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Arizona official introduces bill to allow religious people ‘licence to discriminate’ against gay people

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Reader comments

  1. Bigotry no less.

  2. The land of the free and the home of the brave? False advertising

  3. What a joke, superstition trumps everything apparently:-) 1420 or 2014?

  4. Paul Brownsey 16 Jan 2014, 9:26pm

    Wouldn’t a good journalist have treated readers to some indication of whether there is any support for the bill or whether it doesn’t stand a chance of becoming law?

    1. It is another of a string of nuisance bills that have as much a chance of passing as a pig sprouting wings and becoming airborne. Another such bill came up for vote, in Louisiana, forwarded by another such Bible beater and one of our trans sisters came to the meeting and repeated his biblical verse about men sleeping with men and the required death penalty for it, then placed a goodly, fist sized stone on the table, telling him that she brought him the first one if he had the conviction to make good on his religious beliefs. Needless to say, he withdrew his support for it.

      We are not the gays of the 1950s who would quake in fear at the first sign of disapproval from the straight population. We are men, and as men, we will do battle for the constitutional rights of all our brothers and sisters.

  5. David Jordan 16 Jan 2014, 9:27pm

    Wouldn’t that bill violate the 14th amendment?

  6. Dimitris T 16 Jan 2014, 9:34pm

    I beg your pardon, can a law permit what the constitution forbids?

    My dear friends I take the opportunity to post a hideous court decision in Greece, where I write from. Conviction of “geron pastistios” blogger on blasphemy, in Greece.
    This is the country that is currently presiding EU, isn’t it?

  7. Colin (Queenstown/London) 16 Jan 2014, 9:51pm

    We really must make a decision on this planet to separate the state and religion. It is holding this planet back.

    They live in lala land.

  8. The bill is actually an admission that religion is dangerously abusive, exclusive and not for the common good.

    1. That There Other David 16 Jan 2014, 11:12pm

      Completely. These pieces provide snapshots of the true legacy of Abraham, Moses, Ezekiel, Jesus, Mohammed etc. The three majors are all about hate and punishment, dressed up in a sham of positivity. A nasty imaginary desert god shaped in the image of vile little men desiring control whatever the cost to the people around them.

      No more. They’ve had their day. Now let’s have the grown ups have a say.

  9. What about a licence to discriminate against people of another race? After all, some Christians used the ‘mark of Cain’ to advocate slavery.

  10. Derek Willias 17 Jan 2014, 12:52am

    And whqt about all the pro-LGBT Christian religions?

  11. Derek Williams 17 Jan 2014, 12:54am

    And what of all the pro-LGT Christian religions?

    1. Deluded obviously just as they all are but they don’t choose to target gays for special discriminatory treatment..
      Are there actually some Christians religions that positively support LGBT’s?
      While there may be individual churches that do, I’m not sure about religions that do.

      1. The Quakers do, don’t they?

      2. The Unitarian Universalists, The United Church of Christ, The Episcopal Church USA and The Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism are four that come to my mind immediately – they all support equal rights, including marraige equality for members of the LGBT community.

  12. How about we start a ‘gay religion’ and then we can discriminate against him (and his supporters) because their ‘religion’ is different from ours!

    I wonder how black and coloured people might feel about this, or women and doesn’t it potentially allow the reintroduction of slavery? And how does he feel about Muslim law any other religions than his own?

  13. Right, OK, so in this loony state called Arizona if you are mentally ill, suffering from religious delusions, if you imagine that supernatural beings actually exist, then it’s OK, you are officially granted license by the State of Arizona to discriminate against homosexual people!

    What will this loony State of Arizona sanction the mentally ill to do next, I wonder! Discriminate against “adulterers”?
    Discriminate against people known to have eaten fat?
    Discriminate against people who have touched an “unclean animal”?
    Discriminate against people whose hair is considered “unkempt”?
    Discriminate against people who eating any seafood without fins or scales?
    Discriminate against men who have sex with women during their periods?
    Discriminate against people who mix fabrics in clothing, and so on?

    All these are forbidden in strict Christianity! And the Muslims and the Jews and the Sikhs and the Hindus, and so forth, can add even more!

  14. The State of Arizona should really be introducing a bill that legally requires all people suffering from any form of religious delusion to seek immediate psychiatric help and treatment.

  15. Have we time-slipped back to the 1400s? What is the matter with these people? Religious ‘belief’ can NEVER be allowed to be a licence to discriminate, otherwise we could all become ‘religious’ simply to justify any particular bigotry we may hold. A racist would have a field day. Keep religion where it belongs – in the mind.

  16. This chancer is playing to the Christian Dominionist whacko gallery. I can just see him being delighted at Muslim fundamentalists appealing to such a law for the right to kill apostates or Aztecs for the right to practice human sacrifice. Not.

  17. So basically GLBT people will have equality in name only!

  18. Does this idiot not also realize this same form of religious discrimination can be turned around and used against him and all the religious nuts that plan on using it against us!? Come on man! Think! Discrimination and bigotry only winds up biting you in the butt in the end! So just learn to live and let live…

  19. Proof that religion sucks and blows.

  20. There should be another bill filed in response to this, demanding that any publicly paid representative expressing views which directly attack members of their own society based on any religious ideals should be removed from office immediately, as they are deemed unfit to represent ALL of the people adequately.

    It’s really quite simple, any politician who fights against equality laws should not be in government, because they are incapable of doing their job and serving their ENTIRE public. These people have a bias and an intolerance to sections of society, just like racists. We would not accept a KKK member as a politician, and these religious nutters should not be acceptable either.

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