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Met Police to patrol Redbridge cruising spots in bid to reduce hate crime

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Reader comments

  1. I have to say that hearing that police are patrolling gay cruising spots does not fill me with a whole load of confidence. Police lurking around such spots have rarely done so with good intentions…

  2. I do not trust this for one moment.
    I know for a fact (through knowing one of the employees involved) that our local council had a “specialist team” at cruising spots ready to name and shame the men they caught. The council chose big, burly thugs with a background as door men to do this.

    The attitude expressed in this piece from the police is a good and correct one, but the officers on the ground have their own bigotry and bias, and this will be used by corrupt officers to target and attack gay men, whether that’s through shaming them publicly, charging them with crimes unnecessarily, or directly posing a menace to those they encounter.

    Trust in policing is so low right now that they should not even be attempting to start something like this. People are rightly suspicious of the motives, and people have reason not to trust the police given the scandals we’ve seen over the last few years.

  3. BlokeToys- I am somewhat shocked by your prejudices about the police. On the one hand, you talk about ‘bigotry’ and ‘bias’ in the police then you progress to express your own. 

    The police are obviously focussing on these areas because MSM are being targeted by criminals. It would be reasonable to assume that some people who go cruising in Redbridge are outwardly straight. Some may even be Asian and Muslim, based upon the demographics of the area. These people are vulnerable, they are easy targets and may be unlikely to report crime.

    Rather than people spouting their bile about the police, perhaps consideration should be given to why the police are now patrolling cruising grounds in suburbia. They are doing so to protect vulnerable people.

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