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President of Uganda refuses to sign ‘jail the gays’ bill into law

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Reader comments

  1. on account of random breeding

    ?? As opposed, perhaps, to the inbreeding the president might recommend? What a buffoon.

    Still, at least a positive result, even if for the wrong reasons.

    1. And if this ‘random breeding’ is something western societies have engaged in, how has that resulted in LGBT Ugandans?

      1. Well, persons incapable of logic like Museveni would probably say they’ve been “corrupted” by Western influence. There really is no arguing with these types.

        1. …. certainly not where religious belief is concerned. The ONLY way to have any effect is to hit them in the pocket. ALL aid should cease until they stop this disgusting and deeply worrying persecution.

  2. What incredibly jumbled thinking! This is great news, excellent, in fact. But wtf are homosexual underground mercenaries? And that sexual starvation nonsense is exactly the kind of thinking that perpetuates the notion that corrective rape will ‘fix’ lesbians.

    Great news, but what incredibly dimwitted reasoning.

    1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2014, 11:47am

      He’s saying that forcing Ugandan LGBTs to hide themselves will result in them all going on the game.

      I wonder what he thinks of left-handed people. Are we also to be corrected for our abnormality?

      1. You’re left-handed? That is unnatural. You are supposed to masturbate with your right hand. Don’t get me started on ambidextrous individuals.

  3. Good news he’s blocked the legislation. Bad news, his attitude to sexuality other than hetero is based on ignorance and stupidity.


  4. “Rescued from homosexuality’ ok…..but who’s going to rescue him from being a homophobic twerp. The mind boggles.

    1. He’s talking the gay cure talk, in other words parroting the US evangelicals nonsense propaganda, the same ones who have his dimwit wife The First Lady in their thrall.

  5. I wonder if he is refusing to sign it for a positive reason – it is clear from his words he does not think we are human beings worthy of protection. I wonder what will happen next. They sure as hell ain’t just giving up on this determination to eradicate us.
    Sorry, but I expect much worse to come from this.

    1. It’s what’s behind his message which is so disturbing. If you didn’t know who’d said his words, it’s not a huge leap to imagine it was Hitler … about black people. Obviously, this man is so stupid that he can not see the clear parallels between what he is advocating and that which Hitler sought for Jews, blacks, etc …. .

  6. “Abnormal people” I’d say the abnormal people are the ones who believe they have the right to dictate another’s sexuality. As long as no one is being forced, and the relationship is age-appropriate, sexual relationships have nothing to do with the state, or anyone else for that matter.
    And it’s absurd that people think otherwise.

  7. Canny old b*stard, Mr Museveni. There’s a reason he survived Uganda’s civil war and has been president for almost thirty years.

    He’s done enough to pause the bill, thus placating the West, at least for the moment; and he’s come out with enough homophobic hogwash to satisfy his public of his bigot bona fides.

    1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2014, 11:50am

      Indeed. With words like that none of the fundamentalists can accuse him of the usual promoting deviants nonsense they would otherwise have come out with. It makes me wonder how he really sees the situation. Is he genuinely only refusing to placate richer nations, or does he think his own people are buffoons who he needs to talk down to?

  8. He’s done the right thing, but for ALL the wrong reasons. But given people’s attitudes in that country, we could hardly expected him to speak up in defence of gay people – so who knows what he really thinks?

  9. The western nations, the only ones who give foreign aid oversees, should stop giving aid until every citizen in those nations are granted equal status. That’ll soon shut them up.
    It makes me sick to my stomach that my hard earned money is going to nations like Uganda, India, Nigeria and so on. Nations where, if I lived, I’d be a second class citizen at best. In prison, or dead at the worst.

    1. Good item about Nigeria on Newsnight yesterday. No-one from the UK Government wanted to speak on the programme

  10. My reading of this is that he’s backing down in the face of the international pressure on the bill but, since admitting that would show weakness to his MPs, he’s having to state his position on homosexuality hasn’t changed and that it’s the efficacy of the bill that he doubts. It’s still a u-turn and it’s still a victory regardless of the rhetoric.

    It just goes to show that when politicians, business-people and the public come together, change can happen. It’s a start anyway.

  11. His statements are only mildly less abhorrent than the bill. It will be a big relief to Gay people there that won’t be imprisoned but they will still be social reviled social outcasts in grave danger from vigilante groups. Museveni’s words continue to stir up hatred and fear. An ignorant and evil buffoon.

  12. The filthy, bigoted, homophobic, racist and anti-West language that this fathead spouts is truly disgusting.

    1. While wearing a suit and speaking English, you will note.

    2. I live with this kind of language and threats every day. Africa is a very dark continent.

  13. Quote: “…. and continue practising homosexuality or lesbianism for mercenary reasons.”
    The depth of this man’s ignorance and bigotry is terrifying, no doubt inspired by white missionary-introduced laws. I had presumed Uganda was civilised. To retain this sort of mindless belief proves, beyond doubt, that it remains in the Dark Ages. We really need to be doing more to boycott these disturbingly brainless countries and to shame them on the world stage. Any aid should be immediately withdrawn. The time for ‘engagement’ and ‘dialogue’ is over. It didn’t work with Hitler – it isn’t going to work with these scary ignoramuses …..

    1. I must say, I’m only in it for the money… If all those straight people knew just how much you could make simply from being gay there’d be no such thing as homophobia. Haven’t needed a day job since the day I came out!

  14. Same in Uganda as in Russia, if you do speak out about gays you must only say negative and bad things about gays or you will be breaking the law.
    Though why we give aid to Uganda at all, when it’s President and religiously corrupted government and seemingly a large proportion of ordinary people there are openly contemptuous of the West and thoroughly racist and dangerous homophobic bigots with scant appreciation for human rights, why they receive aid is beyond me.

  15. For him NOT to sign the bill is HUGE issue for him – let us not forget that. What with the First Lady of Zambia speaking out against discrimination towards the LGBT community across Africa, at least it’s a step in the right direction – as opposed to him signing the bill !

  16. GingerlyColors 17 Jan 2014, 12:07pm

    I have no doubt that the ‘Jail The Gays’ Bill will be rearing it’s ugly head in the Ugandan Parliament in the near future. It it too early for optimism yet.

  17. Pretty much half and half in this backwards country. One half being Christian and the other being Muslim.

  18. “The question at the core of the debate on homosexuality is what do we do with an abnormal person?” vote them as president of uganda it would seem.

  19. Rafael Mazin 17 Jan 2014, 2:20pm

    Good decision even if based on completely idotic “reasoning”(?)

  20. It’s time politicians in the West acknowledged the pernicious consequences that come directly from the uncontrolled planting of thousands of evangelical churches and the dangerous and hateful ideology of christian dominionism they spread.

  21. If the west is so bad he should give us back our cars. (And figure out how to harness electricity on his own).

  22. Victor Pond 17 Jan 2014, 3:50pm

    This is a tragic example of Medieval thinking.

  23. I can make money just by being gay? I wish someone had told me that earlier!

  24. If these comments had been made by a Western politician about an African country they would have been condemned, quite rightly, as racist. His ignorance and prejudice are quite staggering

  25. With this troglodyte running the show it’s no wonder some men feel corrective rape is acceptable. How can people be so unevolved? I feel so sorry for Ugandan LGBT’s.

  26. I would like to see Uganda and Nigeria expelled from the Commonwealth as they are both in contravention of some of the most fundamental principles of the organisation.

    The Singapore declaration committed Commonwealth members to “individual liberty” and “eradication of ignorance” and the Harare declaration further states that member nations are “committed to principles of human dignity and equality”.

    I’m afraid the Commonwealth is looking increasingly toothless as it stands by in the face of such hatred and intolerance.

  27. Prob because it was hinted to him that we would give him one of those 15000 pound presents fllled with explosive gays dropped from a cargo plane on the parliament

    BTW why is africa such a mess – Europeans – mostly catholic took over the place raped it economically and ff neccesary by mass murder. Put together new countires that ignored all the tribal hatreds, as well as impovershed them so much more that mass murder for theft by each to the other became standard

    the Pope need to appologize for what almost all catholic Europe did – a continent run by a cabal of catholic kings and the vat..

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