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US: Catholic teacher sacked after getting engaged to same-sex partner

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  1. The Diocese of Toledo? As in Toledo,Spain? The catholic country that has supported gay marriage for almost a decade? Makes sense, keep moving backwards America.

    1. Toledo, Ohio…

  2. Christopher in Canada 17 Jan 2014, 9:22pm

    Until US civil law forbids this, then religious practice will continue to trump it. So much for everything the US Constitution trumpets about. Propaganda is all it is.

    Glad to be Canadian.

    1. Well I admire Canada greatly. However since this is a private religious organization the US Constitution guarantees their right to be wrong. In the US religious schools are not publicly funded, unlike Canada and thus cannot be required to violate their ‘religious beliefs’ whatever those may be. But on the whole the move for equality is gaining steam. Once gay marriage is resolved nationwide (and in the past year 7 different US District Courts and two Courts of Appeal have found that there is no rational basis to deprive us of marriage…and NO court has found otherwise) the game will move on to employment rights, etc. By that time we will have 60, 70% of the nation behind us. America is a multicultural pluralistic nation to a degree almost no other can match. We have our issues but we have on the whole moved along the right course…again Canada is about the only place that’s done better inho…

      1. Midnighter 18 Jan 2014, 5:27pm

        You’ve identified the problem (the outrageous liberties afforded to private religious education establishments) but the wider progress you refer to offers no hope to staff and students who are at the mercy of such US institutions who presently are permitted to act in cruel and unreasonable ways.

        Even if ENDA is ever established there is an exception clause for religious establishments.

        We can only hope that there is a rapid evolution in America’s attitude regarding this continuing special treatment of religion, otherwise it simply makes a mockery of any ostensible progress being made towards defeating discrimination.

  3. I hope the Diocese is carefully checking to be sure there are no divorced people teaching in the schools…

  4. To follow this story and the efforts to get him re-hired, please visit :

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