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Labour MP: Government wrong to say banning gay ‘cure’ therapy could affect pro-gay counselling

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2014, 5:17pm

    So, Dr. Poulter just what are those ramifications for psychotherapists already supporting gay clients to accept who they are? I knew there would be Tory resistance to this because of not wanting to offend the religious nutters.

  2. This practice is harmful and it should be banned and properly regulated I fully agree with the Labour MP on this one, Tory bowing down to the religious right again as always.

    Labour need to make this official party policy next year along with tackling homophobia in schools pledge it for the next General Election because this pathetic government haven`t done nothing to address homophobia at all in-fact since this government have been in power the religious right have had a field day with sprouting out their bile even more.

  3. What utter bullsh*t!
    It’s clear to any sane person what “conversion” and “aversion” therapy is, and it’s dangerous. It’s nothing at all like accepted counseling methods.

    Dr. Poulter is using nonsense to justify inaction. The man is an idiot if he thinks people are buying his excuse, anyone with even the slightest intelligence can see through his rubbish.

    The man is attempting to prevent improvements to mental health in this regard by deliberately lying, probably influenced by his religious extremist friends. I wonder who he has dinner with and who has offered him lucrative roles in “charities” and companies after his involvement in government is up?

    All of these things should be open to public scrutiny, because we all know plenty of politicians are bought-off in this way. Do someone a favor now, and when you retire you’re made a notable senior individual in a corporation or group on a 6 figure salary for turning up once a month.

    What a disgusting man.

    1. Fully agree with you there, but mind you the Tories have never really had a good past record when it comes to LGBT Rights or Women`s Rights for that matter, they think because they legalised Same-sex Marriage that equality is complete its not complete in the slightest, Homophobia is still rife in many areas across the UK anti-gay bullying in schools is endemic and workplace harassment is still too high for LGBT workers, the use of homophobic language & insults in our society are still rife especially among straight men and they still go unchallenged, straight men with their straight male privilege don`t care about gay rights they`re never vocal about their support and never speak out against acts of homophobia its not acceptable in 2014 and as long as these attitudes persist our fight continues.

  4. I don’t know am stuck in a barrel. I need some help my family ties are concentrated in hatred. I lost my mum & now fear losing my father. I just want love and security and I’m not getting it. I’m stuck, am seriously considering this therapy I hate all this nastiness. I wake up everyday wanting to die, I do not know what to do. Maybe if I could be straight would this help me. Seriously I need to talk to somebody but I don’t know who or what to go to. Am too old now for any counselling and nobody takes me seriously, I just want to die. If this is a way out, why not try, to be honest am just confused…. I do not know what to say or do. People either ignore or ridicule me this or the end maybe best for me. I just want people in my family to love. I’m contemplating anything even this, what to do? Because I have nothing live for – they all hate me…………

    1. You need to get in-touch with someone such as Stonewall who will able to offer you advice presuming you are genuine with your post then check these links and make contact or LGF

      You cannot help your sexual attraction and you should not be forced to live a lie by adopting the patriarchal gender roles because its not your fault.

      Suicide is not the answer either because life is precious why should you have to end your life because of someone else`s ignorance?

      Get help and advice and if that means rebuilding your life without some family members in it then by all means do so, they may come around eventually who knows but don`t let it ruin your life and stay strong.

      1. Thank You Ciaran, thank you <3 It is very much appreciated :'( At least someone cares…..

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 14 Jan 2014, 8:11pm

    I smell the religious nuts involvement and a government that does not care. It’s not important to them.

  6. The Tories will be out of power in May 2015, after that Labour can implement a ban. But I won’t vote Labour unless they UP their game. This is to include total equality in private survivor pension benefits for those in Civil Partnerships and same-sex couples who get married. There’s also legislation needed to sort out issues for transgender individuals and couples. If Labour aren’t going to do those things, they will not get my vote – the Greens or LibDems will instead.

  7. I think banning gay conversion therapy would just drive it underground. It will still happen.
    Better to have counselling provided by a pseudo-professional than a back street exorcist.

    Perhaps a solution should be that anyone being seen for any sexuality-related counselling needs to be read a statement with a health warning about conversion therapy.

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