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Arrests of people perceived to be gay spread across Nigeria

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 17 Jan 2014, 8:18pm

    How would Britain act if 6% of our population were considered to live illegal lives. In Nigeria’s case it’s 10 million people at 6% as per UN. There are now 10 million people living in fear in Nigeria never mind the ones who sadly have been arrested.

    If this happened in Britain it would be world headlines in ever country.

    Christianity yet again…..and Islam yet again. What have the religious leaders in Britain and Rome said about this …..I’m hearing silence…that deadly sound yet again. Get religion off this planet. Scum people.

    1. Peter Tatchell, Stonewall, et al., you need to organize a massive demonstration through the streets of London about this. It mustn’t be a quickie either. This protest needs weeks of planning to make sure its massive. Similarly massive protests should be staged in the USA, Canada, and France.

    2. Why remove ALL religion ? Buddhists don’t do this stuff. Hindus, Taoists……Pagans, etc. …

      1. jackAlison 18 Jan 2014, 2:51pm

        the dali lama giggled nervously when asked about gay rights
        May 25, 1999 interview published in The Age, the Dalai Lama stated:
        “They want me to condone homosexuality. But I am a Buddhist and, for a Buddhist, a relationship between two men is wrong. ”
        FALON GONG in china has a gay hate charter…
        Falun Gong practitioners, the movement also teaches that “homosexuality is not the standard of being human, the priority of Gods will be to eliminate homosexuals and that gays are demonic in nature.”[19] so keep your wig on
        its not just the judeo christians.

        1. I actually do know about all of that (which , granted, a lot of those who espouse Buddhism do not) but it’s still one of the religions that produces more measurable good than not. (And I never said it was only Judeo-Christians. Islam is mostly a horror. Atheism has, so far, proven to be a horror when tied in with the government). My argument is just a disagreement that ALL religion is bad.

  2. Christopher in Canada 17 Jan 2014, 9:08pm

    Tell me why they need to keep pumping children out in a desert land where people live in squalor, as that’s the reason most present to legitimatize their homophobia . Some religion – it’s not logical, as Mr. Spock would say.

  3. This is a horror. This is akin to the rounding up of the Jews and other desirables in Nazi Germany.

    There are 168 million people in Nigeria. That means they’re going to have to round up the 10 million Nigerian citizens who are gay or lesbian (approximately), or the oppression is going to drive homosexuality underground, with Nigerian gays and lesbians having to hide or suppress their sexuality, with all the psychological suffering that such hiding and/or suppression causes.

  4. Meanwhile, on the BBC, the closest they get to reporting current LGBT news is the nonsense about Clarkson tweeting a photo and Putin commenting on the Sochi games.

    Whats happening in Nigeria is akin to the witch-hunts of old, showing once again how utterly backward the country is.

    It’s remarkable that a country, in 2014, is doing exactly what happened centuries ago, driven by insane religious fanaticism and lunacy.

    I urge everyone here to register a complain with the BBC and demand to know why they are not reporting on this while they’re reporting on Clarkson and his tweet.

    1. But in so many places in Africa, religion causes trouble. Do you know what STILL happens to people…even children…accused of witchcraft ? It’s just because this particular wave is anti-gay that Pink News readers care about it.

  5. why doesn’t the Archbishop of York- John Semtanu say something about this situation? Surely the Church of England must accept SOME of the responsibility?

  6. I think most people realize that ten million persecuted people can burn it all to the ground, and bring an end to the region, making it a barren wasteland. Ten million people can get revenge against the politicians and religious leaders violating human rights. Count the number of politicians and religious leaders violating human rights in a given country then count the number of people experiencing human rights violations. Everyone has to defend their human rights against corrupt politicians and religious leaders. Even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights acknowledges that reality in the preamble – that protecting human rights should be done to avert people seeking retribution for the lack of justice. The international LGBTA community can stop providing diplomatic immunity to any government official who violates human rights. The Nigerian president has already canned his military staff because he realizes they were going to have to remove him and his corrupt regime.

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