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Poll: Utah residents evenly split on same-sex marriage but strongly support civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. Bobbleobble 14 Jan 2014, 11:42pm

    A judge in Oklahoma just declared their ban unconstitutional too. Unlike Utah though the decision has immediately been stayed and it remains to be seen what happens next.

  2. So, basically they are saying we support you and tolerate you as long as we can look down on you as second best and not worthy of the full recognition of marriage.

  3. These people are so completely brainwashed by religious belief, they seem incapable of understanding the basic concept of EQUALITY. What is so difficult to grasp about that? Gay people do not want one form of marriage for themselves and another for heterosexuals. If state-sanctioned partnerships are ‘different’ gay people are second-class citizens. Geddit?

  4. We had this reported locally in the Salt Lake Tribune, and what we found uplifting was that a third of Utah Mormons support same-sex marriage – we’d never seen support that high before. All of Utah is gradually changing, and we are thankful for this. We wish it could progress faster.

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