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US State Department issues travel warning about Russian anti-gay law ahead of Sochi

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Reader comments

  1. I hope civilised people stay away in droves from Sochi.

    1. I agree, I also hope that not only do the stay away, but that they turn off! Every countryman in their heart will support their athletes. I am sure the athletes know this! but if people can’t boycott the games in person they still have the discretion to boycott them in media. Low attendance, poor viewer ratings a complete boycott of corporations/products during (and hopefully after) which hurt the bottom line of companies too greedy to abstain from participation. Only if it is an all encompassing global effort to show these games and shame the Olympic committee will history record why they were a sham, a failure, and Putin deservedly disgraced.

      1. Absolutely, I don’t know how Sochi will deal with the herd of elephants in the room, I think it will be a sullen event, there is too much of an uncomfortable air of heaviness hanging about the whole thing that won’t be so easily vanished by any amount of spectacle.

  2. These olympics are really going to be a joke. A very bad one. Sad.

  3. Colin (Queenstown/London) 15 Jan 2014, 7:26pm

    Is’nt this so sad.

    I so hate religion of all kinds for it’s bigoted blindness. Some simple books written 1000 years ago for a simpler society to stop killing and stealing have been perverted. Humans are sheep. I have no idea why people need to hand their lives to others, religion, kings and queens etc.

    This planet would be a better place if people took control of their own lives.

  4. The US Corporations are ignoring the gay community and will continue to. So, somebody better come up with a plan B, after the Olympics, expose these Corporations for a very long time.

    What is Really scary, is the state department also issues press like this, to avoid legal claims against the US government, for not warning of a known danger.

    1. If something really public happens at Sochi, then I think a social media campaign against those corporations will work wonders. We just need to wait to see who is arrested, what the response is, and then be ready to remind everyone that Coca Cola and others were warned repeatedly about their support for this homophobic event.

      Of course, the sad thing is that many who read about all this still don’t bother to boycott.

  5. I like the part warning about protests becoming violent unexpectedly, that’s possibly a nod to the use of agents in a peaceful crowd causing violence to justify a heavy-handed police crackdown, something various states in the US have been proven guilty of numerous times.

    Protests at Sochi will be refused, and those that are not will probably be too small to notice. If any larger protest occurs the police response will inevitably be violent.

    Lets not forget the American corporations sponsoring this fiasco. When the games are over and the extremist nationalism ramps up in Russia, we should all remember exactly who supported these games.

    It’s time to kick Coca Cola in the nads, real hard.

    1. I agree, I also suspect when these games conclude and athletes return home we will start to hear truths kept from us during the games. Security is going to be tight especially in light of recent events. Is any one going to be surprised to hear that athletes had no freedom to socialize, congregate or explore the Olympic village? were marshaled around under guard or felt they were in lock down unless competing?
      If this happens… I am sure it will all be explained away as security (which is important). In reality it also was planned this way to censor media, prevent protest or their being observed. One wonders how many athletes will compare participation in these games to life in a concentration camp.

      Maybe I paint a bleak picture… but Putin is going to leave nothing to chance!

  6. it is interesting to hear today as this press release is made, several web sites and interviews reveal ATA are reporting anticipated travel stats for travel to the Olympics are short on expectation/prediction compared to games of the past.
    On one hand they are trying to reassure travelers adequate security is in place and prevent cancellations. On the other they attribute discouragement to it also blame political climate, cost, distance, remote location not being as desirable compared to historic cities.
    Yet other reports have said there are great deals! perhaps to fill seats and boost occupancies. etc etc. What ever the reasons, it’s beginning to appear that the 2014 games are falling short of travel and hospitality expectation.

  7. CH Brighton 16 Jan 2014, 8:55am

    The Vice video shows Russia looking like Germany in 1933.

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