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Comment: What would happen if a gay premiership star came out and continued playing football?

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Reader comments

  1. He’d get a lot of homophobic abuse and then Pink News would schedule a few people to tell us why homophobic abuse isn’t a problem

  2. What would happen? Joe Bloggs would receive masses of sympathy from the media, TV interviews, politicians of almost every party, celebrities and so on. Abusive fans caught on CCTV, iPhone, TV video footage shouting abuse would be hunted down, named and shamed by the Daily Mail and The Sun, the Guardian etc. Sponsors of the club would be boycotted or forced to reconsider their partnerships. The club would be deducted points, fined and forced to make contrite apologies. And when fans hear testimonies from fellow LGBT fans, they might even realise their team is worse off: the gay player will receive support, the players and fellow fans of the abusive side who are gay or offended by homophobia will not. Maybe in a scenario like this where the abuse is so bad, the referee should have the option to end the game and award it 5-0 to the afflicted side – see what that all singing and dancing equalities panel say!

  3. That There Other David 18 Jan 2014, 11:13am

    It would finally start a long-overdue conversation that the football hierarchy should have held 10 years ago.

  4. I personally think people are thinking about this the wrong way around. For someone to ‘come out’ at the top of their career as a premiership footballer is going to be very unlikely. What will happen, eventually, is that the ‘next big thing’ in football will be opening gay before he gets scouted. That starts in the schools though with kids not being scared to come out and still play on the field. And clubs themselves need to be prepared for how to deal with that player once they do scout him – the extra support he may need etc.

  5. Flooding and God’s wrath, according to Mr S.E. Loon of UKIP

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