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Russia: Gay protester detained for unfurling rainbow flag during Olympic torch relay

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, unfurling a flag has brought down countless civilisations. What a bunch of moronic bigots.

  2. He sure seemed to be ‘leaving the kids’ alone Mr Putin. So what’s the problem. Lying ——- please take heed and everyone take care. These people will kill you because they really do think we are sub human. I was reading an article today and Russians were saying we should be gassed – gassed. FFS

  3. I would so love to see it if Scott Lively (the guy who took partial credit for the ‘propaganda’ law) attends Sochi and tries to unfurl one of his religious rainbow flags and gets smacked down by the police.

  4. Bravo, Pavel Lebedev, of Voronezh!

    Now, may many many more people, LGBTI and straight, follow this man’s lead and cause masses and masses of BOTHER to that ignorant bastard Vladimir Putin, and his henchmen!

    Bravo, Pavel Lebedev, of Voronezh!

  5. The Russians can’t and won’t arrest scores and scores of international visitors who follow Pavel Lebedev’s example! But it will sure as hell embarrass and humiliate Putin and his cronies.

    1. But they will let the crowds beat the crap out of us and turn a blind eye.
      Please do not underestimate Russian hatred or the Russian church’s influence

  6. Strongfemme 18 Jan 2014, 7:53pm

    Yes indeed . . .
    The long shadow of the Nazi persecution continues testimony of the third reich . . .
    Hey Putin, leave the Gays alone.
    ‘We shall overcome’

  7. Haven’t these cretins got anything better to do than arrest people for waving a flag FFS? Why do these bigots obsess over homosexuality.
    I once read that some of the most vehemently anti-semetic members of the Nazi party where trying to ‘obliterate’ some Jewish ancestry/blood in themselves. Seems these bigots are doing the same. They are all in the closet.

    1. Putin certainly is. No-one’s put a ring on it and he’s a lady that doth protest far too much

  8. Good grief………….

    Am supposed to be in Russia next week for an LGBT alliance meeting, wish me look!!!

    1. Stay aware and stay in a group all the time.
      If arrested stay calm and make sure someone contacts the British Embassy and the outside media as quickly as possible.
      Take extreme care about identifying as gay in public the hate that has been stirred up will easily get you a punch in the face just for looking ‘gay’
      A friend visiting Riga – Latvia – got punched I the face for having “fag hair “. Russian and it’s old ‘countries’ have been stirred into a macho anti gay frenzy by church and media.
      I’m sure they are being encouraged to go out “faghunting”
      Good luck and brave you. Well done

      1. allancsn, good advice kindly given! Good luck, p.

    2. Yes…..good luck and stay safe. Hope all goes well.

  9. Protesters will be literally taking their lives in their hands. Good luck everyone and be careful.

  10. It was a bit more than unveiling a rainbow flag, according to his associates quoted on GayRussia he tried to get in front of the torchbearer…

    1. Still brave and determined, but the reaction seems more predictable if that’s the case.

    2. “Nyet” (no), the man had good reason for making a public protest and breaking the rules. What’s the alternative? Be “good”, accept persecution, never speak out, never break the “rules” that they impose on you, to keep you down, to keep you silent?

      May many more people break the rules in the lead up to Sochi and AT Sochi itself. The Russian authorities want it to be so, and so, and so. All very orderly.

      May many many people, LGBT and straight, say “nyet”, “nyet”, and “nyet”! (No, no, and no!) and ignore the desires and demands of the dictatorial Russian state!

  11. Well done that young man. I hope he’s not the last one to expose the bullsh*t Putin has been spewing recently.
    This is what needs to happen.
    Hey Putin, pay attention here, in a REAL democratic country people are not attacked by uniformed men for unfurling a flag. To claim that Russia is free and democratic while this is happening on its streets is a joke and the international community is laughing their butts off at you.

  12. Auntie Babs 19 Jan 2014, 7:21am

    “Detained” by someone in an IOC security uniform branded with a Coca cola sponsorship patch. After he called the Russian authorities and held him down until they could take him into custody. This, THREE WEEKS before The Games even start. I await statements from the IOC and Coca Cola with bated breath.

    1. Coca Cola also invest in “Innocent” Drinks, which sends money to countries like Uganda. Have asked if any money from the Innocent Foundation goes towards helping LGBT people, and waiting to hear back from them.

  13. Anyone remember how many people were detained or arrested for protesting during the London 2008 Olympics Torch Relay of the 2012 UK Torch Relay?
    It’s a bit more than one…
    Still Russia = Nazis blah blah blah.

    1. Protests on the route of the Beijing torch through the UK were more than accommodated – are they being in Russia? Sure, people who tried to grab the torch by knocking over the bearer or snatching it out of their hand were stopped and detained. Did this guy make a serious attempt to do that?

      It will be interesting to see how the Russian Police ‘deal’ with this guy. Will they have their way or will word come from Moscow and force them to ‘go easy’ on him because they are aware the world is watching?

      1. So you’ve made up your mind they’re damned either way.
        Cognitive dissonance?

        PS And yes, protests will be accommodated at Sochi.

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Jan 2014, 11:42am

    In Russia you can be arrested for waving with a rainbow flag- in any peaceful place or town , be it in connection with The Winter Olympics OR NOT !—–Lebedev, my dear “Brother”, I embrace you- and so should the whole LGBTQ- community in The UK.

    1. No you can’t, you fool.

      1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Jan 2014, 9:46am

        I very well know that quite a lot of people have waved a Rainbow Flag different places in Russia., both Russian citizens and persons from different countries ! This does not automatically lead to arrest or detention.- Depends upon the situation and other facts. But you might be summoned or arrested for this ( NB ! Local police and their interpretations etc. ) Many gay persons have been arrested for just waving “Our Flag” in a peaceful demo. And THAT is the main question here. So you call me a “fool”- All the very best in life to you, fagburn !

  15. Howard Cordingley 19 Jan 2014, 12:02pm

    This clearly shows how oppressive Putin is. I think the Olympic games should never have been hosted in a country that respects no human rights. I hope there are more protests from both visitors and athletes too.

  16. What about Germany wearing rainbow coloured uniforms? To pull out a rainbow flag is the same as wearing rainbow coloured clothes… Does that mean every German athlete will be arrested?

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