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Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler: Being gay in football isn’t a problem now

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Reader comments

  1. Hard to forgive you Robbie.Your behaviour was a disgrace.If you really are sorry do something positive like joining Ben Cohen’s anti bullying campaign.

  2. Good to hear an apology, even after all these years. The merciless bullying of Graeme Le Saux by Robbie Fowler and others was a repellent feature of the ’90s game, no less so because Mr Le Saux is heterosexual.

    As Lee said, if Robbie Fowler is truly sorry, he could take some practical steps to make amends and to set a better example than he did in his playing days. Mr Fowler will hardly be the last young man to find it amusing to tease those perceived as “soft” or “sensitive”. He could make a useful contribution by explaining to youngsters that bullying causes real harm – harm for which many bullies later come to feel great shame.

  3. So if it isn’t a problem then presumably it won’t be long before a CURRENT footballer in any of the leagues but particularly the Premiership comes out as either gay or bisexual? What could possibly be holding them back if the attitude within dressing rooms or on the terraces is now so allegedly tolerant?

    1. Wim in Holland 11 Jan 2014, 11:25pm

      When an active football player should out himself the value on the transfer market could go down? The club owner would not be pleased.

      1. Yes, that could be one reason but I believe the main one is the reaction he would get from his fellow players many of whom must still be at least a little bit homophobic or biphobic and more seriously perhaps the reaction of the fans. There is no doubt that homophobic or biphobic abuse is still considered acceptable behaviour amongst a large number of football fans.

  4. “During a Chelsea-Liverpool match at Stamford Bridge, Fowler bent over on the pitch as Le Saux was waiting to take a penalty and invited him to have anal sex with him.”

    Aww shucks,… no takers that time eh Fowler.

  5. Bending over and inviting other players to have anal sex with you on the pitch isn’t a problem now says Robbie Fowler…that’s good to know!

  6. For a country that worships Dappy, why should any past vulgarity in sport be such a big deal?

    1. Which country worships Dappy? Are you talking about the UK? I would bet that most people wouldn’t know who he is.

      1. The UK. Which once worshipped brilliance. It used to be Noel Coward, Alan Turing, Twiggy and Carnaby Street, Brian Epstein, Sir Robert Peel and Shakespeare and Agatha Christie and D.H.Lawrence and Gielgud …tea and manners and……oh……on and on… When I visit now it’s just black Muslims sawing off soldier’s heads, rioters, and fans screaming for Dappy and asking if he’s as big in the U.S.

        1. There, there. Your funny little fantasies are becoming a trifle incoherent. Take another tranquiliser and go back to Downton Abbey.

          1. I used to need a tranquilizer over that because I found it so tragic. Now I’ve just accepted it. And I blame you all (though I know it’s not my say; they have a right to crap up their own homeland if they want to).

          2. AND…what of what I wrote are you claiming is just a “little fantasy” ? Have you heard the jokes about that soldier “losing his head” and seen those doing the Dappy dance ? Are you even FROM the UK ?

        2. First of all, who the hell is “Dappy”? Is he another Honey Boo Boo or a Kardashian or something? Seriously, I have no idea.

          Secondly, nothing has changed in our admiration for historical figures. I guess you missed the recent stories of female historical figures on banks notes, the pardon for Turing, the Olympics celebrating all those admirable people from British history…?

          On the other hand, one could easily say that the US is nothing but a Kardashian worshiping nation, with rampant egotism and unjustified national pride, school shootings, Christian extremism, paid-off government and global spying.

          See how easy it is to pick things out?

          1. Because the British keep visiting the U.S. (I deal with them from NYC to Miami) and never hear of a kardashian nor see a school shooting when here. When Americans visit the UK we have to hear all about Dappy, One Direction, racist anti-white attacks, and gaybashings. That’s why I’m lamenting your fall.

          2. And Mdm. Tussaud’s DID get rid of the H.G. Wells figure to make room for the Spice Girls.

          3. Madame Tussaud’s? Heh. Thanks for revealing the true shallowness of your purported “intellect”.

            Are you a travel agent then, MJ? If so, it’s amazing you seem unable to deal in anything other than stereotypes and generalisations. Still, perhaps that’s the only way you can promote your services.

  7. I didn’t witness the bending over incident but based on how it is described in the article I don’t find it in the least homophobic. Gay men do not have a copyright on anal sex. It was a vulgar gesture and if it wasn’t meant as a deliberate insult to Gay men I’m not offended.

    1. Come now, Cal – true, gay men don’t have a copyright on anal sex, but the gesture was certainly intended to taunt Le Saux on his purported gayness (or bisexuality – based, as I understood it at the time, on the fact that he reads the Guardian and collects art) and was certainly understood as such.

      1. Of course it was meant as a deliberate insult Cal.It is naive to suggest otherwise.

      2. I think it was meant to be a deliberate anti-gay insult and slur against Mr Le Saux. The fact Mr Le Saux was an intelligent man and could read the Guardian which is a proper newspaper rather than a comic like the Daily Star or the Sun meant he probably had homosexual or bisexual tendencies for Robbie Fowler who like a lot of footballers probably doesn’t have a high IQ. It seems as if you read proper newspapers or books you are gay or bisexual according to your typical neanderthal footballer.

    2. As I said, I did not witness the incident and (happily) have no knowledge of football culture. It sounds from what you say that it was probably intended as a reference to someones sexuality rather than just a physical act. Thanks for putting me straight (so to speak).
      I have zero tolerance of any form of homophobia but one does every now and again hear of a fuss about nothing. Some straight men may always find homosexual acts unappetising, no matter how warmly accepting they are of Gay people. Just as a few Gay men I know are horrified at the idea of “sexual congress with a woman” (thanks to Noel Coward for the phrase). I don’t believe this makes them in any way misogynistic.

    3. They certainly don’t. A real classic thought amongst homophobes and biphobes is that it is only gay men who have anal sex. These people must have led incredibly sheltered lives if they haven’t yet discovered the fact that an entire genre of porn directed at straight people is to do with heterosexual anal sex. After all, there are literally thousands of straight porn sites devoted to that very topic!

      1. And not all gay men like anal sex either. I remember the incident and not surprised it’s taken this long for some sort of apology, after all Robbie isn’t the brightest.

  8. Oh, well, at least he has apologised. It must have been very alarming being harassed by him.

  9. He can say what he likes, but the fact is there is no openly gay footballer in the game. Obviously, those it actually effects do not believe his opinion, otherwise they would be out already.

    As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and there is no pudding.

    1. Yes, it is amazing that there is no openly gay or bisexual footballer amongst the 5,000 odd professional footballers in Britain when the the law of averages indicates there should be around 65 of them.

  10. This gets boring. Does the manager of the local Tesco need to “come out”. Does my postman? No. So, why does any footballer or sportsman? Get on with playing football regardless of whether you choose to fancy men, women, Peruvian laundry workers or a mixture of all 3. Nobody can honestly say for example, Tim Howard confessing he is gay will affect their lives in a call centre in Norwich in any way shape or form. And don’t give me “oh what an inspiration” etc, serious, even if the whole Spurs team turn out to be gay, I am quite sure it wont affect me in any way, my alarm will still go off at 715am tomorrow and I will still work till 6pm and be paid the same rate of pay and I will still drive my same car to work and still go out to the pics with my pal on Thurs evening.

  11. Wow, he is hot – he can have anal sex with me anytime!!!!!!

    1. Sinead Harkin 29 Jan 2014, 11:24am

      Better go to Specsavers!

  12. Fowler’s actions, and his twisted face of hatred, towards Le Saux, were appalling and triggered some sickening memories of school sportsfield hell for me. I suspect he is just a bit jealous of the attention that the rather cooler footballing scouser J Barton gets and wants in. We don’t need your permission to be who we are, Mr Fowler, but genuine repentance is welcome and, as other comments have said, actions speak louder than words. How about a big donation from your large property fortune to charities that support excluded and homeless gay young people?, and/or gay youngsters in sport? Then we’d cheer you.

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