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UK Government: Nigeria’s anti-gay law infringes upon fundamental human rights

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Reader comments

  1. CH Brighton 14 Jan 2014, 1:42pm

    While the UK government is to be lauded on raising this issue, how will it look in future if the same government removed the UK from the European legal structure on human rights? No doubt countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Russia etc will say the UK has provided them with a legitimate role model to opt out on human rights.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2014, 2:23pm

      An interesting point although I very much doubt if it’s occurred to the government or the consequences, one of many, if we pull out of the EU.

      1. The ECHR is nothing to do with the EU.

        1. The conservatives/ukip want to withdraw from everything European, regardless of feasibility or consequence. They probably know better but for the sake of votes they aren’t saying so, it all suits their “ruled from Brussels” narrative to think that the ECHR and EU are the exact same thing.

  2. uk’s government generic response to nigeria’s abuse of human rights is just pathetic

  3. would have been a bit more compelling had they not colluded with putin over the better together farce…

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