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Ofcom: Evander Holyfield’s anti-gay remarks cause most complaints for series so far

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  1. Hmmm, they are ALWAYS sorry after they have made these horrible remarks. Yes…..sorry they were overheard and their homophobia made public. Not sorry for the hurt they may have caused many people. Ignorant lout!

  2. Again, this is a reality TV show.

    It’s interesting that people watch this for the reality of it, then complain that reality doesn’t suit their beliefs.

    It’s like complaining to Ofcom that the latest wildlife documentary featured a Lion killing a Gazelle. Those watching it and feeling offended should probably not be watching it, they don’t seem to understand the purpose of the show.

  3. Good – prosecute him for ‘public act of hatred and bigotry’ – ignorant brain damaged moron!

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