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Iain Duncan Smith calls gay Labour MP Chris Bryant ‘a pantomime dame’

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Reader comments

  1. Well he is a bloody pantomime dame!

    I’m sure everyone says it behind closed doors, including all the other gay MPs.

  2. The public is already thoroughly disgusted by our self-serving political class, and every week it seems that they are determined to sink to new depths of embarrassment and shame.

    How long will it be before our UK government is filled with Rob Ford’s, caught choking on crack pipes and snorting coke in hotel rooms? Or is it just that the UK political establishment is better at hiding all this trash from public view?

    Next week, something else will happen to make another 100,000 citizens disgusted by our politicians. In any sane world these people would be ejected from office repeatedly until those remaining learn what we expect from our elected.

    It’s time to start electing noble, moral and decent people to office, and immediately firing those who don’t match up.

    1. We already know that Gideon Osborne has been taking coke and frolicking with prostitutes, and yet he’s still in office.

      1. I don’t how how he remains in office. As far as I am aware he has no formal qualifications in economics, appears to have only the most rudimentary grasp of basic maths, is the worst Tory chancellor since Anthony Barber in the early 1970’s let inflation get out of control (and one of the worst of ANY party in the last 100) and is a living and breathing walking advert for the Tory Party’s reputation for being ‘Britain’s nasty party’.

        1. That’s a very effective long sentence, Steven! I enjoyed it!

        2. “I don’t how how he remains in office.”

          Here’s a hint – while we are getting angry at him, who’s really shafting us? Nick Clegg no longer works as a human shield, and one person in the equation seems to get off scott free time after time. It’s his M.O. – always have someone more unpopular to deflect hatred and blame, while the ACTUAL leader of the country is free to take his Fat Controller spam face and slink off through a haunted mirror to hide under your child’s bed.

          1. Yeah, you’re right. It’s the same strategy as putting Nadine Dorries on Newsnight the other night. She was there to say inflammatory things, but as she’s got a reputation for being barking and is pretty universally disliked, she can take the heat whilst those at the top – the spam faces – get off scott free

  3. I think there is an element of homophobia in Mr Smith’s remarks- but certainly not worth taking them too seriously. Obviously if the personal remarks get more explicitly homophobic-then they should be challenged. If no notice is taken – well Mr Smith may try to gain more attention by trying to go a bit further down that road.

  4. Midnighter 13 Jan 2014, 6:27pm

    Such childish grandstanding to the peanut gallery is usually an attempt to distract the audience from spotting that one didn’t have a very good argument to bring to the table.

    Irrespective of the degree of insult intended or who the ad hominem was aimed at, it simply makes me think Iain Duncan Smith is behaving like a clueless pillock.

    1. Mr Iain Duncan-Smith behaves like a clueless pillock because he is one. Even his own party didn’t dare let him lead them into a general election as they rightly feared what the result would have been. To me, he is a a callous and unfeeling creature who hasn’t got the remotest real understanding of the situations of the people his department is responsible for so I am not surprised he would rather try and deflect attention away from his disastrous handling of his brief. People in the 1990’s thought Peter Lilley was a inhumane monster when he was the Social Security Secretary but compared to Iain Duncan-Smith he was reasonable and did have at least a little some knowledge in this respect.

      Apparently, George Osborne thinks he is “too thick to be a Cabinet minister” as reported by the Sunday Mail a few months back. Cameron allegedly tried to move him to being the Justice Secretary but refused to budge.

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 13 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

    To me most of what goes on in Parliament is a Pantomime! So don’t start the gay thing. If you had referred to him as a greasy haired leather biker I’m sure no-one would have even noticed. Lets get over ourselves. We are gay, we do have a tendency towards humour of a certain kind so if the cap fits lets just wear it and laugh.

    I’d have taken it as a compliment.

    Please I expect to get hammered here but I have a lot of respect for Iain Duncan Smith. He has one of the toughest jobs and little support. For the record I’m a floating voter. I vote on policies.

    If you want a small giggle….I’m currently living in Queenstown, not far from Camp Street beside Man Street and have a surname of camp.bell. I so wanted the bit at the end of my surname to be internet address. I live in hope…lol And no gay life here that I can find. One week a year for gay skiing. If anyone knows any gay people in Queenstown let me know eh.

    1. you respect a man who is destroying the lives of vulnerable people, are you a sociopath or psychopath?

    2. If Iain Duncan Smith didn’t have such a homophobic track record, people would probably be less likely to make this accusation. As Tory leader, he gave his MPs a three-line whip against same-sex adoption, and opposed the repeal of Section 28, in order to “protect children”.

      1. Colin (Queenstown/London) 13 Jan 2014, 7:23pm

        I accept your point James unreservedly however I hope he has changed as society is slowly changing. We are all living and learning. The views I held 5 years ago have in part changed by life, education and my understanding and interpretation of facts and dialog.
        Best Mate

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Jan 2014, 8:45pm

        Although, he did vote for equal marriage at every stage! Perhaps he’s beginning to evolve.

    3. Colin, you seriously respect someone who leads the charge on harming the most vulnerable people in our society, are you freaking serious?

    4. Yes, he does have a tough job. Apart from being Home Secretary it is probably the toughest job in government and there can be little doubt about this but I think he doesn’t show much understanding of the situations of the people his department is responsible for and he seems to be all too ready to reject the advice of his departmental officials and the findings of the select committee of the House of Commons on this sensitive area of government and too eager to feed unbalanced press releases to vile newspapers like the Daily Mail where they create an often unwarranted and vicious narrative about benefit claimants.

    5. PantoHorse 14 Jan 2014, 9:35am

      It takes an incredibly callous, shallow, self-centered person to ‘respect’ IDS. His shambolic policies have caused untold misery and suffering for millions of individuals. He demonises the poor, punishes the disabled and spins, spins, spins about money ‘wasted’ on benefits. He himself has wasted around £40 million on his disastrous Universal Tax Credit Scheme, the total bill for which is likely to top £90 million – that’s just the money wasted bill. The man is completely unsuited to the job and, as has been pointed out by another commentator, has failed to grasp even rudimentary maths. He truly does epitomise the modern ethos of the ‘nasty party’.

  6. Even if Chris Bryant called Iain Duncan Smith “Mr Hardup”, Iain Duncan Smith’s response was obviously formulated with awareness of Chris Bryant’s homosexuality, combined with Duncan Smith’s weary old homophobic “sense of humour”.

    Given that Iain Duncan Smith’s mother was a ballet dancer and that he’s distantly related to the playwright George Bernard Shaw, you’d think Duncan Smith would be able to come up with a theatrical repost of some wit and a degree of sophistication, as opposed to a tried line you’d expect to hear from some pissed old geezer in a lowlife pub late on a Saturday night!

    Shame on you, Iain Duncan Smith!

    Please tweet some of the above, somebody. I don’t do Twitter. But Duncan Smith really needs taking down a peg or two!

  7. The quiet man needs to shut it!

    1. This self-declared ‘quiet man’ of British politics has much to be ‘quiet’ about I would suggest! Unfortunately, it is very unlikely the electorate will make him ‘quiet’ in regards to those who live in his constituency as he holds one of the safest Tory seats in the country (Chingford and Woodford Green) and has a percentage majority of 30.1% over the Labour Party.

      I live in a seat not that far away from him (Brentwood and Ongar) and even we are only a bit safer for the Tories (percentage majority 33%).

      There would need to be a 15% swing to Labour in his seat for him to lose.

  8. Bill Cameron 13 Jan 2014, 7:42pm

    Whilst Iain Duncan Smith is certainly someone I find detestable (his election as Leader of the Conservative Party in 2001 was the direct cause of me resigning my membership), I have similarly jaundiced views about Chris Bryant and his attention-seeking antics – enough already!

  9. chris ‘gaydar superstar’ bryant with his right wing views with regards to deporting gay asylum seekers is the last person i would have any sympathy for

  10. Has Ian Duncan Smith ever used this phrase to refer to any straight MPs?

    IDS is already pretty reprehensible but he just keeps getting worse.

  11. Mark in Halifax 14 Jan 2014, 7:25am

    Sorry, but this is a non-story as far as I’m concerned. We all know that IDS is a pathetic excuse for a human being, but this was just the usual barracking between politicians in a debate. In his defense (and that’s a phrase you’ll probably never hear me utter again), he’d been called Baron Hardup earlier by Bryant, so was responding in kind. I dare say that he would have used this jibe to any male MP. Sometimes guys, we have to lighten up and stop seeing every single thing as a slur against us. IDS is still a wassock though!

  12. Funny coming from a man who was replaced by his understudy, when they realised he wasn’t leading man material.

  13. Francis McDonagh 14 Jan 2014, 5:45pm

    Doesn’t it show that homophobia is just below the surface of the Tory Party, despite David Cameron’s effort to detoxify the brand?

    1. They have got an awful long way to go to truely detoxify themselves. They are so out of touch it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. They truely believe it was only their views on gays, crime and immigration which got them that reputation. I happen to think that a lot of people aren’t too bothered if they have tough views on immigration or crime (and sadly gays and bisexuals too). It was ALWAYS their views on vulnerable people and the unemployed which earnt them that reputation and in this respect they are getting WORSE and espousing really contemptible viewpoints which even people like Michael Portillo at his most Right-wing, Peter Lilley and Mrs Thatcher never stooped down to.

  14. Despite being defended by Tory LGBT members, this shows how deep homophobia & transphobia exists within Tory ranks, one of his cabinet colleagues whilst in opposition Chris Grayling said that Gender Reassignment surgery was a waste of tax payers money and therefore should not be available on the NHS, since then many Tory grandees have made homophobic and transphobic comments and Cameron never dismisses them, perhaps when they are thrown out of government and placed into another 13 years or more political wilderness they’ll learn their lesson not to be the nasty party they are, some folks may disagree with me pointing out the gay marriage bill, but that was carried by those on the opposition benches not Tories as so many of their number abstained or voted against it.

  15. That’s funny, because I always thought than Ian Duncan Let’s-Impoverish-The-Disabled Smith was a pantomime politician. Pantomime dames are a lot more amusing and much less dangerous.

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