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Tom Daley inspires Brazilian diver to come out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. sorry Im getting bored with Tom daly stories now

    1. On the contrary, Tom Daley’s preparedness to talk, unprompted, about his own situation may well give others in similar situations the confidence to speak.
      Indeed who knows at present, whether history might see Tom’s openness as a tipping-point

    2. @lee It’s a shame you aren’t getting bored of leaving dreary, negative comments.

    3. If these stories bore you then don’t read them. There are many that like these stories and like Tom Daley so you ignore them and let us enjoy reading them

  2. Well done, you, Ian Matos! You have set another splendid example! May many more follow! Particularly in the world of football!

  3. Good news. What we want is so many that it stops becoming news. About the only thing I agree with Daily Mail readers on is when they say who cares? We do care, we care a lot, and it is really important *for now* to have these stories. But I really, really hope that soon genuinely no one will care. That is what true equality looks like

  4. September 2013
    He (Tom Daley) also revealed he would love to have a girlfriend, but is currently single.

    “I wish I had time to meet a girl. I thought after the Olympics I would have loads more time but that hasn’t been the case… I have never had a serious relationship. It has never worked with diving.”

    But contrary to this affirmation that he is indeed heterosexual Tom did find the time and started dating someone.

    December 2013
    Tom Daley announces he is in a same sex relationship.

    So Tom doesn’t have the time to date or be in a relationship with a girl but does have the time to date and be in a relationship with a man.

    I wonder if this is why so many people do not believe in bisexuality…Food for thought, isn’t it guys.

    1. Oh, do get off Tom’s case.
      It’s difficult enough for any of us on the threshold of the responsibilities of adulthood, let alone when one’s public life – and these days inevitably one’s private life as well – is scrutinised by the eyes of millions.

    2. One of the things he said in his YouTube message was that he was annoyed by some misreporting by the press of what he had said in September. It is one of the reasons he decided to come out the way he did, so he could totally control what was said and how it was presented.

      So, in short, no affirmation was made by him that he was heterosexual and probably much of the rest of the ‘quote’ was fabricated by someone working for whichever cheap rag printed it.

    3. No, it’s not food for thought. It’s just a silly comment from a bitter old turd with no understanding of the complexities and pressures of coming out in the public eye.

  5. Christopher Coleman 13 Jan 2014, 4:15pm

    All of us would like coming out not to matter any more. However, that may happen only in some distant future time. The daily news from Eastern Europe, Africa and many Asian countries shows that universal acceptance of LGBT people is not going to happen any time soon. Prejudice is the West continues to exist to a greater degree than one wants to admit, with physical assaults on gays being not that unusual, as another Pink News story illustrates. In the USA, the feeling expressed against equal marriage is very high in most states and continues to be expressed even in states with laws that respect gay rights, while every jackass and jillass politician, radio host and religious minister feel very comfortable making vicious verbal attacks on gays whenever the fancy takes them. So, one must applaud individuals in the public eye who are brave enough to come out and we must continue to hear about them.

  6. Colin (Queenstown/London) 13 Jan 2014, 6:50pm

    Fantastic news. Congratulations Mr Matos. Live well, be yourself and find happiness. Every success young man and I really hope those at home respond well. You are another model to young people. Sadly coming out is still hard for many.

  7. I hope Tom Daley and the rest that will follow inspire many more people to be themselves. :-)

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