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US: Officials pick up bill to ban same-sex marriage in Indiana

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Reader comments

  1. These people are very dedicated to their bigotry, they’ve been trying to pass this ban for about a decade now.

  2. I fear a riot starting over this. How can any state in the US give a human right with one hand, and then take it away with another? It’s illegal to do so surely. Human rights cannot be rescinded once granted. If Utah thinks that it can, then what’s to stop the state taking away any right they feel like after this – women’s rights, interracial marriage rights, black people’s rights to be treated equally? It’s insane!

    1. I get your sentiment, but this article is about Indiana, not Utah.

  3. floridahank 9 Jan 2014, 7:58pm

    There is a vast difference between permitting civil unions and formal marriage contracts. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that a religious act has to be changed completely to allow homosexuals to “marriage.” If the secular controlled government wants to permit civil unions to receive the benefits, it can do that if the voters allow it, but the government has no business interfering in a fundamental, ancient old ceremony of marriage between a man and woman. Where in the Constitution does it allow the government to dictate to the religious sector about their ceremonies and beliefs — two total entities religious and civil.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jan 2014, 8:20pm

      Excuse me, civil marriage isn’t a fundamental ancient ceremony. It was invented by the secular state to accommodate hetero divorcees, adulterers and those who don’t need or want religion involved. There is NO religious component in a civil marriage or mandate to procreate. How would you like a constitutional amendment to ban divorced and infertile people from marrying?

    2. Rob in Vancouver 9 Jan 2014, 8:30pm

      FloridaHank: Marriage is a civil institution, not a religious one. I understand the confusion, as churches can also marry in the US. However, as an institution marriage is not and was never a religious institution.

    3. That There Other David 9 Jan 2014, 10:58pm

      Hank, your religious brainwashing has blinded you to the truth about marriage. Just like your god, it was invented by humans. Unlike your god, however, marriage was invented to benefit humans and make their lives better.

      1. Christopher in Canada 10 Jan 2014, 1:43am

        And historically, it has benefited the males, not the females.

  4. It goes to show how concerned they are, for two reasons.
    First, that there’s a good chance that equal marriage could be coming to Indiana sooner than most people realize, so they’re trying to make it more difficult in the meantime.
    Second reason being, it shows how concerned they are for all their citizens, including the gay ones, which the state seeks to deny equal rights to.
    Once again, religion showing it’s ugly head – the more conservative a state is, the more religious it turns out to be, and also the more they’ve done towards ensuring that their homosexual citizens don’t have equal rights in their state.

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