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US: Judge throws out Oklahoma same-sex marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. This is GREAT! Oklahoma is the most homophobic state filled with lots of Christian hypocrites/bigots; so it couldn’t happen to a better state!

    1. Sadly that is true… I grew up there and they ae not very open to new ideas. Hopefully this will change in the future.

    2. I can only chuckle with laughter as to the reaction of the homophobes and biphobes when a state such as Alabama or Arkansas follows the lead of the more liberal states. Their world will REALLY fall apart then!

    3. As to homophobia, Oklahoma is probably THE most homophobic of them all. Now on a serious note I believe 7 US DIstrict Courts and 2 Circuit Courts of Appeal have all found ‘no rational basis’ for marital discrimination. ZERO courts have found any basis. The arguments Utah and Oklahoma have trotted out have been utterly demolished — all these judges are saying “the law is completely clear, it’s rubbish t o discriminate because there is no legitimate objective other than discrimination to be achieved.” (I read all the court opinions.) It will not be long before the Supreme Court has to rule, and Scalia aside I firmly believe the right decision will be issued. (What’s really fun is how all the opinions actually quote Scalia’s rant that the recent decision from New York along with Lawrence v Texas mean that there is no way to discriminate…they agree with him!)

  2. PeterinSydney 15 Jan 2014, 8:58am

    What great news after Utah. There will be an ongoing rush of these decisions I bet. Old Scalia will choking on his cigar I bet.

    But still Abbott and his mad men in Australia continue to follow the medieval line and refuse citizens their rights. O Lord deliver us from Abbottocracy.

  3. Little-by-little, religious homophobia is being challenged and defeated. Without religiously-inspired anti-gay sentiment, civilized people really could not give a monkey’s and there would be no ‘taboo’. So, one has to ask, ‘What drives the obsession some people have with gay sex?’ And don’t give me any cr*p about ‘religious belief’. People of ‘faith’ ignore all kinds of other biblical so-called sins. Why do they fixate on the anti-gay bits? Unless, of course, they have internal issues about their own same-sex attractions and simply use that old novel to reinforce their self-hatred …?

    1. Yes, that is the case for about 80% plus of them. The vast majority of homophobes and biphobes are struggling to come to accept their own same-sex attractions and therefore have to project their own self-hatred onto others who are similar to them (ie other homosexuals/bisexuals).

      On Stormfront Britain, there are two people I suspect are afflicted with this. One of them is a Scottish NF supporter called Taysider (though he is 76 years old so some of his extreme homophobic and biphobic attitudes may be because of living in a less tolerant era) and another called The Provands Lordships who is around 50 years old. I seriously suspect he is a self-hating homosexual or bisexual as his homophobia/biphobia is so extreme I can’t for one minute believe he is a truely straight man as even straight men with these attitudes aren’t that totally off-the-wall in their extremism on this subject.

      You should go over there and see their reactions to ‘debates’ on this issue. Self-hate is so sad!

    2. Religion is all about control of others. It’s like a pyramid of dictatorship, the big boss gets to control those beneath them with fire and brimstone nonsense, then their group gets to feel superior to others outside of their “gang” by choosing something to attack them with.

      It’s a method of unifying a cult, the same thing is used by all cults all around the world. They attempt to leave the majority of outsiders open to “conversion”, but need to pick groups to target in order to maintain their belief in being “superior”.

      It’s all about giving people a sensation of being more important and more powerful than others in society, giving them permission to attack others to make them feel more “worthy” as Humans.

      They really are the weakest people, because they require validation in everything they do. They cannot survive on their own and feel weak and powerless without their cult giving them this sense of superiority.

  4. Utah, and now Oklahoma. Wow, if even the notoriously homophobic, conservative states are finding gay marriage bans unconstitutional, you know things have indeed changed for the better. I think sooner rather than later, equal marriage will be a right that all LGBT Americans can experience. Especially now that they’ve been pushed into evaluating the Utah case and the Oklahoma case, and soon, the Virginia case will come up, too.
    I can’t wait to see the uproar of the bigoted religious right.

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