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Eastenders star Gary Lucy slams gay kiss complaints: ‘Get with the times!’

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Reader comments

  1. Sexy and smart with it. Always liked him and and like the character he plays in EE. Definitely the sexiest guy in there at the moment

  2. It is excellent that soaps show these kind of stories. It is totally appropriate that Britain’s remaining homophobes and biphobes have it shoved in their faces until they understand as that excellent Stonewall slogan has it, “Gays exist, GET OVER IT, Bisexuals exist, GET OVER IT”.

    However, the producers of these shows should be careful to only have it in around 6% of the stories as that is the approximate percentage of gays and bisexuals in the population. Anything more than this will have the bigots complain about ‘over representation’ blah, blah, blah and they will be able to successfully claim their ludicrous ‘gay agenda’ crap and be able to hide THEIR homophobia and biphobia.

    1. Most TV shows have 0% of gay representation – so even if the entire cast of Eastenders one day realised they were all gay – it would just about balance out for the lack of representation everywhere else.

      Homophobes will always find an excuse, even if you stick to the ‘6%’.

      1. Yes, unfortunately you are correct in saying that. If only these cretins could understand the basic scientific point that gays and bisexuals are perfectly normal people and just have an uncommon sexuality which is just part of the natural and normal range of human sexuality.

  3. Jay Hayes-Light 11 Jan 2014, 9:19pm

    Whilst I would like to see more LGBTI characters on television, I don’t believe that television is interested in percentages. If they were, we would see many more older female news presenters and disabled people represented across different programmes. Whilst I am pleased to see many more ethnic minority people represented in most positions (news reading & drama in particular), there is far more emphasis on race than the inclusion of other minorities. The reason may be that race is now regarded as less contentious than LGBTI characters (can anyone remember the last time an intersex person was seen on television other than in a medical documentary setting?)

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