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Richard Branson rallies business leaders against Nigerian and Ugandan anti-gay laws

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Reader comments

  1. Isn’t it remarkable, with all the corporations out there in the world, he is the only major business leader speaking out about these things. It makes me proud that he’s British, setting an example to many others who repeatedly fail to attempt to do anything of note other than gain profits.

    I’m usually entirely anti-corporation, but in this case I’m willing to let that slide a little, Branson is an important ally and he has maintained his ethics and morality where plenty of other business leaders of his standing quickly become completely devoid of Human feeling.

    Well done Branson!

    1. Hahahaa. What hypocrisy. His Virgin Atlantic flight to Lagos is full both ways everyday. Lagos is one of the most lucrative routes for Virgin Atlantic. Why is he talking? He should go ahead and stop his flight to Nigeria if the rhetorics are from the depth of his hearts!

  2. That There Other David 16 Jan 2014, 2:13pm

    I follow Branson on Twitter. At times I consider unfollowing him because his life is just so much better than mine that it just makes me depressed. However, when he starts to highlight social injustice, as he frequently does, it’s a delight to see that selling your soul isn’t a prerequisite in order to be successful in business. There needs to be more names on that list though, and people who directly benefit Nigerian and Ugandan business. Even a billionaire can’t change a president’s mind on his own.

  3. Thank you, Richard Branson. People like you do have power – the power to highlight and hopefully shame disgusting, backward regimes like Uganda, Nigeria and Russia. It may be limited power but at least you attract attention where the oppressed, tortured and murdered cannot. I urge you to continue with your efforts to hit these disgusting countries where it hurts – in the pocket.

  4. He DOES look like the definitive Great White Hunter stereotype. (But I wish him success).

  5. In Nigeria we eat human flesh, we will eat your flesh if you dont derieve from us this is Warning not a treat

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