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Canada: Host of cancelled radio show denies that he is homophobic

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if he openly made fun of black people or Jews on his radio show?

  2. He wasn’t on the jury. The show’s producer, Derek Welsman, was the foreman of the jury.

  3. “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…”

  4. Homophobes hate being called what they are, funny that.

  5. This seems to be a common problem with “shock jock” radio, they have completely lost the filter between their brain and their mouth, then they whine and complain when the public reacts to their nonsense.

    It’s obvious to me that he didn’t think about the ramifications of his “jokes”, that tells me that he’s anything but supportive of gay people. He presumably didn’t attack women, jews or black people in his shows, so he presumably knows what is right and wrong in that regard. The fact that gay people were “fair game” when other groups were not tells us all we need to know.

    He’s another closet bigot who thinks gay people are still able to be used in this way.

    As for the legal ramifications, the evidence suggests that he’s biased, so there should be a retrial. This guy should be facing charges of contempt of court too.

  6. This the default “go to” statement for anyone caught in the act of bigotry?

    Canadian PM, Stephen Harper’s Conservative party, also claims this, although Harper voted to reverse gay equality in the last Parliamentary vote on the issue.

    Canadian Charles McVerty, head of the Evangelical Church in Canada, denies he is homophobic.

    Skate Canada, who’s campaign to de-gay figure skating, got exposed by ABCNews Diane Sawyer, for trying to scare gays away from figure skating…. yet denies they are homophobic.

    If anything is proof of guilt, it is these type of phony post-incident denials. Someone who is truly not homophobic, would realize that obviously they are projecting an anti-gay image and publicly promise to change that image, not deny it.

  7. Now the world is becoming better informed about what actually DRIVES homophobia – inner-fears about their own same-sex attraction – the guilty party hates being labelled as a homophobe. When are these closet cases going to wake-up to the fact that their anti-gay rhetoric says much more about themselves than they realise? Homophobia is a dead giveaway about someone’s suppressed sexual desires. To be a homophobe is like waving a big flag with ‘I’m a closet case’ written on it. The game’s up. We KNOW why you do it. Foolish to continue ….?

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