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Orthodox Church of Russia: Homosexuality must be banned and excluded from society

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps a better idea would be to ban the hypocritical Russian Orthodox Church that teaches ignorant fear based bigotry,discrimination,hate and violence instead of Love of God and Neighbor?

    1. Fundies don’t care about love.

  2. EqualityNOW 10 Jan 2014, 12:53pm

    Yet another example of how religion poisons anything good, honest, or precious in this world. Of course, there are religious people in this world who support lgbt rights, but they are good people in spite of their faith, not because of it. There will be a time when the vast majority have grown out of religious superstition, but until that day, we will have to deal with more depressing stories like this one. What we need to do is gay the pray away!

  3. They mean homosexuals must be banned and excluded from society, a thoroughly twisted and evil religious organisation which chooses to ignore legitimate medical and scientific research and which is now engaged in a pogrom of LGBT people.

  4. The rise of toxic “Christianity” in Russia following the collapse of Communism is one of the most unexpected and unpleasant of developments. You’d think the church could spent its time more usefully denouncing greed, avarice, dishonesty and corruption – but it seems it’s too keen to join in all of that with the country’s amoral ruling class.

    I feel desperately sorry for LGBT Russians. What a horrible situation to be in.

    1. That There Other Dsvid 10 Jan 2014, 9:53pm

      Not unexpected at all. Russians still think like peasants. In the absence of tyrannical government they’ll substitute with a tyrannical cult, and until they get the idea through their collective heads that actually they don’t have to be a collective things in Russia will never change.

  5. And of course the Orthodox Church feels emboldened by the ineffective response of the IOC and it’s participating countries political leaders and the ease with which the Sochi games seem to be going ahead in the face of the existing anti-gay persecution in Russia.

    1. The games should have been taken away from Russia IMMEDIATELY the ‘gay promotion’ law was introduced. By allowing the games to remain there, the IOC is in direct breach of it’s own Fundamental Principals about non-discrimination. The Olympic Movement will be forever damaged by their inaction and I, for one, will never support it ever again.

    2. A few bombs go off in Russia over the last few weeks and now the LGBT issue has been temporarily sidelined, as the political world pours out sympathy and support for Russia and shows solidarity as the games approach. All the talk is now about security at the games and not about Russia’s archaic LGBT laws. You really do have to wonder about the ‘perfect’ timing of it all. And no, I’m not a crazy tin-foil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. This is Putin’s Russia after all.

  6. Derek Williams 10 Jan 2014, 1:08pm

    Religion is the scourge of the homosexual. With opinion polls showing over 80% of Russians believe that homosexuality is spread by propaganda, and that it should be recriminalised, this is now a foregone conclusion since Putin is seeking the religious vote to change the Russian Constitution so as to allow him to become “President for life”.

    1. Quote: “…. over 80% of Russians believe that homosexuality is spread by propaganda”. When I was a child, I only ever heard negative things about being gay. If propaganda makes you gay, shouldn’t I be straight ….?

  7. If only a third of Russians are religious bigots, that means sixty per cent of citizens presumably reject the interference of the church in poltical matters. I think it is scandalous and very worrying that a supposedly civilised country is even tolerating this type of discussion. To me, it demonstrates just how backward Russia has become and that Putin’s dictatorship is flailing around for scapegoats on whom to blame his failures. The West should be keeping a very careful eye on this latter-day Hitler. Little men with huge power become loose cannons when they feel emasculated and isolated.

  8. Will this include all species where same sex attraction occurs? Where will they be sending all the animals?

    1. Russians believe that is is propaganda which makes you gay. Animals can’t read. But it is religion that breeds ignorance and intolerance. What a sick, sad, brairn-dead, vodka-swilling nation Russia has become ….

  9. It’s heartwrenching to see a minority of people thrown to the wolves to satisfy a few mens lust for power.

    They are capitalising on the fears of the people, people who fear what would happen if their children were gay, how they would be seen and judged by others around them. They don’t see how happy, loving and proud parents of gay people in open societies can be. How it doesn’t change their lives in any significant way.

    Putin and the Church are fueling this hatred, implementing laws that have been proven not to work countless times before, all to solidify his dictatorship. Democracy has failed in Russia.

  10. Spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin needs to get his head around the fact approximately 10 million Russian citizens are homosexual and that they deserve to be treated with exactly the same respect and dignity with which he and his ilk expect to be treated!

    You simply cannot ban your 10 million homosexual citizens, Mr. Chaplin! It can’t be done. You may ban them, but they will continue to exist! Better for you and your ilk to reject the antediluvian beliefs of the Russian Orthodox Cult and drag yourselves into the 21st century.

  11. jamestheoddone 10 Jan 2014, 1:25pm

    OK.. people do know that God is about as real as Santa, right? Yet I never read articles telling people that he or the easter bunny condemn homosexuality.

  12. Um…..a third of Russians view homosexuality as an illness. So they want to ‘ban’ it???? How do they propose to ‘ban’ a so-called illness. What rubbish these bigots do spout. They’ll be proposing a ban on diabetes, asthma and mental illness next. Tsk….I despair.

    1. If they can make illnesses illegal, they can therefore ban belief in the Russian orthodox church.

    2. If they view it as an illness does it have a ‘cure’? Most illnesses can be! Talk about backward! This notion of homosexuality/bisexuality as some kind of illness first started to be discredited in the early 1970’s and the scientific evidence has only strengthened since then.

  13. SO early in the year, and already a strong contender for most ironic comment of the year!

    A Russian Orthodox spokesperson saying: “since we live in a democracy”.

  14. I really hope there is some good news for lgbt world rights soon, the last few months have been very depressing with re-criminalisation in india, certain jurisdictions banning marriage when it’s residents have already done so , Uganda, Nigeria evil bills/laws and of course filthy russia

    1. rapture, you took those words from my mouth (I am sorry to say)… One analysis might be that this is an inevitable but ultimately doomed backlash – globalisation requiring religions who espouse ancient ignorance to ignore it when it comes to economic realities – I don’t know if that’s right but I certainly hope so. Right now I’m just so grateful to have (at least for now) the freedom and legal equality as gay people we have just about obtained in Britain.

      1. I think it’s a backlash against what was progress in equality/marriage in some jurisdictions and the extremists are seething with hate .

  15. So just as we get a Pope who has stopped crusading against the LGBT community, the Patriarch’s of Russia pick up the big stick to beat us with! A total disgrace! Come back Pussy Riot!!!!

  16. Ah, the always present confusion of the fascist – mistaking democracy for subjugation of a minority.

    Hitler did the same thing, claiming that the basic rights of others could be decided by the majority, even when those rights were not open to debate and had no bearing on the so-called majority.

    Other people being gay has no bearing on the freedoms of others in society, so these things should NEVER be up for public vote. That is NOT a democracy and the fact that this religious nutter wants it to be so proves that the Russian Orthodox Church is nothing more than a fascist organization intent to attack others within society based on their own delusional beliefs.

    If anything like this passes (and I think we all know Putin is Hitler v.2.0 and will do all of this after Sochi) the international community should reject all relations with that despicable country.

  17. ah proof that theyre inable to use their own data properly. One Third are against it. Whoah hold it so doesn’t that mean that TWO THIRDS couldnt give a stuff who someone is attracted to? FFS In a recent poll of me it was found that 100% of those asked thought the views of the church an irrelevance and wonder why talking to an invisible man in the sky isn’t worthy of a lovely jacket that does up at the back and a room with soft furnishings and padded walls.

  18. It’s 1936 in Russia.

  19. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Jan 2014, 3:54pm

    Believe me, Christian Concern/Anglican Mainstream would support this too if they could get away with it. Harpie bigot Andrea Minichiello Williams has voiced support for something similar in Jamaica.

  20. Dr Martin Leyland 10 Jan 2014, 4:06pm

    I think unfortunately that the reason he feels emboldened to come out with this sort of agressive nonsense, is because of the very muted response from the West, to what is now happening to LGBT people in Russia. They have seen they can get away with it and now they want to push further, to see how far they can go, before they get a real protest.

  21. Orthodox Church is telling what Putin can’t say by himself. Russia under Putin is a fascist state.

    1. And the Russian Orthodox Church is a terrorist organization. The church historically has beaten up minorities and has a long history of supporting pogroms against Jewish communities. To their everlasting shame and disgrace, not one bishop or archbishop of the church has ever condemned the violence inspired by hostile statements against LGBTs made on several occasions by church officials.

  22. Of course, with the ‘propaganda’ ban in effect across Russia, it would be illegal for anyone to be opposed to the re-criminalization of homosexuality.

  23. Erik Slebos 10 Jan 2014, 4:14pm

    And the Dutch Prime Minister still thinks that dialogue is the answer. So he, and with him the Dutch king, are going to the Games. Perhaps time to boycott the Dutch and Dutch products.

  24. Tom Cotner 10 Jan 2014, 4:47pm

    I wonder if they are actually aware that they would lose at least half their priests and church workers if such a thing would come to pass!!!

    1. No. These laws will work only for ordinary people. Putin won’t use such laws against clerics, deputies, oligarchs. And after olympics they will enforce such law. Putin needs new concentration camps. And gays were chosen for that role by mr. Putin. Russia is a Nazi State.

  25. CH Brighton 10 Jan 2014, 5:38pm

    No! Surely you mean : Orthodox Church must be banned and excluded from society

  26. yet another so called religious leader preaching HATE,it seems that is the prevalent msg of religions.

  27. So they say it’s an illness, and then propose discriminating against the ‘ill’… Very telling.

  28. GingerlyColors 10 Jan 2014, 7:01pm

    The danger is that the Russian Orthodox Church will get their way and that a referendum on whether or not to recriminalize homosexuality will take place with the unfortunate and inevitable result.

  29. Helge Vladimir Tiller 10 Jan 2014, 7:48pm

    “Money is the root of all evil” ; a tune from my teens. I change it permanently in my mind. Now it is , “Religion is the root of all evil”-

  30. The Russian Orthodox “church” is a cesspool.

    The Patriarch of Moscow, supposedly a monk under vows of poverty, was photographed wearing a Rolex or Cartier watch, which was later airbrushed out of the photo.

    Russian Orthodox clergy are as sexually profligate as their Western brethren. There is perhaps less man-on-girl because “black” clergy (priests and deacons) can marry. Bishops must be “white” clergy (celibate monks) … that’s where most of the man-on-boy abuse occurs.

    The Russian Orthodox “church” whored itself to the Tsars; they whored themselves to Communism; now they’re bending over for Putin.

  31. How can you have a referendum on any subject when it is illegal to say anything positive about one side of the question? The law against so-called ‘gay propaganda’ would apply to this debate.

    It would be like have an election for President where where only one candidate is ever mentioned publicly.

    Funny how that sounds like Russia too.

    1. Right on ! In the late 70’s a guy from our block was studying to a Russian Orthodox priest and invited me a very well known monastery for a weekend.The vodka poured like rain I literally had to baracade the door of my room to ward off horny monks the entire weekend.There are alot of gays in the Russian military and alot of gay porn is filmed there.This is one of those dying-dead churches that needs a scapgoat,they don’t preach love and pardon so they can’t be to far evolved.

  32. GulliverUK 10 Jan 2014, 8:43pm

    No question that Christianity, Islam and many religions have “toxic” elements – and a bloody history of savagery, torture, murder, oppression, burning witches at the stake – Christians killed more Christians in the early days – the Gnostics were slaughtered for their Christian beliefs, by other Christians. But a majority of Catholics and Anglicans here and in the US do support equal rights – it’s their leaders here, those haters in Africa and the Russia Orthodox church, that need to be defeated. We have had constant wars due to religion … we still have wars over religious belief, and we are at war now with a particular faction of so-called Christians, but we must remember there are a lot of good Christians, and supporters, and groups trying to build bridges with us. We have to target our criticism carefully to hit the right people.

  33. Xavier, NZ 10 Jan 2014, 9:37pm

    Greetings. Lots of talk… but NO action. Why cannot an international petition or referendum be electronically run (Pink News could do this perhaps), to move the Olympic Games for an existing setup, like Canada or be boycotted completely. Stop buying or supporting anything Russian, do it now. Do not allow support for these Stalinist thugs of Russian Church and State to run their version of Autocracy in the name of democracy. They will be reopening the Siberian Holiday Camps next…

    1. GulliverUK 10 Jan 2014, 9:52pm

      It’s quite unlikely this law would ever be brought in, but the audacity of even proposing such a thing, is jaw-dropping. There is also the threat to take away the child of LGBT parents – again, an unbelievable affront to human rights. We’re way past boycotts and diverting the Olympics (way too late anyway). Sanctions from the UN, The Council of Europe, the ECHR, etc., are the only way to give Russia a bloody nose, and if those don’t work – the only real option is isolation within Europe – which is incredibly complex given the financial interests across boarders.

      It’s like we’re in a hostage situation now. The LGBT hostages within Russia will be harmed unless things are done in a very clever mindful way. Some measures will just result in tit for tat reactions. Say we banned Russian diplomats and closed the Russian embassy in the UK – they would just do the same in Russia, and we’d be no further forward. Only the real threat of expulsion from, say, Council of Europe, will do

  34. The amount of hate and misunderstanding Russians have for gay people is astounding. Such ignorance.

  35. phil armond 11 Jan 2014, 1:04am

    There is a contradiction here, the article says a large % of Russian population think homosexuality is an illness, well if they consider it an illness how can it be against the law ? you can’t have an illegal illness. Personally I believe it is religion that should be banned ( as it was under USSR) it is divisive and still in the dark ages.

  36. If anything should be ‘banned and excluded from society’ it’s organised religion.

  37. Ban russia and exclude them from society.

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