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Semi-professional UK footballer Liam Davis comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. All good wishes to Liam and Neil.

  2. Officer Dribble 14 Jan 2014, 8:20pm

    Memo to all pro footballer – at some point a currently playing pro footballer will come out – the doors are gently opening. When it finally happens, try not to be jerks eh?

    1. I have a feeling that the atmosphere in dressing rooms is still not as tolerant as it should be but once one person comes out that will hopefully start a mini ‘flood’ and the atmosphere will markedly improve.

    2. I think it’s a little useless to make such wishful hopes, we’re still dealing with racism in English football in 2014, while every other UK sport moved on from this thirty years ago, or more.

      When it comes to sport in the UK, football is still so immature, with boys who think they’re men. When I compare it to Rugby, the difference in culture and attitude is clear.

      I mean, come on, most of us saw Sep Blatter and his fellow bigots chuckling like little schoolgirls when they were asked about homophobia at a news conference. These are the children running the organization, how can we expect the culture to change when the leadership of that sub-culture acts like giggling little girls?

      1. Officer Dribble 15 Jan 2014, 9:35pm


        I understand what you mean. It’s not going to be all champagne and roses for the first few openly gay professional players. But I’d argue that the comparison to racism in football actually proves how attitudes can change.

        I remember the atmosphere and chants in the terraces in the 70s. It’s a world away from where we are now. I mean, could you imagine monkey chants and banana skins now?

  3. Midnighter 14 Jan 2014, 8:34pm

    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they, they are a-changin’

  4. That There Other David 14 Jan 2014, 8:37pm

    We played this team a couple of weekends back (I say “we”, but really it was my club’s team, I fall over just watching). He was good, even though the result went completely our way. I hope he climbs the leagues.

    We’ll done on his coming out too.

  5. In many ways I guess it’s more difficult for a semi professional to come out than a star at a major club. The grounds are very small and you can hear what individuals in the crowd are shouting. Well done on leading the way!

    1. And it’s a greater threat to any potential future career too. He is incredibly brave for making this move now.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2014, 9:50pm

    Well done, Liam! The ball is definitely rolling, excuse the pun.

  7. Good for him for being honest with himself, his family, his friends and his fellow footballers. Hopefully, 2014 WILL be the year a professional footballer in one of the top leagues comes out whilst still playing. It will be particularly significant if that footballer is one in the Premiership. Once that happens, and starts the ball rolling for others the remaining homophobes and biphobes in our society will have few refuges to seek comfort in. They will be shocked to discover that gays and bisexuals are to be found in ALL occupations in our society even the most ‘macho’ ones!

  8. Liam actually came out four years ago, although he only felt able to talk fully about being a gay footballer after joining Gainsborough Trinity last summer. The Lincolnshire Echo believed now was a good time to do the article with Liam, following Thomas Hitzlsperger’s coming out.

  9. Here comes the flood… (I hope!)

    1. Are you referring to the biblical flood?
      If you believe that fantasy then I’ll help explain to you that God won’t end the world in a flood and create magical rainbows to remember that attack but he will throw this planet into the sun because I’ve heard he likes big fireworks.

  10. These footballers proudly coming out of the closet are the best blow to the homophobic Muslim hordes who want to take over Europe. Muslims only understand force (rather than logic) and at least this makes them realize they have an enormous fight on their hands if they plan to shariah-up the rest of the world.

    1. That There Other David 15 Jan 2014, 10:54am

      Homophobia in the UK is down to Muslim hordes wanting to take over Europe eh? You don’t get out much do you?

      1. Of course, the scourge of homophobia and biphobia isn’t just found within muslim communities but there can be little doubt that it does exist amongst them and can be particularly virulent if not murderous in its intent. If they ever become a majority in Britain (a prospect which is not as fanciful as it may seem) then gays and bisexuals will be amongst the first groups they will victimise as shown in numerous muslim countries around the world.

        1. …become a majority in Britain (a prospect which is not as fanciful as it may seem)

          Really? Currently at 4.8%, you really believe that?

          1. Yes, I do. Their numbers are growing constantly both through continuous mass immigration which never stops (despite fake Tory promises to ‘control’ it) and a very high birth rate and the white population not breeding enough to maintain its population share and also there is significant white emigration. Some time in the future that will have a dramatic result. France is already up to a 10% muslim population which is the approximate level muslims start demanding unreasonable demands of their hosts and generally creating trouble.

          2. Yes, I do. The muslim population of Britain is being continually reinforced by not just continual mass immigration despite fake Tory promises of ‘controlling’ it but also by a high birth rate whilst the white population is failing to maintain a birth rate sufficient to replicate itself and also by significant white emigration. At some point in the future this scenario will have a dramatic effect. France is already up to a 10% muslim population and it is at that point that they start demanding unreasonable demands from the host population and creating trouble. This is what happens in every country with around 10% plus muslims.

        2. That’s what the gays (with secret self-hating death wishes) are turning a blind eye to. THOSE gays won’t take me down with them without a fight.

    2. MJ, even as a transatlantic observer if you seriously believe a semi-professional footballer coming out is the “best blow” against the “Muslim hordes” you so fear from afar, I think it’s clear you’re the one that doesn’t understand logic.

      (It would, of course, be too much to expect that you would consider your ignorant racism and Islamophobia out of place in a discussion about a footballer.)

      1. I understand Muslims (at least from the ones I’ve known) only understand that Might=Right and that gays-must-die. And I’m not surrendering gay culture, lives, nor civilization to your kind. Indians and Hindus have been great newcomers to the UK. Muslims…….wait and see (though I’d give anything to be wrong on that).

        1. MJ, since you don’t live in the UK and your perceptions appear to be entirely made up of inaccurate assumptions (“your kind”?), stereotypes and generalisations (you are aware that India has the 3rd biggest Muslim population in the world, aren’t you?), do you really not think it might be wiser to keep your hysterical phobias to yourself? Do they really not strike you as out of place in a discussion about a footballer?

    3. I’m more concerned about the real Christian “hordes” already here who want to class us all as second class citizens than I am about an imaginary “Islamic invasion” so many ignoramuses seem to be so terrified of.

      The random Islamic radical in Luton has no power, while the Christian opinion is regularly presented on the BBC and in government. I know which of these is LOGICALLY a greater threat to my freedom.

      1. Surely the truth is they are BOTH a threat? One is in the present and one is in the future. Religiously-inspired homophobia and biphobia can come from many different religions. I do think that Christian homophobia and biphobia is slowly starting to die out. The younger generations are more secular in general and have less respect for Christians who espouse homophobia/biphobia. In short, they are more questioning of religion with respect to this.

        1. These oldy fogey gays only want Christians to be the threat. They go back to when they only knew Christians as homophobes, so they can’t accept other religions being even worse. They can’t accept that young white people just…..changed. That’s how inflexible the gay brains are. But to what you’re predicting: let’s hope the future has enough sensible mostly-white UK (and European-born) to not only hold the more irksome elements of Christianity in its place but the even more dangerous elements of Islam.

          1. young white people just…..changed

            As in Russia, for example? Or perhaps, in your fevered mind, Putin and the Orthodox patriarchs are really Africans or, better still, Muslims in disguise? (Maybe that’s how your non-“gay brain” works.)

            Talk about blinkered …!

      2. No you’re not concerned with that at all. You’re lying to be politically correct. You know almost the entirety of white UK citizens under 30 are all for gay rights. Now poll Muslims under 30.

        1. I agree mostly but my cut-off point for homophobic prejudice would be the age of 45 (biphobia is a different matter unfortunately as there is still a lot of misunderstanding of the concept that humans can be bisexual). I really do think that most people 45 years of age or younger have no problem with gay rights and with only a little opposition to the final gay reform ie gay marriage but as soon as people are 45 or older then the homophobes become much larger in number. It’s definitely a generational matter on the whole.

  11. Maybe the FA can ensure they support this guy instead of doing FA

  12. Well done, Liam Davis! Let’s hope the EVERYBODY supports him and encourages him.

  13. Well done, Liam Davis – it always takes someone to start things off, let’s hope it encourages others to come out or publicly indicate their support.

  14. Congratulations it must have took him a lot of time to think about this massive thing to tell the world. Really it should not be a drama and Liam should not have to tell anyone about himself but due to the problems the world have with gays we still have to make these massive statements, I hope he has a lot of support around him and I wish him all the best ,

  15. Good God Almighty*, the Telegraph (!!!) has come out, as it were, with an article on Liam Davis!

    * I say that as an irreligious, non-denominational kind of exclamation.

  16. While not top flight football. The local And national publicity can only be positive and help a lot of young lads come to terms with their own sexuality and be open about it. So well done for allowing the publicity. Also if your in Cleethorpes it’s worth visiting his cafe for a coffee or more – do it for solidarity if nothing else. He does make a good cup.

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