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Nigeria: Dozens of gay men already arrested before ‘jail the gays’ law officially enacted

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Reader comments

  1. In that case I urge the UK authorities to arrest a nigerian heterosexual for every gay nigerian arrested – lets infringe their basic human rights and ‘Jail the Nigerians’ –

    See, when you simply change the type of human the whole issue becomes as barbaric & and inhuman as you’d expect

    1. I completely agree, except that we’re not savages and barbarians. However, close their embassy, expel Nigerian diplomats, implement a travel ban for government ministers and diplomats, and cut off aid immediately. This requires a massive and immediate response. How the government responds, and what actions it takes will determine whether it has any moral credibility or not. The EU should make it clear that they are ready to accept asylum cases, but that won’t help people who can’t leave – it won’t be enough to imagine all the people who are gay could leave, that’s just not an option.

  2. Coming soon to Russia.

    And here we are, with a government so weak it can’t even make a decent statement on the systematic abuses of countries it deals with. It’s disgusting that Cameron has done so little about this.

    Why is it that when these things happen in relation to religion, race, gender or political affiliation there is international outrage and the UN has a meeting to discuss action to take, but when it’s gay people being beaten, raped, abused, tortured and imprisoned almost everyone looks the other way.

    This is institutional homophobia on an international level.

  3. Danny Boyd 14 Jan 2014, 5:59pm

    It’s time to organise boycotts of those companies that invest in these countries. They’ll soon get the governments to change when they start losing money.

    1. Excellent idea. Cut aid immediately, but yes let’s target those companies which invest there. I don’t know what they export – what can we target.

      1. Shell oil

  4. Congratulations to Nigerian gays on their eligibility for asylum in all first-world countries. What other Nigerians can only dream of, you got it!

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