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Former boxer Evander Holyfield apologises for anti-gay remarks on Celebrity Big Brother

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Reader comments

  1. So basically, “I’m sorry I got caught.” is what he is saying.

  2. Does anyone here care about the opinion of a complete stranger? He was on a REALITY TV SHOW, if you don’t like reality, don’t watch it. The fact is there are plenty of people out there who have different opinions, and he’s one of them.

    Society has moved on, we are evolving, and people are rejecting the views he expressed. I personally don’t need a statement from him, because his opinion has no impact on my life.

    By all means debate it, but the responses to things like this are getting a little out of control. He’s already lost the respect of plenty of people, and that’s something he will have to deal with.

    Personally, what someone says on a reality TV show is inconsequential to me unless I admired them before, or they hold a position of power in one form or another. He’s inconsequential, he’s only harmed himself, and this is his opinion.

    1. No, he’s not inconsequential and he hasn’t harmed only himself: he has an audience, and inevitably some people are going to hold him up as a role model. He doesn’t get a free pass because it was reality TV.

      1. What is the concept of reality TV?
        I think people are missing the point here. Would you have everyone who disagrees with you silenced? That’s not a free society.
        By all means, we should have the debate about these things, but reality TV is a specific type of content, if those appearing are being censored from expressing their opinions then it is not reality, it’s a sterilized and manufactured version of reality.

        We can disagree with him all we like, but what does it change? Even if a few idiots out there admire him and his view somehow makes them a little more homophobic too, why is that any different? If all it takes is one mans opinion to “make” people homophobic, they were homophobic already.

        I’m not suggesting he’s given a “free pass”. These opinions should be challenged through debate. I expressed how his opinions are irrelevant to ME.

        Calling for him to be silenced, removed, banned and all the rest is NOT going to do us any favors. It changes nothing.

        1. We need a point at which being openly homophobic is considered as bad as being openly racist/anti-Semitic.

          1. It is, in my opinion. But being openly racist is not a crime, neither is being openly Nazi, or openly sexist… There is a difference between something being socially unacceptable and being criminal.

            People didn’t stop being racist because they were forced to keep quiet about it, it stopped being the massive problem it was because these opinions were challenged, discussed, and then rejected by society.

            Rational discussion changed minds, censorship didn’t.

            And remember, this is a REALITY TV show. What is the point of having a reality TV show when it’s not reality? If someone within it is told to stay silent about a subject then that is not reality.

            I don’t like the guy any more than any one else here, but we need to get some perspective here. This is his opinion, challenge it, argue it, expose him for the idiot he is, and let social evolution do the rest.

  3. I’m sorry but I forgot I wasn’t in private.

    That’s not an apology; it’s regret that we heard him say it, not that he said it.

  4. “I had completely forgotten about the cameras.” Hey, editors et al of Pink News. This is NOT an apology. The ex-whatever is sorry he’s been thrown out. Please don’t mislead to your readers by underestimating our grasp of English or intelligence.

    1. Christopher Coleman 13 Jan 2014, 4:24pm

      Must disagree with you. You and I know that this character is not sorry for what he thinks. He has apologised (so far as he is concerned) for having been heard saying what he did. Pink News is simply reporting that fact. I am sure the editors of Pink News are aware that reporting the story “straight”, as it were, highlights the irony implicit in Holyfield’s hypocrisy. The punch drunk boxer was unaware of the irony, but we readers should not be.

  5. Not that I care about Big brother much as it’s really the pits of television I am led to wonder why this man was left to be evicted after being homophobic when others in the past have been immediately removed from the show for saying racist things?… Does channel five have different standards when it comes to this?

  6. So it’s just his personal view and that makes it OK?

    On what planet?

  7. Another non-apology apology from an ignoramuses whose opinion about anything is not worth having.

  8. That There Other David 12 Jan 2014, 4:27pm

    Not an apology in the slightest. Headline needs changing. As for Holyfield, between the anti gay comments and his punching a horse story he’s embarrassed himself worse than Feltz and Galloway combined, and even the US press have been circulating the news. The world now knows this man is an ignorant petulant fool. Bit of a result IMO.

  9. Translation:

    Oops. I know it is bad PR and feel really stupid for making the mistake of showing the public I am a bigot. I’m now worried about any possible financial implications so please forgive me and let’s all pretend this never happened.

    Love and kisses,
    Evander. xX

  10. This is in no shape or form an apology – he has restated his view that homosexuality is abnormal and merely expresses regret that his view may have offended some people. A genuine apology would be for him to admit that he has hitherto failed to question or challenge the bigotry and prejudice he was brought up with, but following much thought he know realises his comments were wrong and unacceptable, and he has changed his opinion and realises that his homophobic comments were as reprehensible as a racist remark would be. Jade Goody’s comments were less offensive and she was evicted – yet another classic case of glaring hypocrisy on the part of the show’s producers.

  11. so em in private you are a homophobe – you really are a dumb hopefully you’re on a light back to the USA asap

  12. So – he still believes all he said – he’s just embarrassed he was caught saying it publicly? Religious homophobes are, thankfuuly, a dying breed. The sooner the better in my book.

  13. Spoke to his agent then what about saying he punched a horse in the head punch drunk moron go away

  14. stupid old git. it is not an apology if you say “I am sorry for the people I offended”. It would be an apology if he said “I am sorry for what I said, it was insensitive and wrong, and I am sorry that I hurt someone’s feelings”, but then to make things even worse, he continues that it was just his private view; THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT ANY BETTER! This guy has been punched in the face once too many time!

  15. In America we don’t call that an “apology”. We call it a “fauxpology”.

  16. Animal abusing, homophobic, bigoted, deadbeat dad scum . It was nauseating watching the clip of emma willis fawning all over him like he was some type of hero. And unfortunately his views are very dangerous, as he has a malleable fanbase who are now even more vehemently homophobic and blaming the gay community for him being kicked out first.

  17. nixi otemba 13 Jan 2014, 5:39pm

    I’m so glad its ‘only’ his personal vieuw, idiot, hey look out cameras!

  18. Too little, too late. I wish him horrible things. And hopefully he will be discriminated against because the colour of his skin, then he will feel exactly how we feel all the time. IDIOT

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