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Study: 40 per cent of young LGBT people in England have contemplated suicide

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  1. Asking someone a leading question in a self-selecting survey if they had “contemplated suicide” is meaningless.

    The Independent came up with about the same figure for all young people last year.

    Still such scare-mongering must make their next lottery grant application look good.

  2. This is very worrying.I am now 39 and left school in the early nineties.I suffered bullying because if my sexuality orientation.Although I could never speak in comfort to any teachers.At the age of 15, 17 and again in my early twenties I attempted suicide.Not once did I ever feel safe at my school in Lincolnshire.

    1. I think equal marriage took priority. Posh schools don’t have this problem so those who pushed for equal marriage didn’t experience the soul destroying drip of anti gay attitude. I hated school I was out but I made sure I went class and went home. I didn’t have lunch or breaks in school every oppourtunity I avoided socialising. But it still wasn’t as bad as things are now

    2. Philip Breen 13 Jan 2014, 11:44am

      The only thing we can do is make life better for those who follow us. I was at a catholic boarding school in the 1970s and 1980s where it was particularly hard to be gay. I received much bullying but could never come out. I was glad to get out of there when the time came.

  3. Not unexpected. Been there myself only a few years ago. What with the very limited support in schools and social groups it’s a silent epidemic.

    Having said that though my heart really goes out to young LGBT Russians, Ugandans, etc. Their situation is ten fold worse.

  4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Jan 2014, 5:35pm

    Without going into details! This rings bells from my youth, which was a real HELL with discrimination and violence. Even though you can’t automatically compare Norway- decades ago- with The UK of today, this means that society does not do enough for The LGBTQ-community, on all levels ! I knew 7 persons who committed suicide. Dear friends in England ! Support eachother. Love eachother !

    1. Pete (Nottingham) 13 Jan 2014, 11:25am

      What a beautiful comment. My heart goes out to you and also the people that you have lost, and I hope that you are now supported and loved too.

      1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 13 Jan 2014, 6:52pm

        I’ve managed to have some sort of a “rich life”. Mainly due to my inner pride, which always have been very strong ! My greatest luck today, is to help and assist other LGBT-persons- though the past still haunts my thoughts. Supporting gays and lesbians who flee from Iran is another favourite activity. I do that every month, without exception. And ! it is so wonderful to understand that WE are a big and lovely Family , all around The World ! In Nottingham- In The UK, and in Norway ! A warm embrace to you, Pete !

  5. Ths is utterly scandalous. If this number of kids from ehnic minorities were contemplating suicide because of rascist abuse, there would be an outrage. Gove and his useless Education Department MUST get to grips with this before more young lives are lost.

    1. And imagine the lgbt people from ethnic minorities who have to deal with prejudice from gay people too

      1. Sarcasm – such an ungracious form of humour. I was merely attempting to show how racial equality is a much higher priority than sexuality. In your haste to be so politically sanctimonious, you appear to have missed my central point.

  6. Colin (Queenstown/London) 12 Jan 2014, 6:39pm

    None of this surprises me. However I have a sister who is working in Scotland in education on a programme to be rolled out in their area to all primary and secondary schools. It may not be the best solution but I trust my sister as she has a gay daughter my niece. Also my sister thinks that the pushback will come from teachers first who will push their morals first. A large part of the plan is aimed at teachers first then children.

    We really must teach generally that we are all different and that is fine and normal. Lets get away from the one size fits all. And get religion out of schools please.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Jan 2014, 6:55pm

      Very good, Colin. Valuable comment !

    2. That’s what Elly Barnes is doing with her Educate and Celebrate initiative. Schools that sign up and have her in for workshops should be able to make that difference. More schools need Elly Barnes workshops.

    3. floridahank 13 Jan 2014, 7:30pm

      Hey Colin, your comment, “And get religion out of schools please” is right on. All the religious institutions are next to worthless. They preach a weak message of belief in Jesus Christ who is the person who can give peace and confidence to all sinners of all kinds. If the world offers nothing but troubles, persecution, and sadness than it’s because you’re living a life of selfness for finding your solution to your problem. Churches have turned their backs on Jesus Christ and only offer messages that are flat and void of the salvation that only Jesus Christ can give.
      There will be no other solution to depression and suicide when you try to solve your own problems, socially, psychologically, religiously, etc. None of you have read the True message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — He has the answer to everybody’s problems, but you all look to anything but Him for your answers and you’ll always be disappointed. Stop deluding yourselves.

  7. While I do question the figure of 40% I am sure that schools have a long way to go to improve the emotional health of GLBT pupils. It is disgraceful that religious schools still have a license to be institutionally homophobic.

  8. I had problems when I was as you stated as ‘young’. I had a lot more support for been gay when I was under 25 counselling, youth groups, understanding. Now, I have nothing no support or anything. I’m still confused, I still hate myself and wish I was dead. I’m ‘past’ it now am 30 I have nothing left to give :'(

    1. 30 is most definitely not ‘past it’. If most people are being honest, you are only just getting to know yourself by then. Do me a favor and show this to your Doctor; if this is how you feel then they should be able to help you. Best of luck x

      1. Philip Breen 13 Jan 2014, 8:13pm

        I am quickly approaching fifty and, only now, am I starting to recognise that I do not have to be held back by irrelevant questions posed by people who have their own baggage. We only pass through this world once. It is good to be around. I certainly wouldn’t want to be young again with all the same problems. It is important to live well and to do all that is possible to make this world a better place for those who follow after us.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Jan 2014, 9:48pm

    Let’s not also forget that reparative therapy fraudsters play a part in this. Those same troubled youngsters become the vulnerable victims for their brain-washing praying away the gay aversion therapies. That’s why it’s crucial that Labour MP Geraint Davies’ bill to regulate psychotherapists is extremely important to pass into law.





  12. I’m nearly 60 and at school [mixed sex] homosexuality – as it was called then – wasn’t talked about in class although some teachers made comments about an effeminate boy who “batted for the other side” This poor boy was bullied relentlessly and the teachers did nothing to prevent it; this boy and I became friends and that helped him a bit because we used to hang around together, but he suffered terrible depression and kept wishing he was dead. I lost track of him about 30 years ago, hope he made it through.

  13. Dan Baker (Youth Chances Project Manager) 13 Jan 2014, 12:07pm

    The full reports of our research are now available on our website homepage
    In response to ‘fagburn’ above, you will read in the reports how surveys are ethically sound and academically robust. METRO (the lead organisation) has been providing services to LGBT young people for 30 years and we are very committed to listening to young people themselves and to making improvements to their lives. This is the driving motivation behind Youth Chances. Commissioners and providers of mainstream and targeted services want and need to see this evidence in order to make the case for budget commitments. We are sure that you agree that young people deserve more support.

    1. Don’t worry about fagburn. He is in the business of denouncing any attempt at criticising homophobia. A classical example of a self-hater.

  14. There does need to me more clarification about the details of the study, especially the wording of the questions. I am gay and had contemplated suicide around that age, but it had nothing to do with the fact I was gay.

  15. Ever think being gay just…isnt sopossed to be a thing? not to be offensive to people who have been gay for a long time..but should we really promote being gay to kids who are confused??

    ever think they are confused because the world promotes gay stuff everywhere? i mean its poisoning our youth!! get a grip humans!
    THIS JUST ISNT NATURAL , thats a fact….

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