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Stonewall launches ‘One is gay. Does that bother people?’ campaign

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Reader comments

  1. From their website it looks like Stonewall have done three designs, two of two men with “gay” caption and body text and one of a man and a woman with “bisexual” caption but “gay” body text.

    It could have been more striking to also have some two women editions, and maybe to have had that body text reflect how lesbians are less likely to feel they can be out at work than gay men, and bisexuals even less so again.

    1. As well as trying to end homophobic prejudice, Stonewall needs to do so with regard to biphobia as well as there is is now probably more of that around in society than homophobia. So many people just really don’t ‘get’ that bisexuality exists and if they do acknowledge it then they invariably come-out with beliefs that bisexuals are ‘lying’, unfaithful/sex-crazed ect. I should add that I am not for one moment dismissing the notion that homophobia is still far too prevalent in our society.

  2. I’m very disappointed in the effort Stonewall makes. It makes me curious about their levels of funding and the money they spend on these poster campaigns – I wonder how much money the senior “employees” make there. I’ve had a lot of experience with “charities” over the years, so I am always naturally suspicious when I see so little being done by a large charity.

    How many people will this campaign reach, compared to a video campaign across YouTube, or in partnership with CH4?

    Stonewall seems to be a little outdated in their ambitions and the methods they use to spread awareness.

  3. No lesbians?

    1. Why the downvotes for qv? It’s a fair point.

      I would add what about trans people but since it is a S’onewall campaign, whatever.

  4. I am not convinced it is a very good campaign. I think the answer it conjures in people’s heads is “no, I don’t care and neither does anyone else, so f-off”.

    Even hard-line anti-gay BNPers always talk about how they don’t care about people being gay, just not to be “in their face with it”.

    The only people those adverts will strike a cord with are those people already fully aware of the issues, and you don’t need to spend money preaching to the choir.

    There is so much homophobic prejudice in the world, and all stonewall have done is provide an outlet for the minimisation of those issues.

    1. floridahank 13 Jan 2014, 7:12pm

      CRW your comment…..:….being gay, just not to be “in their face with it”. carries much significance. Whether one is hetero or homo, you don’t have to make a big
      deal out of it. Act like every normal person does and there’s no problem.

      1. I think that those who say they accept people being gay or bisexual provided homosexuals or bisexuals don’t “rub peoples faces in it” are often prejudiced though not always. I mean what do they actually mean by this phrase? They rarely spell it out.

      2. Unfortunately, those same people who “just” ask that LGBT people aren’t “in their face with it” are the same ones who lobby to strip us of equality in society. They’re the same people who wanted gay people kept out of education, kept out of social groups, removed from TV, refused marriage, refused adoption rights… they consider these things to be “in their face”.

        I would agree partly if their stance was solely about over-the-top Pride marches every year, but these people mean all kinds of things when they say that. It’s not in anyone’s face to demand the rights that others have and the freedoms of heterosexual people. This is where they like to confuse the issue and pretend that it’s not homophobia.

      3. I’m afraid in Central London a large number of heterosexual people rub my face in it (not literally, obv) on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Well over half TV ads use [hetero]sex to sell products from cars to lavatory cleaner. Sadly, it’s all probably what you would blindly call “normal”, Flo.

        I see very very few homosexual people doing anything like the same.

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 13 Jan 2014, 6:59pm

    I like it. Well done. One of many messages that needs to be out there. As part of a continuing education and challenging type of campaigns I think it excellent. Ask 10 people to come up with a campaign you will get 10 different approaches.

  6. “One is gay.”

    I for one, am devastated that this wasn’t a response to Lord Tebbit’s “lesbian queen” comment.

  7. Makes no sense at all. A lost opportunity!

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