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Hollyoaks star: I get annoyed when people ask if I’m gay in real life – I’m also not an English teacher

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Reader comments

  1. Could have fooled me.

  2. Seymour Cat 17 Jan 2014, 9:55pm

    Pedro “Could have fooled me.”

    That’s what being an actor is all about.

  3. Marcwebbo3 18 Jan 2014, 4:38pm

    Its completelty pathetic that people cant seperate being an actor playing a role and what they are really like…so does someone who is playing a seriel killer like that in real life?…NOPE!….so why should someone playing a gay character be that in real life….he played straight in Emmerdale….does that mean hes bi?….NOPE!….hes an actor!!!!….and a nice guy….loons leave him alone

  4. But they won’t be interested in whether he’s an English teacher in Chester. It’s always about playing something that excites peoples’ fears and prejudices. In my acting days I played a priest, a factory worker and a straight business executive and nobody asked me if I was these things (I’m not). – they’re not so scary or transgressive. Apparently Christopher Lee saw people making signs of the cross when he passed them in the street – they really identified him with the terrifying and sexy image of Dracula.
    The assumptions are pretty stupid but they reveal people’s obsessions as well.

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