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Nigeria: President signs law banning same-sex marriage and civil unions

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Reader comments

  1. So, he not only looks like the village idiot, he also acts like it too.

  2. Shame on you, Goodluck Jonathan. You’ve just created a shameful epitaph which we will now ensure will sit on your tomb forever once you’re done!

    And, “Goodluck Jonathan”, in case you believe in voodoo as well, please know that I’m sending lotsa and lotsa BADLUCK your way RIGHT NOW! Prepare for things to go haywire in Nigeria!

    1. You know, I think we should hire powerful witchdoctors to curse the wrarped Christian homophobes in Uganda and Nigeria, publicise it online and scare the bejeesus out of these highly superstitious people, fight fire with fire. .

      1. You are aware that the fire department usually uses water right?

        1. In the case of rampant bush fires controlled fires to burn off crucial areas will stop the spread of the flames.

      2. Pavlos, good idea! As they say they believe in nonsense and voodoo, yes, it WOULD be a good idea to “scare the bejeesus” out of these nutters! (Oh, if only we could become invisible! It would be so easy to rattle him!)

  3. I used to give money to save people in Africa. Feed the homophobes.

    1. I also stopped all donations to Africa since they keep passing these vile laws
      Money talks.
      Countries like this should be thrown out of the Commonwealth,they are not civilised.

      1. Starving kids aren’t passing these laws.

        1. No, but their politicians are the ones pocketing insane wealth while their people starve.

          It’s time to start refusing much of what we give, as hard as it may be. We are enabling massive corruption and Human Rights abuses in African nations, and unless something is done to stop these “leaders” from raping and pillaging their own people while the outside world does nothing but give them more, nothing will ever change.

          Give to those real and genuine charities providing medical services interdependently, but any money going to these governments, or able to be diverted to these despots, should STOP.

          I will donate to Doctors Without Borders, but that’s about it. Until these nations start looking after their own people with just laws, we’re doing little but enabling the psychopaths.

          1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 13 Jan 2014, 6:34pm

            I will only donate to charities that have no religious connections.

  4. going to be the devils advocate here…… when a mosque or muslim or islamic group come over here they are met with resentment and we talk about themtrying to change our culture to suit theirs. There are people (and i bet on here) who will be the first to moan about them trying to change our culture and way of life….. Yet here we are in the “civilised” world trying to enforce it on others.

    I am not supporting the move, but gay people can move out of the country to a gay friendly nation. It simply isn’t possible to make everybody conform to one code of conduct or belief because that would destroy cultures and societies.

    1. PantoHorse 13 Jan 2014, 5:57pm

      gay people can move out of the country to a gay friendly nation

      There are just a few little problems in the way, like money, having a passport, getting leave to remain in their new country or being granted asylum, why the bloody hell should they have to run away from their home countries…. Moving countries isn’t as simple as you make out.

      1. You clearly havent been to Africa, immigration control isn’t a big issue. you think that somebody from rwanda is going to go to uganda and apply for a council house or benefits or perhaps jobseekers? Africa is a bit like europe, free movement.

        1. PantoHorse 13 Jan 2014, 6:09pm

          Your comment was about moving to a gay friendly nation….

          1. If we tried to make all our kids pray 6 times a day and did an enforced change of beliefs and lifestyle over here in britain there would be an uproar because it is against the western worlds beliefs and lifestyle. who are we to enforce it on them. “and frankly if they did want out they would be classed as refugees or asylum seekers.

            kenya, South Africa for example are gay friendly or neuteral. if a refugee can flee syria and travel across europe i’m sure someone from uganda can travel half that distance.

          2. PantoHorse 13 Jan 2014, 6:24pm

            Kenya criminalises homosexuality.


            South Africa, in spite of allowing same sex marriage, has a dreadful record for the treatment of LGBT people.


          3. PantoHorse 13 Jan 2014, 6:32pm

            Kenya criminalises homosexuality.

            South Africa is in no sense gay friendly in spite of all the legislation in favour.

        2. Jay Hayes-Light 16 Jan 2014, 2:10am

          Can I assume therefore that you know Kenya and South Africa well? My half brother was born and raised in Kenya and he tells a very different story. Gay and intersex people (many Africans don’t actually differentiate between the two) have a difficult time in most African countries (thanks to the brain washing from European missionaries who condemned any practises that did not fit in with their version of ‘christianity’ as practised in the 19th century Europe. Certain tribes in pre-colonial Burkina Faso and South Africa regarded lesbians as astrologers and traditional healers. I am in regular contact with colleagues in Kenya who care for abandoned children. The ‘treatment’ for intersex babies is to throw them away, on the village rubbish tip. Their treatment of gay people is almost as brutal.

    2. Who attacks Muslim’s for coming here? I certainly don’t.
      I think you’re confused, we’re not all knuckle-dragging EDL and BNP supporters, that’s a very small minority.

      People can live how they wish, as long as they adhere to Human Rights laws. Anyone can come here and live peacefully, and trying to compare the UK (with our incredible equality and support of individual freedoms) with a country run by religious maniacs is not only stupid it’s insulting.

      Human Rights are not a debatable issue. When will people understand this? The freedom someone else has is of no relevance to YOU. Having LGBT people able to live free and happy lives is not open for debate based on cultural bullsh*t.

    3. Craig, your argument is inappropriate. Homosexual people occur in considerable numbers in every nation on earth, in European countries, in Islamic states, in African countries. So it’s not about any one state seeking to impose an alien set of beliefs upon another state. Instead it is a matter of every nation or state respecting with full dignity and respect its considerable number of homosexual citizens.

      Nigeria has a population of 168 million people. It follows then that roughly 10 million Nigerian citizens are gay and lesbian. We all need to try and feel some sympathy for the plight of those 10 million oppressed people in Nigeria, and certainly not blithely dismiss their plight by suggesting they simply all emigrate! They have a right to respect and dignity amongst their own people, in their own land, in their own culture.

    4. Craig, what you suggest sounds akin to ethnic cleansing. If you really think that trying to improve human rights in a country that receives massive amounts of aid from the UK is like extremists trying to impose sharia law in England you are, let’s face it, a bit thick.

    5. And what’s sacred about these cultures ? Any culture that does not condemn violence, female genital mutilation, oppression and all the other wonderful practices still found in many parts of the world should not exist.

  5. Dreadful news, particularly as Uganda will now probably follow suit.

    But I really am dubious about the readiness to blame British Colonials. Yes, under British jurisdiction British laws were introduced, and they were symptomatic of their time. But were any of these places havens where homosexuality was socially accepted. I don’t think so. The real culprits here are the unscrupulous leaders looking for scapegoats and modern imported US style fundamentalism.

    1. Indeed. We are all responsible for our own behaviour. That of course includes this deluded dolt.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2014, 12:24pm

      Since we’ve already cut off aid to Uganda, the same should apply to Nigeria and all other Commonwealth countries in violation of human rights and in defiance of the UN proclamation. Of all countries, the UK should be leading the charge give our colonial past and taking a more pro-active stance. Let them accuse us of meddling in their affairs, who cares? Unfortunately, the Commonwealth system is set up to allow voluntary withdrawal and no country can can’t be ‘booted’ out by Westminster. About time that changed. Commonwealth reform?

  6. Bravo Goodluck Jonathan, bravo Nigeria

    1. Why?
      Persecuting gay people solves none of Nigeria’s problems, you have invented a false scapegoat but nothing will get better, genuinely important issues have not been addressed and nobody benefits, what idiots you all are and how easily you are duped by the corrupt leadership of your country.

    2. Bravo for creating a scapegoat, distracting the people from the corruption and greed of the elected despots?

      While their children starve, their public dies from curable diseases, and their corrupt government pockets billions every year for themselves, you support the idea of attacking individuals for living their lives as they wish.

      Let me guess, you’re a supposed “Christian” too, right?

      Laughable. Your God would vomit in your face for the disgusting way you treat other Humans.

    3. A Disgruntled Scotsman 20 Jan 2014, 8:17pm

      Yeah, way to go Jonathan. Bloodthirsty Islamic extremists are trying to rid the country of the Christian population but what is he more interested in doing? Ridding it of gay people. Gay people who are already unfairly treated under law as it is. If he put nearly as much effort and thought in to breaking Boko Haram’s forces and driving them from Nigeria then maybe, just maybe, he could make things better.

  7. unfortunately morons like this in power still believe in voodoo practices and and multiple wives…why should we be surprised!

  8. Colin (Queenstown/London) 13 Jan 2014, 6:44pm

    What a sad day indeed for the population of Nigeria and especially our gay brothers and sisters.
    Clearly the leaders and parliamentarians are inward looking uneducated people. Part of leadership is to educate the population. Learning from what is going on around the globe.

    I can only hope that countries will stop trading with this nation and that in some way the people of Nigeria feel discrimination as a country and individually. Compassion which I thought churches taught seems to be lost here. Any logic gone. I hope the UN and all other world bodies relegates your country to nutter status and effectively ignores you. You may be a MINT country but educated countries please stay clear.

    I support all aid to Nigeria to be cut to zero. I support world education however. Get rid of religion and feed brains then there children will reject the current stance. Ignore for 20 years…a generation written off.

    1. who said its a sad Day? 99 percent of the population will accept it.The concept of homosexuality in most African countries is frowned upon. It is their culture so lets leave them with it.

  9. Gay and trans people are under attack all over the place in the 21st Century. Instead or arguing amongst ourselves, we need to do whatever we can – anything – to stop this retrogressive and death-dealing legislation in Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, much of the Islamic world, etc. I don’t care if it’s just signing on-line petitions, demonstrating, fighting funds, using what political pressure we have, spreading the information, whatever honourable work we can do, please people, respond in the way people responded in New York in 1969 and to the AIDS crisis in the 80s. I’ve seen gay people create astonishing and beautiful things in my lifetime!

  10. PN, please stop referring to this law as “banning” civil unions. This plays into the hands of politicians like Mr Jonathan who compare this legislation to (non-criminal) bans on same-sex marriage in numerous European countries and US states.

    This vile piece of legislation *criminalises* having a same-sex partner or living together, with no need to prove specific sexual acts. It will be open season on all LGBTs in Nigeria.

  11. Russian state TV-channel commented that russian anti-gay law is too soft and they also said that Nigeria protects traditional values.

  12. As harsh as the consequences may be, ALL aid to Nigeria must now cease while this evil law is in place.

  13. Like all disgusting, backward regimes, persecuting minorities is a distraction. But wouldn’t you think, on gaining independence, countries like this would have wanted to distance themselves from ALL laws infroduced by white colonisers? Seems these vile dictators have simply replaced their former oppressors with more of the same and have completely failed to see the hypocrisy of their actions. The ‘religion’ they quote as driving their homophobia was introduced by missionaries. How differrnt that continent might have been without the interference of white invaders.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 13 Jan 2014, 10:05pm

      Yes, missionaries and Christianity is to a large degree guilty of this disaster. White invaders often have paved the path to tragedy.

  14. The are doing to gay people what the white people used to do with the black people in the 1900s, shame, clearly they did not learn anything from history. One day they will regret this, totally lost my respect.

  15. Johnny Blaze 14 Jan 2014, 10:05am

    Goodluck Jonathan is in a difficult position. As hard as it is for me to accept this decision he is right! the large majority of this volatile country equally divided between Muslims and Christians are definitely against Gay Marriage. Why start another Civil war over something the people clearly do not want. All this wil do is increase petrol prices and we do not want that:) Goodluck is not a Dictator, so therefore has to listen to his people. I feel more sorry for the Large gay population in Nigeria.
    I expect the usual ‘Slavery’ comments(any minute now). Just count yourselves lucky you live in a society so accepting and tolerant:) and remember, this gay marriage blueprint is not for everyone

  16. Johnny Blaze 14 Jan 2014, 10:10am

    Goodluck Jonathan is in a difficult position. As hard as it is for me to accept this decision he is right! the large majority of this volatile country equally divided between Muslims and Christians are definitely against Gay Marriage. Why start another Civil war over something the people clearly do not want. All this wil do is increase petrol prices and we do not want that:) Goodluck is not a Dictator, so therefore has to listen to his people. I feel more sorry for the Large gay population in Nigeria.
    I expect the usual ‘Slavery’ comments(any minute now). Just count yourselves lucky you live in a society so accepting and tolerant:) and remember, this gay marriage blueprint is not for everyone;)

    1. A Disgruntled Scotsman 20 Jan 2014, 8:12pm

      Christians & Muslims are murdering each other in cold blood in Northern Nigeria on a regular basis and the only time they can agree on a common cause is when they want to make things difficult for the gays. It’s barbaric behaviour.

      Lots of people in 30’s Germany liked Hitler & his policies. Does that mean what he did was acceptable?

  17. This disgusting persecution should mean expulsion from the Commonwealth and an immediate stop to UK Aid.These backward steps in Africa are being driven by US evangelical groups working in Africa, we need to find a way of combatting their malign interference.

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jan 2014, 12:26pm

    I think it’s time we all started contacting our MPs, HoL to cut off all aid to offender Commonwealth nations. We need reform and the power to boot any of them out.

  19. no more aid to nigeria – certainly from my pocket –

    Starving nigerian kids? – tell their homophobic parents to support their own mistakes –

    (Religious bigotry is at the root of all of this)

  20. A Disgruntled Scotsman 20 Jan 2014, 8:29pm

    Enough is enough. Cut all aid to countries which don’t respect the rights of their minorities; especially Commonwealth countries. If they don’t like us “interfering in their affairs” then obviously won’t want our filthy imperialist mullah lining their wallets. Oh, wait…

    To blame British foreign policy from the last century is a bit of a cop-out. These people have had more than long enough to run their countries & change their attitudes on their own and they have not done so.

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