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Professional Footballers’ Association predicts more gay players will be inspired to come out

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  1. FA the initial are so right -what are they doing to tackle homophobia FA – I complaint to them about the homophobe they had on their Advisory Michael Johnson – received a email reply back today which just attached a press release saying this homophobe voluntarily stepped down -so they didn’t even sacked/remove him.

    You spineless bunch at the FA

    1. He is indifferent at best to homophobia/biphobia and wishes that the entire issue would just die a convenient death. Perhaps being an older person he just doesn’t understand the issues? (I hope I don’t sound too ageist there but it is the case that generally-speaking younger people are more tolerant and understanding) Undoubtedly, there is quite a degree of homophobia/biphobia in the dressing rooms and the amount of it on the terraces can barely be measured as it is so large.

      Someday (hopefully this year) a Premiership footballer is going to have to come out as homosexual/bisexual otherwise the issue will continue to be swept under the carpet by the FA!

  2. I sincerely hope so as I believe there are many more in the game. I was once told by someone with very close connections to professional football (a top physiotherapist) that soccer is ‘full of gay men’.

    1. Well, going by the law of averages, there should be at least 65 or so footballers (in all the leagues) who are either homosexual or bisexual so to have a situation in which NO current players have come out beggars belief. I think that the fact that not a single one has had the courage to do so must illustrate the kind of things that are still said in dressing rooms and on the terraces.

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