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Piers Morgan slams Jeremy ‘flabby neck’ Clarkson for ‘gay c*nt’ tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Fairness compels me to admit that, though for years I found Piers Morgan every bit as dreary and boring as Clarkson (they seemed a similar type to me), recently I’ve rather grudgingly admired him for standing up to homophobes on his programme and now on Twitter.

  2. PantoHorse 17 Jan 2014, 5:03pm

    I had no idea he was such an allie. I’m not really a fan and think he’s rather a toff-nosed pr1ck, but this has sent him up in my estimation.

    1. TheBatMan! 17 Jan 2014, 5:45pm

      I believe Peirs is a supporter of the LGBT movement, but also a bitter enemy of Clarkson – they have a long history – So may be more that he wanted to make Clarkson look like a fool. Aka if it was anyone else it wouldn’t have crossed his radar. Still fair play to him for point it out, “Gay” shouldn’t be “synonymous with the lesser”

  3. I like Piers. What he is doing on his show on CNN for us is amazing.

    Thank you Piers.

  4. Lion in Winter 17 Jan 2014, 9:15pm

    Shouldn’t the sign be pointing to a lesbian?

  5. jackAlison 18 Jan 2014, 3:07pm

    The BBC loves to ‘duck n dive”around controversy of any nature just to improve ratings. It prostitutes itself like former NEWS OF THE WORLD to get a headline and then claims innocent when called on. Clarkson is 1 of the more repulsive thoroughly detestible characters that the BBC continues to hold in its star stables.
    I shall never forget its call-in vote headline blog asking regular Britons,
    “should gays be executed?”
    Imagine if the headline ran Jews or blacks???
    so its no wonder Clarkson is still on the books

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