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Disney World joins coalition of Florida businesses supporting anti-discrimination law

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Reader comments

  1. I’m shocked. I thought Disney did this 10 years ago.

    In 2014, this is well behind the Corporate curve. Disney’s certainly not a Chick-fil-A or Smuckers, but…. they are very late to the game.

    1. Mark Cross 14 Jan 2014, 1:18am

      You’re right, Jase, Disney already DOES have a corporate anti-discrimination policy. This article refers to Disney’s participation in calling for the State of Florida to adopt the same policy.

  2. It’s nice to see Disney World speak up in support of anti-discrimination law.

    Over time Disney have changed to be non discriminatory environments. Whilst a quick search didn’t appear to indicate any official LGBT policy at the parks, they have chosen “not” to be pressured to discriminate against LGBT patrons of families (yes money talks $$$, though I would hope this is not their incentive).

    As reference:

  3. A business is made successful through rational choices drawn from hard facts. If these big players are advocating anti-discrimination law as a way of achieving greater success.

    US society as whole should take note: businesses are concerned by the dominance of religious belief in the US which is contributing to a significant erosion of its technical capabilities as it continues to promulgate science denialism and societal division.

  4. Wow. Times have changed (for the better). There was a time –not too, too long ago– when two men holding hands were kicked out of Disneyland. The next logical step: Disney has GOT to fess-up that ‘Chip and Dale’ are Gay characterizations … indubitably!

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