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Nigeria: 11 Muslim men accused of being gay face possible death sentence by religious court

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder what the reaction of the UN and international leaders would be if 11 black men were being stoned to death by a racist white government?

  2. I thought there was no such thing as Gay Muslims – at least that’s what the UK Muslim Council state – So is the world going to sit by and watch this Horror continue – we are living in the 21 century for Fecks sake!

  3. GulliverUK 16 Jan 2014, 2:56pm

    The UK governments needs to immediate cut ALL aid to Nigeria and close the UK Nigerian embassy. If they don’t act quickly and such a sentence is carried out they will be culpable for their non-action and serious consequences will follow. We cannot allow this barbarism to continue without consequences. Closing the UK embassy sends a very serious message – and is the least that is required.

    1. Sadly that’s not really going to happen – the UK only even severed diplomatic ties with Iran when the Tehran embassy was attacked following the squabble over nuclear development.

      I’m afraid matters regarding gay rights are extremely unlikely to result in the closure of the British High Commission in Nigeria (I’d love to be proved wrong on this).

  4. Ah yes, the Lynch Mob – such an excellent way of demonstrating the importance of the rule of law.

    Those poor poor LGBT people in that benighted region – I can’t imagine how desperate they must feel.

  5. Tom Cotner 16 Jan 2014, 3:52pm

    Everyone is so wound up over Sharia law. I do not see the difference in that mindless action and the law of the Inquisition. Can anyone tell me there is a difference in the bogus crime of homosexuality and the bogus crime of witchcraft?
    One day, in 600 years or so, these people will awaken to how uncivilized they really are. Until then, the bible and koran thumpers will have their say and way. Sad.

    1. Hopefully much sooner than that!!!

    2. The difference is that the Nigeria situation is happening NOW. The woman put on trial for casting a witchcraft “spell” in Saudi Arabia last year is happening now too.

  6. Lady Tanya 16 Jan 2014, 3:56pm

    there is one world for this MURDER under religion, and muslims want this Sharia law in england

    1. Muslims who want Shariah Law against…anyone… non-Muslim lands, deserve to be crushed hard, by atheists, Hindus, or…even better….believers in the greatness of ancient Pagan (very gay) European gods. With Odin’s (or even Antinous’) approval it’s time to kick some Iman ass so hard they fly all the way back to Riyadh.

  7. I urge Pinknews to talk about the bigoted referendum proposal that is taking place tomorrow in the Portuguese Parliament so that the step parent adoption that was approved in the first hearing in May 2013 can be stopped by a national vote. This is a serious threat to what we’ve reached so far. Help the Portuguese LGBT community spread the word across europe against this referendum.

  8. We need to expose every human rights violation such as this and isolate those countries from the rest of the world until they understand how to apply human rights through equal treatment.

  9. marshlander 16 Jan 2014, 4:32pm

    The power mongers will continue to exercise influence and control over the masses who are locked into superstitious beliefs while adult illiteracy remains at the horrifying level of 70% – higher for the male population apparently :-( The country’s education system is described as “dysfunctional” while an educated elite leave Nigeria in large numbers (there are as many Nigerian doctors practicing medicine in the USA as there are in Nigeria itself). Meanwhile the second largest economy in Africa (with a quarter of the continent’s population) has the second highest rate of new HIV infections in the world. If only a portion of Wikipedia is to be believed Nigeria has very serious problems. Christianity and Islam can’t amount to much if the Christian and Muslim communities that make up 98% of the population can’t find the compassion that apparently lies at the heart of their belief systems and solve their real problems.

    1. marshlander 16 Jan 2014, 4:34pm

      I hope the UK Border Agency has been properly briefed on the situation and that we shall not be seeing forced repatriations of lgbt people to Nigeria.

  10. Well, at least we now have conclusive proof that religion is the root of ALL evil. This obsession with what consenting adults do in private is, to me, completely unfathomable. It is also an inescapable fact that secular countries are much kinder to their minorities. This persecution of citizens is a disgusting and deliberate misinterpretation of what the founders of both christianity and islam intended which was a message of love and peace. How utterly despicable that man would so torment his fellow man – all in the name of ‘faith’. I despair at the religious of this world. Brainwashed, brain damaged, brain dead.

  11. We should encourage all of our leaders to respond to this barbarism. Get out your pen and paper, computers, ipads, etc and start writing your federal leaders. I’m doing my part right now.
    Clint in Niagara Falls, Canada

    1. they said Nigeria.. not Niagara


  12. This is showing what happens when a state gives tacit permission for discrimination. These people were “rounded up” by other religious freaks in their community, it’s a witch-hunt, and I fully expect those people were wielding pitchforks too – that’s the mentality we’re dealing with here.

    The same thing has been happening in Russia, and it’s only going to get worse unless nations start standing up and making clear statements and taking direct action.

    These nations need to be told outright that if they continue down this path of persecution all aid will be cut off, all business relationships will be withdrawn and all members of their governments will be issued with arrest warrants for later trial in an international court for their abuses of Human Rights.

    It’s about time the UN did their job, stop holding pointless meetings and take action!

  13. George Broadhead 16 Jan 2014, 5:11pm

    Clearly that part of Nigeria under Islamic control and where Sharia Law applies(as in Iran and Saudi Arabia) is an even more horrific place for LGBT people to live than the part which has introduced the new Draconian legislation.

    1. How dare you make such a politically incorrect statement !!! Get ready for every PinkNews gay to downvote you for daring to state that Islam is worse for homosexuals than Christianity.

  14. robert hamilton 16 Jan 2014, 5:31pm

    If this happens, then every government, every leader, the queen and every church leader will have blood on their hands and then, what hope for mankind. This is fundimentally wrong in every way and takes religion to the very depths of hell.

  15. James Campbell 16 Jan 2014, 5:34pm

    During the era of Apartheid in South africa I was a teenager visiting Cape town and was appalled at the treatment of the black Africans there. I well remember how governments around the world spoke out against this evil in the strongest terms. Contact with South Africa was reduced to a minimum, including sporting links. Moving to the present day, Nigeria (another African country, but this time ruled by black Africans) introduces an anti-gay law, the hard edge of which is expressed as Sharia law ….. Can we expect another major response from the world’s leaders (other than rhetoric, which costs very little other than the breath required o speak). The answer is NO. Even if these men are executed, as long as it is seen as black on black crime and homophobic rather than racist the strongest iresponse (from the UK) is to hear that Foreign Secretary William Hague is ‘disappointed’ and ‘concerned’, but the UK will still send aid to Nigeria and continue to deport gay African asylum seekers.

  16. Robert Hamilton 16 Jan 2014, 5:39pm

    If this happens, then we all have blood on our hands for allowing governments and religion to dictate the intentions of nature. None of us had a choice over our sexual orientation and the islamic Uk leaders should be taking an urgent, assertive and moderating stand against Nigeria and their outdated and immoral interpretation of Islam, which will indeed take Islam to even lower depths of inhumanity to their fellow man.
    Shame on all world asnd church leaders for allowing it to get to this stage.

  17. As awful as this situation is, and as bad as I feel for the victims, we should be reminded that extremely barbaric things happen throughout Africa all the time that western governments don’t raise concerns about. Look up the child slave trade; what happens to people accused of witchcraft; what black South Africans do to refugees from Zimbabwe. To so many world leaders, this case is small potatos. (But I’m NOT espousing doing nothing for these men. Do all you can).

  18. I read this story and really felt a great despair. As an LGBT community we believe that great steps have been taken in taking away the stigma and hatred we have endured since the beginning of time. And yes for some it does seem that life is improving.
    But the horrors directed towards us still remain – in Nigeria these poor men face a medieval murder for something they can do nothing about. The world is still an extremely dangerous place for all of us and nowhere should we let out guard down or presume we are safe. Law can so easily be rescinded and hatred stirred by those who seek political power. We have never really been safe and sadly I don’t believe we ever will be.
    I have lived long enough to see the children and grandchildren of those who despise us still despise us – mainly down to religion but also because we are seen as weak and easy targets. I feel no safer now showing public affection to my partner than I did 30 years ago. The hatred still hurts me inside. Poor men.

  19. Wait! All the moderate Muslims of the world are now out in the streets protesting this barbarity.
    No. Sorry. My mistake.

  20. Yes, this is truly a HORROR. For those 11 men, their lives are currently a horror. For the rest of Nigeria’s likely TEN MILLION LGBT citizens life in general is now a horror.

    What are going to do?

    (Population of Nigeria = 168 million.)

  21. Colin (Queenstown/London) 16 Jan 2014, 9:55pm

    Please every person get writing to your MP’s local and national papers and ask them to get actions at the highest level.

    The world must speak out loud and clear that this is barbaric. This is about HUMAN RIGHTS. Today it’s gay people ……tomorrow…..which group will be picked on. The old as they contribute little!

    Why is the press not full of this…why?

  22. Master Adrian 16 Jan 2014, 11:30pm

    The only solution to this immense problem is to ban Nigerian officials and authorities from all international gatherings, including but not limited to United Nations meetings!

    And to ban them from every social, cultural, sports and other events, like the world did with South Africa when it was still supporting Apartheid!

    Regardless of the country being islam orientated or not, regardless of it being under sharia law or not, exclusion of people based on their sexual orientation is unacceptable, and will not be accepted!
    I for one will boycott every gathering involving Nigerians as of immediately, and I call upon everyone who has a public function to do the same! As well as calling upon everyone who attends meetings that involve Nigerians!

    I call upon city councils to give no permits for gatherings involving Nigerians, unless the organization organizing the gathering publicly makes a statement that it is opposed to the anti-gay law in Nigeria!

  23. Derek Williams 17 Jan 2014, 1:21am

    They can get away with this because a minority of only 5-10% of the population can never rise up in revolt at such mistreatment (and therefore are not and never have been the remotest threat to anyone).

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