendency should have no place in this land.

  20. .....Paddyswurds 18 Jan 2014, 3:14pm

    Some poor kid is going to suffer at the hands of the bullies this week when the crazies read this little piece of blatant hatred and homophobia. It is jut as well that BNP for slow learners, UKIP, will soon be a footnote in history. Farage should be locked in a secure environment with the rest of the crazies in his party…..

  21. I sort of laughed – then thought people in public office in 2014 still quote ‘the scriptures’ as real evidence and genuinely believe we are not worthy of existence. This is a man who was voted into public office and I doubt his view of us has changed since he was elected. So for arguments sake lets then presume that some of the people of Henley-on Thames went along with those thoughts on the abomination that he sees us. This is a pretty affluent and I had thought middle England community. Yet when he was spouting venomous crap during and after the SSM debates and vote and he makes outrageous statements like this – I didn’t/don’t see the people of Henley – on – Thames taking to the streets to have him dismissed from public office nor did I read that his fellow councillors We need to be less amused and more outraged and concerned that some people support this buffoon and his views on us. Now that scares me a lot. Sadly our right are always at risk.

    1. The irony of it is that the scriptures say nothing of the sort, anyway. He talks about a “Christian Nation” but that’s a concept that didn’t emerge till centuries later.

      Swivel-eyed loon isn’t the half of it, in his case.

  22. I also really fear that the UKIPs main platform will be immigration – something the media love stirring – and that may well win them more votes than they deserve. On the back of that they may actually become a presence in Parliament and loons like David Sylvester may find themselves in a position to actually hurt us. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a multi party coalition will be in power after the next election and we may find the Tories looking to UKIP to keep them in power. Scary thoughts – so don’t laugh off David Sylvester rants too lightly.

    1. I doubt very much whether UKIP will have a single MP in the next Parliament as Britain has a highly undemocratic and totally disgraceful electoral system called First Past The Post. In stark contrast to the Lib Dems who have been doing it for decades, UKIP haven’t learnt to target particular constituencies and try to build-up a local government base in them. The Green Party has done this and as a result they have Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilon. Remember, under our system it is NOT how many votes you get but WHERE you get them. UKIP don’t poll that well in any specific constituency ie over 20% or more of the vote and their vote is very well-spread around the country.

  23. There are plenty of bible literalists in this lot. The harmless, do goody veneer is now wearing very thin after the same sex debates in the UK Parliament and House of Lords isn’t it? I think it is time to end charitable tax relief on the promotion of religion and cut all funding to “faith schools” too. It’s long overdue for reason to replace delusion I hope you will agree?

    1. That There Other David 18 Jan 2014, 4:03pm

      They can start by removing the completely odious requirement for daily worship from schools. Schools might as well be legally mandated to promote the Easter Bunny.

    This is the list of the “jesus is mah loard” mob that has worked so hard to keep the political writing of the 1st Century alive and well in the Parliament and Lords

  25. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….he he he he he he. Ho ho ho ho ho ‘gulp’ Oh! Dear…(wipes eyes) best laugh I’ve had all week.

  26. John Clark 18 Jan 2014, 5:12pm

    Time to increase the dosage……

    As my Dad used to say…
    “Just proves they’re not all locked up yet!”

  27. Quick! Quick! Whip David Silvester into hospital quick! The man’s seriously ill. Paranoid. Deluded. A danger to homosexual citizens of the UK.

  28. An odd comment from this previous Conservative councillor its about on a par with the Labour Councillor who thinks he is abducted by aliens on a regular basis!!.

  29. If gay marriage causes war as this nut job suggested, why did Britain go through two World Wars in the previous century? It beggars belief the stupidity of some people. This is why I would rather poke my eyes out with sticks than vote UKIP.

    1. UKIP isn’t even very effective as a protest vote. Unlike with the BNP, when a place votes in a UKIP councillor the political Estabslishment just lets out an massive guffaw. I bet Lib/Lab/CON regularly laugh their heads off in the House of Commons about UKIP.

      They embrace ultra-Thatcherite economic policies to such a crazy degree that their social appeal is narrow and this will prevent them from growing much further. They have become about as large as they ever will do unless they change this fundamental flaw of their outlook

  30. I hope he has started building an ark

  31. Seems obvious to me… if gay sex causes rain then clearly we should all be flown out to drought ridden area’s to bum like bunnies. I mean… think of the suffering we could alleviate! It really is the humane thing to do.

  32. Helge Vladimir Tiller 18 Jan 2014, 6:36pm

    WHAT ?!

  33. I didn’t realize Pagen”s still abound in today’s world

    1. It’s Pagan’s not Pagen’s.

      I’m also unsure what your point is. Are you suggesting he’s expressing Pagan views? Because if so you would be wrong. There is evidence that the Pagan’s of these isles supported partnerships between all, they didn’t have a doctrine and they didn’t have a religious rulebook to follow.

      Modern Pagan’s are abound in these islands too, but they don’t follow any belief in a omnipotent God “punishing” us, they believe in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and in respecting their environment.

      When you find a homophobic Pagan, let me know, because all the fellow Pagan’s I have met in my life (thousands) I have never met one who is racist, sexist, homophobic, or negative towards others in any way.

  34. UKIP are also planning on banning climate change lessons in school.

    They really are political lunatics, sadly quite a few idiots that will vote for them!

    1. Aaah, so that is why they need other reasons why the climate is deteriorating. Well, they have to make sure they don’t teach logic or common sense either.

  35. Magnus Ramage 18 Jan 2014, 7:03pm

    As a Christian, I can only say he’s reading different scriptures from me.

  36. Ok, now please explain every natural disaster in every country that doesn’t allow gay marriage.
    And war. And famine. And… well, you get the point.

  37. Mark in Halifax 18 Jan 2014, 7:11pm

    If he doesn’t cut the benefit bill, every cat under the age of 2 will commit suicide by hurling themselves off the nearest motorway service station bridge. Oh and if he doesn’t expel everyone with a purely English sounding name by 31st July 2015, he will experience a fatal accident with an electric tin opener.

    Bloody lunatics, every last one of ’em!

  38. And in Australia there is a heatwave that has been killing people. This has been caused by the failure of the Australian government to legalise same-sex marriage. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, hey UKIP.

  39. What a silly man! Even though he’s not representative of mainstream Christian thinking (or any rational thinking) it’s this sort of drivel that turns people away from the religion. I find it rather sad that hysterical hyperbole like this gets so much coverage.

  40. E Carpenter 18 Jan 2014, 7:47pm

    God told ME the floods were sent to punish us because we’re letting the Tories cut benefits for babies, children, old and infirm people!

  41. Geoffrey Marsh 18 Jan 2014, 8:10pm

    I was surprised he didn’t say that “gays should be rounded up like they are in bongo-bongo land.”

    1. It’s strange how some people who are allegedly against mass immigration to Britain and continually point-out how it affects us suddenly turn around and announce their admiration for backward African and Middle-Eastern hellholes who have extremely discriminatory and/or even violent penalties for gay and bisexual people.

  42. Between that imbecile with the tragic Facebook posts and now this, it really hasn’t been a great month for the image of UKIP Councillors has it?
    And, if what he claims is true, why doesn’t God hit the country with a truly catastrophic natural disaster rather than just a few weeks of rain and wind?

  43. Remember, thankfully we live in a democracy and we are all entitled to our say (like David).

    Share your views, his contact details are in the public domain at

    Councillor D M Silvester (UKIP)
    102 Luker Avenue
    RG9 2HH

    01491 576283 (H)
    01491 576283 (W)
    07704 087013 (M)

  44. Pray tell, how can political decisions cause meteorological phenomena in this manner? I’ve heard of chaos theory, but that’s usually reliant on butterflies in South America’s wing activity, not progay political decisions. Sounds like the Tories were well rid of this particular “committed” (….) “Christian!”

  45. white squirrel 18 Jan 2014, 10:38pm

    the logic of his ‘theory’ escapes me – if this [non existent] ‘god’ really had a problem with gay marriage why doesent it target gays directly such as when they are getting married – why these indirect methods supposedly punishing those permitting gay marriage with floods and storms but not gays marrying themselves. it could just as easily be ‘god’ punishing people who build on flood plains or allowing fracking

  46. And I thought it was just the yanks that had the religious fanatics … But looks like we have our share of twats over here !

  47. An open letter was written and published by the LGBT* in UKIP group tonight. It can be found in full here:

    1. That’s a good response letter, thanks for sharing Tom.

  48. If there are large sectors of British society that believe in the demented ravings of delusional nutters like David Silvester, then perhaps we need to reopen the asylums? And he can be the first patient wdmitted.

  49. Now see UKIP LGBT* response if you want to see more than just half a story

  50. Erica Cook 19 Jan 2014, 2:44am

    It’s global worming numbnuts. If your god would cause so much harm for giving compassion to people than your god is a dick.

  51. according to the bible God made man in his own image.

  52. What amazing stupidity. It is obviously not a man or a party to vote for. He is on the same level as Putin and ‘Good luck’ Jonathan etc.

  53. Jock S. Trap 19 Jan 2014, 12:03pm

    Why did it take so long for ‘God’ to act then? Coz I remember we had the best summer in years straight after this bill passed.

    Another fruit loop!

  54. Whew! I was just about to throw away my crystal ball and tarot cards, but if people are going to ignore national weather services and other scientific communities, they’re going to need another source of enlightened information rather than archaic religions, something more real and modern. Now, where did I put those astrology charts?

  55. I’m happy to see that the US does not have a monopoly on whack-a-doodles in elected office.

    You have my sincere sympathy.

    1. But ours get castigated and hounded out of office for such loony views. Yours just keep getting elected :(

      I do think there is change though. The T party seem to have done the GOP serious damage. Not that I will shed one single tear for them. I look forward to the midterm elections :D

  56. Vote for UKIP !! they know the method…God save the Kingdom!!!

  57. Vote for UKIP !! – they know the method….God save the Kingdom !!!

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