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Study: Gay couples more likely to be happy and positive than straight couples

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Reader comments

  1. LGBQ…. Removing the T, leaving the B, adding a Q… Wouldn’t it have been easier to just say ‘people in same-sex relationships’?

    1. James Campbell 14 Jan 2014, 6:15pm

      Ditto – I wish we could do away with the acronym altogether in some contexts.

    2. Oh God, you’d get all the gender studies trans* activist Twitter mob over-excited if you did that

  2. thats why we’re called gay after all :)

  3. Personally for me, I don’t think it matters what your Identification is. I don’t think something like sexuality matters. I think realistically it’s down to the partner you are with. Someone who makes you feel complete. Someone that loves you unconditionally, shares the same/similar interests but also doesn’t have to spend 24/7 with you. I think it’s all about the dynamic of the couple. Obviously I am no expert. I just go by what I see. sometimes we find the love of our lives and we spend a lifetime with them. Other times things sour as the years go by and what was once perfect for us, is now longer so.

  4. In many aspects I am not so sure whether there is a great difference between different and same sex relationships i,e., some are good and some not so good matching of couples.

    That said, I think what became visible through the marriage equity debate was that within the gay community there are some great relationships that have endured the test of time. This disrupted the common myth that has been entrenched that same sex relationships don’t last.

    One of the biggest differences that I do see about the context of same/different sex relationships is that histor9cally amesex relationship have come about very much against all odds. The relationships had to be strong and self sustaining as there was not wide societal support for them. Samesex couples therefore often stayed together because they very much wanted to be with the other person rather than any type of societal status or kudos enjoyed from being in a relationship

  5. They should break out the number of each gender interviewed and publish that data. My guess is that lesbian relationships helped skew the survey towards happy, especially because they are the mothers. I wonder if gay male couples are as happy as lesbian couples?

    1. We just celebrated 13 years together and 5 years of marriage coming up in May, and we couldn’t be happier and more in love. Most of the gay male couples I know seem like very happy couples. I also seem to know almost ONLY gay and lesbian people in long-term relationships, very few singles.

      So yeah, I’d be tempted to believe that male couples are certainly as happy as female couples.

      1. Paul Brownsey 15 Jan 2014, 10:57am

        A straight friend of mine says: gay men want to be happy, gay women want to be right.

    2. floridahank 15 Jan 2014, 7:08pm

      I agree. A survey like this is next to meaningless unless you show specific numbers for all categories. I believe the people of this survey simply wanted to get some publicity and exposure but in the scientific world it is a waste of time and money and doesn’t show anything meaningful. If you’re going to do a study, do it right. Even s sophomore in psychology and statistics would laugh at this study.

  6. We ain’t called GAY for nothing :)

  7. After 56 years with the same person, I’ll agree with that.

    1. James Campbell 14 Jan 2014, 6:21pm

      Ah yes, “another homosexual who serves to illustrate that they are unable to form a long-term relationship” :) Many congratulations Jordy, you are an example to all those strife-torn heterosexual couples out thare that gay relationships DO last! (I hope my brother’s forthcoming same sex marriage is as successful..

    2. Michael2912 14 Jan 2014, 9:57pm

      Fabulous. Congratulations to you both.

    3. Only 49 years for us – trailing way behind you Jordy…

  8. Vaguely interesting research, but ultimately somewhat pointless because you can’t really do very much with the results. For example you can’t say ‘Choose to be gay because you’ll be happier !’

    I hope that no taxpayers’ money was wasted on this.

    1. No, but perhaps it can help rebut the often-heard accusations from those who wish us ill that gay relationships are shallow/ephemeral/doomed/unnatural etc etc etc.

    2. James Campbell 14 Jan 2014, 6:24pm

      On the contrary. The more we know about same sex marriage the more it may tell us about heterosexual marriage and why increasingly, the latter relationship breaks down.

  9. well DUH! and have more income to keep the economy goin….have better fashion/interior sense…and over all TOLERATE ALOT MORE than most!

  10. I think sexual identity is very important in this research. These are my opinions:
    There is far less pressure on gay couples to stay together (we have heterosexism to thank for that) so those who do, are genuinely in love therefore happier.
    I think (assume really) that gay people are more financially independant especially if they do not have kids – both can work full time & climb the ladder. This leads to far more of a equal relationship therefore happier.
    But the feminist in me is wary of the ‘mothers are the happiest of all’ statement. It contradicts the findings that childless couples are the happiest (somewhat). Also I think (based on my experiences as a woman) women are conditioned to believe that children fulfill them. We are bombarded with that message from birth so even if women aren’t happier or fulfilled, I doubt they would admit it. BTW I’m a lesbian & a mother.

  11. Michael2912 14 Jan 2014, 9:52pm

    I knew that – and all credit to us.

    Given that we don’t (or didn’t until very recently) have the social buttressing that our heterosexual brothers and sisters do it’s a wonder that our relationships survive let alone flourish so richly. If any was needed this is vindication indeed.

    Here’s to our next 25 years Gary.

  12. This headline sounds really crude and simplistic. Any decent survey of this type would have to conclude that ‘Gay couples are every bit as complicated, irrational, trustworthy and industrious as straight couples.’ Admittedly, many straight couples (I’m guessing here) are pushed together by huge waves of approval from friends and family, whereas gay couples might rely on their personal moral code to build the partnership.

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